The 2 Ingredient Banana Egg Pancakes (10 Min, Vegetarian)

This world's simplest pancakes recipe contains just two ingredients (egg and banana) and is super quick - just minutes from bowl to plate! Simple and tasty. |

Oh so easy!

Pancakes. Fiddly and frustrating to make, fatty to eat. Taste awesome though. Surely there must be some sort of middle ground? What if I told you it’s possible to make pancakes from just two ingredients – bananas and eggs? ‘MADNESS!’ I hear you cry. But it’s true.

Banana Egg Pancakes |

Health Benefits – Banana Egg Pancakes

One banana and two eggs will knock up a brilliant breakfast for one person – and one that’s full of vitamin b6 – which is normally Banana Egg Pancakes Nutrition Label | hurrythefoodup.comfound in fish and meat. It helps to stop skin rashes, fatigue and mood swings and is used with over 100 different enzymes in the body (1).

They’re also full of manganese which is used for bone production, skin integrity and for blood sugar control. It also protects against free radicals and skin issues, and can even alleviate asthma (2).

Want more? Well on top of they even contain high amounts of fiber, potassium and protein. What are you waiting for?

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The 2 Ingredient Banana Egg Pancakes
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Super simple pancakes ready in minutes - no more faffing around!
Serves: 1
  • 1 banana
  • 2 eggs
  1. Mash up bananas in a large bowl
  2. Whisk eggs and add to banana paste
  3. Fry in a pan with a little heated oil or butter
Update: Wow! We received a lot of ideas for extra ingredients to pimp these pancakes up. Check them out below! (All optional of course)

For the batter:
* 1 tbsp of coconut powder
* A small handful of hazelnuts, almonds or walnuts
* 1 tbsp of peanut butter (we LOVE that combo!)
* 1 tbsp of protein powder
* 1 tbsp of raisins
* 1 tsp of cinnamon
* 1 tsp of vanilla extract
* A few thin slices of apple or pears
* Pumpkin puree (organic)

Topping ideas:
* Honey
* Maple syrup
* Cherries, strawberries
* Yogurt
* Sugar and lemon juice

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Oh, and if you're feeling even more adventurous with your pancake journey, you need to check out our definitive collection of healthy vegan pancakes!

You'll need a non-stick pan to make these pancakes work, that's it. Not happy with your current one? See what you think about this pan.

I recently started using coconut oil instead of butter for frying these fellas and I have to say it's really good! If you want, give this coconut oil a shot.

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  1. i never would have thought it was possible to just make pancakes out of bananas and eggs.. definitely something i will be trying in my kitchen!

    • I also was amazed, when I heard of it, haha.
      Btw. you just posted the very first comment on this blog!! What a great moment (more for me and Dave than for you I assume 😉 )

  2. I loved the recipe!! I liked the outcome 😉 I modified it a little bit though, to make it “ligth” I used just one egg yolk. It was delicious, but it stick a little bit to the pan. Thanks

  3. I was just thinking about making this the other day! I saw it in one of my Asian cookbooks, where it was mentioned as a popular dessert, but it had no proportions. All it said was “mash a banana with egg and fry it” haha, so I’m really happy to see it here with an actual recipe 😀

  4. Happy to become one of several customer for this wonder inspiring site D. ecdbadgeekdk

  5. Grzegorz Świerad

    Did I say already, that I love it?

  6. Yummy! My new favourite recipe for pancakes!

  7. I love making this recipe. It’s delicious! I add two tbsp of flour to make it tastier.

  8. wow. I haven’t had pancakes in years just because I feel so….dirty, bloated and blech… after the starch. I just had these (for dinner!) and I’m soooo happy that I can enjoy pancakes and feel WELL after!!

    • I agree!! My moms pancakes are delicious but always left me bloated and tired. These ones are not like that at all! I just made a batch again, this time I added peanut butter (naughty).

  9. wow. Can I rate this recipe with negative stars? The pancakes did NOT come out as a perfect circle. Also check your facts this recipe is from Norway you RACIST!!!!!!!

    • That’s strange. Usually they always come out as perfect circles, just like cats always fall on their feet.
      The girl in the video is Norwegian, that should fulfil your requirements

    • Wow, Sue Dougnym, you are rude. Howie, this is a delicious recipe. Thank you for posting.

    • Try using parchment paper between the pancake and pan, I just read that last night on a blog. It was actually being used to keep a fried egg from sticking…I hate when that happens…but I am guessing it may help to keep the pancake from sticking as well. Who knew parchment paper had so many uses! Hopefully it will turn out better if you choose to try again!

      • Interesting idea, never thought of it! Do you have a video or something to demonstrate how to do it? I like to use a knob of butter and spread it with a tissue. Works great for me 🙂

    • Suggestion: if your so anal that you want them pefectly round try a smaller frying pan. Myself and those I have made them for, found they are so delicious we don’t care what they look like, but really have never had an issue so it must be something you did. I suspect that this was just someone that was bored looking for a reaction. Good on you Howie for not lowering yourself to their level.

  10. Looks very easy and fast to cook. I will give it a try.

  11. I tried the banana egg pancakes this morning for breakfast. Add some raisins, cinnamon and peanut butter – perfect!

  12. Tried this recipe for breakfast and it was delicious! I added a tablespoon of PB2 powdered peanut butter and my four year old twins are weird about food textures, so I smoothed out the mixture with my immersion blender before pouring it in the skillet. It made flipping them a challenge for me because they were more like crepes, but still very tasty. Thanks! 🙂

    • Great to hear Tara! I never knew there’s powdered peanut butter!
      Funny that you say that with the blender. Once I also blent my batter. The texture wasn’t ideal for anymore though and they fell apart after trying to flip them. I guess mixing the batter by hand is the way to go 😉

  13. these are wonderful! I thought that they would be quite horrible, but they are to die for!

    • Thanks for you feedback Katie! I totally agree!!! Normally I don’t eat eggs and I thought these pancakes definitely weren’t for me. But wow, I was wrong 😀

  14. Made them closer to silver dollar size pancakes for our kids. Can’t believe how close these are in texture to real pancakes. So good! Added cinnamon, coconut flakes and sliced almonds. Topped with whipped cream. So yummy! Can’t wait to make them again. Very easy recipe and my little ones loved helping to smash the bananas, crack the eggs, choose our add ins, and mix it all together.

    • Thanks a lot for your comment, Shane! That’s exactly how I prepare these pancakes every morning. I started adding a very small tablespoon of peanut butter as well. It gives those pancakes an even better texture. Glad you liked them!! 😀

  15. I am so excited for my toddler to wake up so I can make this for her. I can’t cook at all but I think I could handle this. I’ll let you know how she likes it!

  16. These were fabulous. We put chocolate chips in ours. Also, when time to flip the cake, I use another pan to flip it into. My picky 5 year old gal loved them as did I!

    • Chocolate chips, yesss!!! Also genious idea to use two pans. What is do is, I quater the pancake before flipping it, then turn around quater by quater. Works also excellent 🙂

  17. These were so good! I didnt have any maple syrup so I added chocolate chips:) will deff make them again! This is a no guilt recipe 🙂

  18. Thanks for sharing this! super and easy and we love it! Just made a short blog post about it! have a look at it 🙂

  19. Loved it! I am trying to eat healthier and this was super filling it was delicious.

  20. I am on a low iodine diet for cancer treatment and really want to make these. Can you use egg substitute?

    • Hi Elizabeth, thanks for the question. I have honestly never tried them with an egg substitute…a quick search showed some egg replacement ideas for pancakes on this site: If you have another substitute in mind then I’d say just give it a go anyway…many of our recipes were created through trial and error 🙂 Happy cooking and a speedy recovery!

  21. Love this recipe too. The first time I heard about it, I though “Ewww. No way!” But then I gave it a try because it’s easy and I almost always have the ingredients on hand and it’s healthy.

    At first taste, I thought it was a little strange. Then, for whatever reason, I became addicted to these! Now I make them all the time.

    They can burn quickly and sometimes are hard to flip… but hey, that just means you have to keep making more to practice and perfect your technique. Hehe

    By the way, is there a way to bake these instead? I feel guilty about all the oil I have to spray on the pan.

  22. I just made these, they taste like banana bread. All I added was Vanilla extract and some protein powder

    • Yes, they do!! I also went from cinnamon to vanilla extract for a while. Nice change! Protein powder is a good one too, if you are into working out.

  23. I’m surprised nobody mentioned this, but adding 1 tbsp of melted butter for each egg in the batter definitely solved the problem of burning pancakes for me. Of course, this would technically make it “3-ingredient pancakes”, but these are perfect and won’t stick at all. Of course, you might want to substitute coconut oil for the butter if that’s your thing.

    • Hmm, sounds very interesting! Never thought about it. Though, you are basically suggesting to add 2 tbsp of butter per batter. That’s a lot in my opinion. I throw about half a tbsp of butter into the pan. That’s a little more moderate I think 😉

  24. My new favourite breakfast. Love them with walnuts and raisins in the batter and served with natural yoghurt and fresh fruit. Thanks Dave!

  25. These were amazing I seriously had my doubts, they almost tasted like a real pancake haha, I added blended mangos with banana on mine for syrup alternative

  26. I love this recipe and have been using it for years! I add a scoop of vegain vanilla protein powder on days I know my activity level is goingto be hhigher than normal to give me extra energy!

  27. I had seen this a few weeks ago… Decided to try them today. Was pleasantly surprised they were easy to make only down side was I felt the egg over powered the flavor of the bananas. In one pancake I added mint chocolate ships and thought it was amazing. If I could try and get a better banana flavor next time I’ll let you know what I find.

    • Thanks for the feedback Michael, we’re very glad you gave them a try 🙂 yep there are loads of different variations to be had, my favourite is definitely peanut butter. For a more bananary flavour, I found older, softer bananas help a lot. Let us know how the next batch go!

  28. I want to make these tomorrow, but the only bananas I have are frozen. Will that affect the pancakes taste or texture?

    • Hi Kyra,
      sorry for the late reply! I was on a wedding over the weekend and actually made these banana egg pancakes in the morning for a bunch of people!
      Wow, good question! I don’t know. I guess it won’t have a big effect since you have to mush them anyway

  29. I’ve been seeing this recipe for awhile now (on multiple sites) and I finally decided to try it. I can’t believe how good it is. One egg seemed to work best for me with a tiny bit of flour. So much flavor without anything added, but tastes even more incredible with added toppings

  30. I’m going to try for sure. I always have bananas & don’t always eat them before they go bad. This will be a great thing for me to try when my bananas are ripe! Excited!

  31. Stephanie Montes

    I think I will add a honey/raw blueberry sauce on top or almond butter….Thanks for the recipe…I will add it to my Healthy Grub FB page.

    • That sounds great Stephanie! I haven’t had these for a few weeks now…but you’ve just convinced me it’s time again 🙂

  32. Sweet recipe. I make pancakes quite often, so to see a 5 minute mix and cook I was interested to see how it works. As others have said flipping can be tricky but I’m sure personal experimenting and adding ones own ingredients will change that. My 1st 1 went fine but the 2nd did not, it became mangled after the flip, as i do with omelettes when they fail i just scrambled it and BAM! Scrambled Bananegg! 5* =D

    • Thanks for the feedback Andy! I do exactly the same, even though I can say without being cocky that my banana egg pancakes flip perfectly 99.5% of the time now 😉

  33. Fab recipe! I’d seen this a few weeks back, but lack of bananas and eggs made it impossible to make (obvs, lol) then a diagnosis of gestational diabetes (I’m 32 weeks with twins) made me think of it again, especially for a birthday treat today, I added a teaspoon of peanut butter, and they were delicious! Very bizarre flavour, but very moreish too, might try adding more peanut butter and a splash of vanilla extract next time, but definitely going to make them again! I did find they burnt quite a bit, but I think my pan was a bit hot, and also I think some of the darkness was from the banana cooking as well 🙂 Xxx

    • Hi Rose! Thanks a lot for your comment!
      Yep, sometimes the pan can get a little to hot and they burn quicker than they can cook. Peanut butter and vanilla extract are deffo perfect add ons! I actually like the texture, but well, what can I say, I’m biased 😉

  34. I love the pancakes, my little grandson is on a very low sugar diet. For his birthday I made mini cupcakes by adding some organic pumpkin and a little bit of honey to the banana/eggs ingredients. He loves them!

    • Thanks for sharing, Terry!
      Love the idea of adding organic pumkin!! I’ll add it to the list of “cool add ons” 🙂
      Glad to hear your grandson likes these pancakes!!

  35. A fantastic post workout breakfast! I had mine with 2 tbsp almond butter. Gorgeous!

  36. I added finely ground flaxseed and apple pie spice (nutmeg, cinnamon and allspice ) DELICIOUS! Thank you, thank you! I hate eggs and this was so good!

  37. This recipe looks really nice but you didn’t specify fully on the on the pan heat, is it low, medium or high?

  38. Hi, I am looking for a healthy and quick pancake recipe because I love my pancakes and am craving them a lot right now! This looks great and I defintely want to try it. Say, will this make two pancakes or will I have too add two banaas and 4 eggs for 2 pancakes?

    • You could make it two relatively small pancakes with 1 banana and 2 eggs. But I count it as one pancake. For two people, I’d make it 4 eggs and 2 bananas! 🙂

  39. Hallo,

    Just made these pancakes the second time. I still have trouble with flipping them, but I guess I will have to invest in a good pan 😉 I added a bit of cinnamon and vanilla extract in the mix and topped the first with sautéed apples, cinnamon and a few raisins, added a pancake and topped the second layer with stewed bananas. Mmmmmm, so good!

    • Hi Alex! Haa, yes they can be a little tricky to flip. I recommend using a lid so that the pancake also “hardens” from the top. It makes a biig difference!
      Glad you like the pancakes! Just had my one a couple of minutes ago 😀

  40. Mine turned out a bit wet. Still tasted good, but it was a bit of an odd texture. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Anne!
      Hmm, what was the texture like?
      If the pancakes were a little too sweet I assume your bananas were a bit too ripe. If that wasn’t the case, maybe you want to add 2-3 tablespoons of grated coconut? It gives the pancake a more “natural” texture. But that would make them three ingredient pancakes. I hope that’s still fine 😉

  41. Hi Howie, Red here, from sunny California.
    This is the first meal I enjoyed on my quest back to a healthy body 😀
    I used pecan meal, mexican vanilla, and cinnamon- then topped it with hunny 🙂 yummmmeh! I can’t wait to share this with my family! Muchas Gracias

    • Woooww, that really does sound amazing, Red!! I make them also always when I’m home at my parents house.
      All the best with your quest! Espero que lo consigues, un saludo!! 🙂

  42. I blended my bananas and eggs together before pouring into the pan. The batter burnt very quickly and then they fell apart when I tried to flip them. So I ended up with a horrible burnt mess. I didn’t like the taste or texture; it tasted really eggy and not in a good way. More like a banana omelette than banana pancake which wasn’t what I was expecting. It was basically inedible and I had to throw it away; what a waste.

    • Wooo!!
      Really??? I just made a new batch this morning and they taste as awesome as always. Of course you need ripe bananas and you need to use middle heat. Ideally a lid on top as well, so the heat circulates better. I wish you’d give them a try again (maybe check out our video?).

      Of course burnt pancakes are not edible, sorry to hear!!

    • I agree. I experimented with different sizes and the smaller ones looked like pancakes but they really just tasted like thin eggy crepes. Not horrible, but so thin and not satisfying. I might try again with some coconut flour or something to give them a little body.

      • Coconut Flour is a great idea, I use it sometimes as well. Of course, you’ll taste a bit of egg, since it’s only two ingredients 😉
        But it’s a minimum in my opinion. Actually, I don’t eat anything that tastes like eggs, haha. I really don’t like eggs by themselves.

  43. Umm… This is a great simple recipe but it’s not vegetarian because of the egg.. Unborn chickens anyone?

  44. I’m getting ready to try these for the first time. I usually put my very ripe bananasthat don’t get eaten in time in the freezer until I’m ready to make banana bread or muffins. Do you think a thawed banana would work or will it make the batter too thin? If you recommend only “fresh” bananas please describe the ideal ripeness (some brown spots, no spots, etc). Thank you

    • Hi Tegan! Yep, I think thawed bananas would work as well, since you still have two eggs that support. I’d say almost every type of banana works, except the ones that are still green. The riper the better though 🙂

  45. well I make them and I also put one tsp of powdered vanilla to eliminate the egg smell which I can’t stand. Then I drizzle honey over them, and I enjoy the #Best.Breakfast.Ever.
    Sometimes I might add some oat bran to make it thicker.. I’ll try making them on my toaster. See how they come out. Cheers from Greece!

    • Hey Alexandra!
      Glad you liked the pancakes!! Haaa, yes I know what you mean with the smell of egg. Smart move to ad some vanilla!! You want to make the pancakes on your toaster??? How?
      Greetings from Berlin :-))

  46. Loved these. Made these yesterday. Added some BP, chia seeds and hemp seeds, cinnamon. Cooked on lower heat and waited longer than with normal pancakes to flip THEY TURNED OUT INCREDIBLE. LOVED THE TASTE. So light and looked great.thank u

  47. Hi Howie,
    Been looking for recipes that were a little more protein based. Made this for my girlfriend and I this morning after finding it last night. Added some peanut butter and we loved them. The first thing my girlfriend said after…these are amazing…was, they remind me of french toast! I had to agree. Gonna make your cream cheese pancakes next (had bananas, but no cream cheese this morning lol) and can’t wait! Thanks for posting this recipe!

    • You’re welcome Debbie!! Thanks for this awesome feedback, glad you guys liked them!
      Yess, I eat these pancakes all the time. I’m such a huge fanboy of them I can’t believe it 😀

  48. Its like making omelettes either it comes out in one piece or scrambled. I love these with natural yoghurt snd rasberries

  49. These are absolutely delish. I’m on a calorie controlled diet and pleased I’ve found something I can have for breakfast that doesn’t use up my precious daily allowance. They were incredibly easy to make and really tasty. I added a couple of tablespoons of flour and some mixed spice.

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