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How to lose weight as a vegetarian without giving up carbs or all fun foods.

The 30 Day Vegetarian Weight Loss Transformation

Vegetarian Transformation product
  • Learn how to get enough protein without overdoing fats and carbs
  • Stay focused and motivated
  • Learn how to overcome cravings and snack healthily
  • Become slimmer and healthier

This is probably isn’t your first weight-loss attempt

If you’ve failed to lose weight in the past, or regained it quickly after losing it, it’s probably not your fault. There is a lot of conflicting information out there, and using it correctly is a minefield.

If you’ve been worried before that it’s just not possible to lose weight as a vegetarian without giving up carbs or all fun foods we want to put those fears to rest.

There is a way to properly balance proteins, fats and carbs on a vegetarian diet and healthily lose weight.

Here's the thing:  The food industry wants you to keep buying convenience foods (incl. their hidden, refined carbs) and meat replacements. We’re here to show you it’s the #1 reason you don’t lose weight. They have their profit, not your health, in mind.

If you ever thought that the food industry wants to keep you addicted to their products, well, you’re probably right. The difference between them and us is that we want you to break free and make your own success.

That’s what we’re here for. We know you dream of changing and taking back control of your weight and way of eating. You’ll feel better and more secure. We'll show you exactly how that is possible.

Our Goal

Everyone’s talking about low-carb diets, right? We all know that refined sugars and carbs are bad for us and that we vegetarians usually rely on many carbs. Still, we have to swap the meat for something, don’t we?

But so few understand that low-carb isn’t the answer to weight loss. It’s not restricting carbs that help you lose weight. It’s finding ‘good’ carbs in place of the ‘bad’ carbs. And this is something you can do on a vegetarian diet.

We want to show you how to lose weight as a vegetarian without giving up carbs or all fun foods.

The ONLY WAY for you to lose weight – and keep it off – as a vegetarian is through swapping out convenience foods, refined carbs and heavily-processed meat replacements.

The 30 Day Vegetarian Weight Loss Transformation helps you to do exactly that: swapping out the very bad stuff, and without giving up all carbs or fun foods.

About Us

For the last three years we’ve helped over a thousand participants through the Vegetarian Weight Loss Transformation.

The reason the Transformation works so well and why we have so many beautiful success stories is two-fold: we live by the Weight Loss Transformation and it is an integral part of our lives. We’ve spent years refining the recipes and methods.

We also worked closely with dietitian Claire Garcia Ruiz – Weight Loss & Wellness Coach – to make sure that weight-loss is done safely and effectively.

Dave Bell

Hauke Fox

Hauke's first attempt to go veggie was a mess.

I was a busy twenty-something without any cooking knowledge. I often went to McDonalds, got kebabs, bought frozen pizza and ate a lot of ramen and instant noodles.

After a very good friend handed me the book “Eating Animals” I realized that I didn’t want to eat meat anymore. So I stopped eating meat. It surely was a powerful read...

Eating Animal Book

I didn’t want to participate in killing animals anymore. I wanted, and needed, to finally learn about food so I could eat in a better and healthier vegetarian lifestyle.

But I couldn’t find many exciting fast-food veggie options at my go-to rubbish food places. Plus, now that I was leaving out meat I was worried that I would get nutrient and protein deficient just eating ramen, pasta with tomato sauce and take-away curry all the time.

I felt I needed to go back to meat to stay healthy if I couldn’t improve my cooking skills, which would have made me feel like a fake and failure. “I have to go back to eating meat burgers because I am not capable of cooking vegetarian properly. I’m a fast-food reliant letdown.”

The problem was that I didn’t know what to eat.

I didn't know what else to prepare other than pasta, rice or convenience food, nor did I know how to cook it because I didn’t have any kitchen skills.

I also didn’t know what I should cook as a vegetarian to stay healthy. I felt like I was eating heavy carbs all the time, because that was the only easy stuff to cook, buy or snack on. I felt unhealthy.

The Danger of "Carb-Overload"

I met Dave, who struggled with the same problems. Then we noticed many vegetarians get stuck at this part of their journey and either fall back to eating meat or become very unhealthy and overweight. They just were not able to properly substitute meat.

I realized the only way to stay vegetarian and thrive is not to end up on “carb overload,”

Differently put: by finding ways to get enough protein without overdoing fats and carbs, things started to become much better. I learned that my usual convenience foods like ramen, veggie pizza or peanut butter sandwiches were too heavy in refined carbs and too light in protein and healthy fats.

I learned that this is the case throughout the bank with almost any vegetarian suitable fast food. Once I swapped out those foods with more balanced meals, things changed. I felt much better.

Dave and I teamed up to improve our health.

We started to train together and we started to make the vegetarian diet work for us and our families. 

We learned about nutrition, we learned about vegetarian foods and the different cuisines of the world to draw inspiration from. We explored the entire supermarket, again and again. We learned to cook, much to the delight of our partners (most of the time).

But then we’d forget about recipes. It would become boring. We’d run out of ideas. We’d have lots of unsuccessful attempts in the kitchen and we’d spend too much time in the kitchen.

We were still struggling to keep a good balance of proteins, carbs and fats, because convenience foods, cheese sandwiches and pasta with tomato sauce were the go-to foods when things became hectic.

We’d have other people ask us over and over for recipes and health advice being vegetarian. We felt honored, but also a bit overwhelmed. Passing recipes on was easy, but passing nutrition advice on was always a bit delicate, because we “only read” about it.

Many people approached us online

We got motivated, or even obsessed with solving this problem for everyone. We decided to collect our best recipes and put them into our online recipe book, so we wouldn’t forget them.

We realised people liked the recipes and we were not the only ones on the quest of staying healthy and fit on a vegetarian diet.

We dived into the nutrition part as well so we could provide a solid foundation to our recipes. That’s why we started working together with dietician Claire and nutritionist Vivian – to put our recipes into a solid frame.

Since then it has become much more than friends asking us questions. Many, many people online approached us, and we decided to put this knowledge into the Vegetarian Weight Loss Transformation Course. 

The 30 Day Vegetarian Weight Loss Transformation

This course is essentially everything we’ve learned in the past 5 years – our best recipes, most successful meal plans and the critical knowledge of a registered dietitian all in one program. We also added our automated meal planning system to it to make things as easy as possible.

Now our free recipes are visited almost 500,000 times a month and the program has seen over a thousand people walk through its doors.

500.000 people per month visiting our free recipes.

We’re proud of what our users have achieved with the Vegetarian Weight Loss Transformation and and we feel privileged to have helped change so many lives. 

Now that the 30 Day Vegetarian Weight Loss Transformation is running and hundreds of our recipes are online, it’s not only Dave, myself and our families who thrive on the veggie diet, but also many other people around the world who successfully achieve this delicate balance of getting enough protein without overdoing fats and carbs.

All of these successful vegetarians are contributing in their own way to reducing animal suffering and now it’s even easier for them to do it long-term, as they’re healthy and happy on the vegetarian diet.

It’s realistic and sustainable – they’ve ditched unhealthy convenience foods – and without having to spend ages in the kitchen or only eating boring food.

This is how most people lose weight currently...

The current fad to lose weight is something like this: go on some low-carb/keto diet that promises effective weight loss. But to make them work you need to eat meat or fish.

Obviously that’s hard because eating animals is a no-go for us vegetarians. That leaves you with very few options to really follow a low-carb diet. Plus, going through with a low-carb diet in the long-term is near impossible for the average person, with or without meat.

You do not have to cut out carbs and you certainly don’t have to start eating meat again. Instead, you need to swap out convenience foods, refined carbs and heavily-processed meat replacements, because that is where the biggest leverage is.

It’s finding ‘good’ carbs in place of the ‘bad’ carbs. This is something you can do on a vegetarian diet and it keeps things so simple you can stay on track and be healthy even when short on time.

We’ll show you how in the 30 Day Vegetarian Weight Loss Transformation.

Here is what's inside the course:

New Recipes

Say goodbye to trawling recipe pages.

You'll get all the info you need for every single meal within our new Meal Planning System.

recipe ideas for meal plans

Bonus: we've added 35+ exclusive recipes that are only available in the 30 Day Vegetarian Weight Loss Transformation. Here are four of them:

Mexican Style Breakfast Wraps

Green n’ Lean Power Salad

Fried Chickpeas with Zucchini 

Roasted Carrots & Tofu

Effective for weight loss

Every meal is 100% vegeterian and perfectly calculated for effective and easy weight loss.

You never need to count calories again. You don't need to quit carbs.

We've done all the calculations for you.

Pie Chart Vegetarian Macros

Introducing Our New Meal Plan System

Together with a certified nutritionist we've carefully crafted four vegeterian weight loss meal plans to guide you through the next 30 days.

Before we used simple sheets but those times are over. We officially introduce our new Meal Planning System - the new heart of our 30 Day Transformation!

It was never easier to use a meal plan! Here are the new features:

More people in your household? 

No problem, easily change the serving sizes of any recipe within the meal plan.

change servings - 30 day veggie challenge

Adjustable shopping list.

​Naturally, any changes on the meal plan are automatically updated in the shopping list.

shopping list 30 day veggie challenge

Don’t like eggs? Or milk?

Easily swap out any recipes you don’t like.

change recipes in meal plan

Automatically adjusted calories and nutrition info.

If you're into calorie counting this makes life much, much easier!

nutrition changes automatically

Super easy recipe access.

Open each recipe directly through the meal plan – one click is all you need!

access recipes directly through meal plan

Want to access the recipes and shopping list on your mobile?

No problem​ – easily add the meal plans to your smartphone.

open meal plan on mobile phone

Create your own meal plan.

Use any of our recipes to create your own weight loss plan. Of course, this is available after the course, too!

meal plan customization

Get Hands-On Advice

Receive daily tips and support to make cooking as easy as possible.

Learn the most important cutting techniques, how to properly meal prep, organize your kitchen, and how to stay healthy as a vegetarian.

Dedicated Members Area

Access all course exclusive recipes, daily tips and meal plans easily in our members area.

30 day veggie challenge overview

Helpful Daily Emails

We’ll email you each day to help you overcome the difficulties related to the vegetarian diet.

challenge emails

Practical Video Tips

​We've updated many tips and strategies with videos.

kitchen skills videos

This is what participants said:

​I have curbed my appetite and lost 5 pounds. I feel better.
I know I am eating healthier and snacking on healthier foods now. The weight loss is a second plus.

Susan T​.

​​I LOVED it and will stay on this path. It's so great not to have to bother with processed food and your recipes are easy and DELICIOUS. ​ ​​It is the healthiest, easiest plan to follow I've ever come across and I actually lost 8 lbs without even trying.

​Rosemary C​.

​​Instant support any time I emailed. It made it feel very personal.

My husband P was at the Doctor today. His blood pressure has gone down to normal for his age group and we have both lost weight.

​Stella B​.

​I had never thought about going without meat before and was worried that I might not get enough protein, etc., if I went vegetarian. I was also concerned that I’d still be hungry after I ate. Do give it a try for at least 30 days. Your meals will be just as filling, and more healthy. You’ll find that your energy levels won’t suffer and if anything you’ll have more healthy options as a vegetarian. I feel this way of eating will definitely help them with cholesterol issues, and even weight loss.

​Michelle C.

The 30 Day Vegetarian Weight Loss Transformation

  • Daily hands-on advice via email 
  • 4 balanced meal plans designed for effective weight loss
  • Access to the new Meal Plan System to easily adjust the meal plans to your needs
  • Access to 35+ extra recipes that are only available in the Veggie Transformation
  • Full support and insightful inspiration

One payment of $49

(No subscription, just a one-time payment. Lifetime access.)

Transformation Plus

– Everything in the Vegetarian Weight Loss Transformation –

  • Plus 3 sessions of private 1-on-1 online coaching with Dave or Hauke (1x initial consultation​, 2x progress catch-up), ​30 minutes each. 
  • Follow-up/check-in emails (10 total)

One payment of $179

(No subscription, just a one-time payment. Lifetime access.)

​Our promise: Zero risk thanks to our 100% money back guarantee!

​By purchasing the 30 Day ​Vegetarian Weight Loss Transformation you get a 100% guarantee.

That means if you're not happy with the program or if you don't get the results you want we'll refund you your money - no questions asked!

Disclaimer: We would like to take a moment to note that the ​30 Day ​Vegetarian Weight Loss Transformation is for information purposes only. It does not claim to provide medical advice or to be able to treat any medical condition. It makes no claims in respect to weight loss, either in terms of the amount or rate at which weight loss could be achieved. If you have any concerns regarding your health please contact your medical practitioner before making changes.