Ready to master going vegan?

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We know going vegan seems daunting. With us, it isn’t.
If you’re reading this then there’s a good chance you’ve decided to go vegan – but haven’t.

(No subscription, just a one-time payment)

Any of these sound familiar?

  • “How to cope without cheese or chocolate?”
  • “But what about nutrition? Can I really be vegan and healthy? Where do I get my protein?”
  • “Must I be a super-cook to survive? What about dealing with my meat-eating partner and kids?”
  • “Will I always be the ‘difficult’ one? How can I survive in social situations, parties or BBQs?”
  • “Where do I even start? It’s so confusing!”

We’ll show you EXACTLY how to overcome each of these. And believe us, every single step you take has limitless positive repercussions. The worst thing you can do is to do nothing at all.

What you'll get from us


  • Delicious, nutritious and most importantly beginner friendly recipes. They're only available in this program! Check out some examples:

The easiest Pho ever

Proper Penne Arrabiata

High Protein Harira

OMG! Beetroot Brownies

Sweet Potato Wonder Salad

Damn Tasty Dahl

All(mond) is good Muffins

Easy Peasy Falafel Wraps


  • Weekly exciting vegan meal plans approved by certified professional nutritionists
  • Incredible exclusive recipes - only you and the other challengers will have access to them
  • Accompanying grocery lists – know exactly what you’ll need, and when


  • How to eat healthily and nutritiously – with ease
  • Vegan kitchen tips and strategies – take the guesswork out of what to do
  • check
    How to co-exist in a meat-eating or non-vegan household – and enjoy it

We know from first- and second hand experience the benefits and pitfalls that come with veganism, and we use that experience to guide you towards a balanced, healthy eating pattern.


  • Daily inspiration and motivation – we’ll help hold you accountable
  • Deep knowledge from our vegan and culinary experts
  • check
    Peer support from our friendly and private Facebook group

Join our 30 Day VEGAN Challenge - Starting September 1st! You can also start right away but please note that our Facebook group will run in a different time frame.

30 day vegan challenge

(No subscription, just a one-time payment)

Oh, and if you're not satisfied, just let us know and we'll refund you. No time restriction. No questions asked. Easy as that.

How the challenge works

1. Meal Plans, Grocery Lists and Exclusive Recipes

Everything is planned out ahead – you don’t have to worry about a thing. Before the Challenge starts, we’ll send you our printable meal plan and grocery list for the first week. The plan lists highly recommended breakfasts, lunches and dinners for each day (complete with recipe and easy instructions) as well as tasty, suitable snacks for each day.

A new plan will be sent before the start of each week and they’re surprisingly flexible — you can easily adjust the meal plan to suit your personal needs.

Each plan has been checked and approved by a registered nutritionist to be safe – following the meal plan will ensure a healthy diet, hitting all the necessary vitamin and nutrient requirements a person needs.

All meals are nutritious, delicious, easy to prepare and use only regular ingredients. They also contain recipes that are completely exclusive to the Vegan Challenge and are not available elsewhere.

2. Daily Knowledge and Lifetime Access

The nutritional value of the vegan diet depends on what you eat just as much as any other diet. We’ve pulled together years of experience and a lot of knowledge and we’ll email you each day to help you overcome the difficulties related to going vegan. To make the emails fun, we top up facts with videos and pictures (and even a little humour. Well, we think we’re funny anyway).

If you fall behind, you can take a break and get back on track later — you’ll have lifetime access to all the materials and lessons. You’re here to succeed.

3. Support and Inspiration

Exchanging experiences, boosting motivation — that’s what we do in our Facebook group. We’re around every single day, and you can chat to each of us in person – whether it’s to ask questions, share your journey or just for fun!

​4. Finish Line: You’re done!

After 30 days, you'll know exactly how to make healthy and delicious meals & be part of a community that cares about animals and our planet — just like us. We’ll help you towards a more conscious way of consuming, too. You’ll also see just how easy it is to be fit, strong and thrive on a plant-based diet. 

What are my other options?

1. Of course, you could always try going cold-turkey vegan yourself (just make sure it’s a fake turkey) and see where it gets you.

​2. You could spend weeks, months or even years researching a healthy and sustainable vegan diet. And even then you can’t be sure you’re getting it right.

​3. You could spend hundreds of dollars on a private nutritionist or health coach to ‘get it right’. We want to help at a fraction of the cost – and in a fun and stress-less way.

Who's behind the Challenge?





Christine, Dave, Kat and Hauke from HurryTheFoodUp.

Dave, Kat and Hauke are each vegetarians – for different reasons. They each came to the decision to go vegetarian independently.

Being vegetarian is their fight against the modern farming industry and its insane practices, as well as helping them to focus on the health and nutrition side of food, and the important role it plays in our bodies. They firmly believe food should be a source of energy, good health, taste and enjoyment – not a creator of worry, stress or anxiety.

The three of them realized they needed help in making that first step to changing to a completely plant-based diet. That’s where Christine came in: a Dutchie with a passion for anything edible, as long as it’s not animal. Her experience, knowledge and passion will empower you, exactly as it has done for them. You can also see her very own blog right here.

Throughout the Challenge we’ll be sharing our passion and knowledge to help you feel the same way about food as we do.

4 key facts about the Challenge

  • 1
    Christine lives by the Challenge each and every day. Hauke, Dave and Kat support her as a back office of sorts - let’s call it a back kitchen ;-) - by testing recipes, helping with the meal planning, and the overall sharing of their experience from the Vegetarian Challenge and knowledge and expertise on fast and easy cooking.
  • 2
    Professional chefs help develop the recipes. 
  • 3
    When it comes to nutrition, we only follow reputable sources: Harvard Health, World Health Organization, National Health Service…
  • 4
    We constantly improve the Challenge with the feedback of former challengers.

​This is what participants said:

"Your commitment is infectious!"
So many angles to the approach (and the Challenge) – I’m sure different people find different things useful. As for me, I want to go back over the Challenge and pick up on ideas that I missed first time round!
Even more committed now to this approach, and a fan of Hurry the Food Up! Finally, do want to say thank you. Your commitment is infectious!

Jenni B.

"Loved your menu and your set up. Keep it up."

I was already eating vegan but needed information how to do it healthy and balanced.

The challenge introduces you to new balanced recipes and educates you at the same time. The meal plans make it super easy. I absolutely loved everything about this challenge.

Fabulous guys. Loved your menu and your set up. Keep it up. ❤️ Will be coming back often to try out all the recipes.

Tiffany A.

"Ye are not preachy or judgemental."

There are many companies on the internet that offer weekly and monthly recipes to cater for vegetarian and vegan lifestyles but it is ye're attitude that I really responded to.

Ye are not preachy or judgemental. Ye lack the millantancy of some vegetarians/vegans which I personally find a bit off-putting. Ye're daily supportive and informative emails made a huge difference

Stella B.

This is your chance to try going vegan – fully supported and safe in the knowledge you’re doing it right. Join by September 1st for just $39.90!

(No subscription, just a one-time payment)

We want to show you how easy it is to eat healthy on a vegan diet - it's a nutritional and filling happy way of eating that everyone can benefit and feel great from.

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Disclaimer: We would like to take a moment to note that the 30 Day Vegan Challenge is for information purposes only. It does not claim to provide medical advice or to be able to treat any medical condition. It makes no claims in respect to weight loss, either in terms of the amount or rate at which weight loss could be achieved. If you have any concerns regarding your health please contact your medical practitioner before making changes.

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