World’s Simplest Pancake Recipe

 This world's simplest pancakes recipe contains just two ingredients (egg and banana) and is super quick - just minutes from bowl to plate! Simple and tasty. |

Oh so easy!

Pancakes. Fiddly and frustrating to make, fatty to eat. Taste awesome though. Surely there must be some sort of middle ground? What if I told you it’s possible to make pancakes from just two ingredients – bananas and eggs? ‘Madness!’ I hear you cry. But it’s true.

One banana and two eggs will knock up a brilliant breakfast for one person – and one that’s full of vitamin b6 – which is normally Banana Egg Pancakes Nutrition Label | hurrythefoodup.comfound in fish and meat. It helps to stop skin rashes, fatigue and mood swings and is used with over 100 different enzymes in the body (1).

They’re also full of manganese which is used for bone production, skin integrity and for blood sugar control. It also protects against free radicals and skin issues, and can even alleviate asthma (2).

Want more? Well on top of they even contain high amounts of fiber, potassium and protein. What are you waiting for?

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World's Simplest Pancake Recipe
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Super simple pancakes ready in minutes - no more faffing around!
Serves: 1
  • 1 banana
  • 2 eggs
  • Optional: honey, maple syrup, fruits, sugar and lemon juice
  1. Mash up bananas in a large bowl
  2. Whisk eggs and add to banana paste
  3. Fry in a pan with a little heated oil or butter
Can be eaten plain, otherwise add your favourite toppings to get the taste you know and love.


  1. i never would have thought it was possible to just make pancakes out of bananas and eggs.. definitely something i will be trying in my kitchen!

  2. I also was amazed, when I heard of it, haha.
    Btw. you just posted the very first comment on this blog!! What a great moment (more for me and Dave than for you I assume ;-) )

  3. I loved the recipe!! I liked the outcome ;) I modified it a little bit though, to make it “ligth” I used just one egg yolk. It was delicious, but it stick a little bit to the pan. Thanks

  4. Yeees, It happens sometimes to me as well when I use an older pan (at my parent’s or a friend’s place). Then I just make “scrambled egg” out of it ;-)
    Glad you liked the recipe!! :D

  5. I was just thinking about making this the other day! I saw it in one of my Asian cookbooks, where it was mentioned as a popular dessert, but it had no proportions. All it said was “mash a banana with egg and fry it” haha, so I’m really happy to see it here with an actual recipe :D

  6. I had no idea it was Asian!!

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