Sorry, the November 30 Day Veggie Challenge​ ​has now closed. The next challenge will kick-off January 1st, 2018 and it will be massive!

Sorry, the 30 Day Veggie Challenge has closed
Join the wait list and be the first to know when the doors re-open!
The next 30 Day Veggie Challenge is starting September 1st. Join the waitlist and be the first to be notified when the doors re-open!

What you'll get:

  • A stunning 45 recipe ebook (it's printable too) filled with exciting and easy recipes to keep your mouth watering and your belly full
  • Stress-free weekly meal plans to set you up for the entire 30 days
  • A printable grocery list - going shopping has never been easier (and you won't forget anything!)
  • Specialist nutritional information about the vegetarian diet - all your questions answered in detailed but digestible chunks of veggie knowledge - never miss a nutrient!
  • Passionate support from the other Veggie Challengers in our Facebook group. Together we're better.
  • Constant updates and inspiration from the whole dedicated team at Hurry The Food Up. We're serious about our food and this challenge.
  • Great advice and strategies for sticking to delicious, healthy food - even if you're constantly travelling and on the go.

Let us show you precisely how simple it is to eat in a healthy way - in fact, it's so easy we guarantee it'll change your life.

If you're tired of being reliant on processed, sugar filled foods and snacks, we'll show you how to beat the habits.

If you're sick of factory farming and are fed up of burying your head in the sand we'll help you move away from meat - and be happy about it.

If you want to spend more time away from the kitchen and more time with family and friends we'll teach you quick, easy and healthy meals that can be done in a flash, as well as comprehensive meal planning strategies.

If you're scared of going meat-free we'll provide you all the dietary knowledge you'll need for a life time of food happiness. You'll learn exactly why and which nutrients you need - your body will never be left wanting.​

If you want to lose weight but don't know where to start, we'll be with you every step of the way. This isn't dieting, yo-yo or otherwise, it's simply a healthy, exciting and wholesome way of eating.

What people are saying about our Challenge:

Just did not know if I would ever totally go meatless

Learning living meatless is how I want to live, I don't know if I would have ever reached this conclusion without the Challenge.

All the great information and support from y'all. The Challenge has been a game changer for me!!! THANKS!!! Kay

Marian Kay Leonard

Needed a boost

Delicious meals. The menu and plan is all set out and its flexible. The videos are really great.

Carolyn Martinez

No regrets!

So many angles to the approach (and the challenge) - I'm sure different people find different things useful. As for me, I want to go back over the challenge and pick up on ideas that I missed first time round!

Even more commited now to this approach, and a fan of Hurry the Food Up! Finally, do want to say thank you. Your commitment is infectious!

Jenni Barr

Things need to be realistic.

Option One: Imagine this. You're annoyed with the food you eat for many reasons. But you don't want to spend an inordinate amount of time in the kitchen preparing the latest 'superfood', nor do you want to feel restricted or held back from eating the good stuff. So you tell people about it, and you talk about wanting to change your life. Where are you in four weeks?

Option Two: You have the same fears and hopes as above, you know you want to eat better, but don't know where to start. However, you're committed and serious, and you join the 30 Day Healthy Veggie Challenge, reaping all of the benefits of joining a dedicated and caring team who'll be with you each step of the way. In which version do you think you'll be more successful?

We talked to many readers and conducted several surveys. Here's why a huge majority of people are unsuccessful when trying to eat 'healthy'.

  • Many recipe ideas are just too time consuming
  • There are too many structured and over-restrictive eating rules
  • Expensive ingredients, many of which you won't find in regular supermarkets
  • Not enough satisfying veggie options and a total lack of variety

In our 30 Day Challenge we avoid the pitfalls that make it impossible to switch to a healthier food life. Instead we focus on a simple, quick and unprocessed way of eating vegetarian. No magic, but definitely fulfilling and tasty.

What the Challenge will help you achieve

Get more energy, stop feeling sluggish, feel more vital, lose weight and help to lower the risk of serious diseases (like heart attacks, diabetes, and strokes)

Learn how to eat healthily on a vegetarian diet. Let us show you how to get enough protein and all your other micro and macro nutrients with just your regular, daily meals.

Stock up on inspiring, fuss-free and delicious recipes that we provide at the beginning and during the challenge. You'll learn them once, but they'll last forever. Sounds overdramatic, but it's true.

  • Quick & easy breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes
  • Easy & healthy snack ideas
  • Smart leftover recipe ideas ("no ingredient left behind")
  • Useful and time saving meal-prep ideas

And here's how we do it:


Get our ebook with 45 quick and easy vegetarian recipes

In there you'll find our best recipes to get you started on the right foot (printable PDF)


We'll send you a great tried and tested Meal Plan and Grocery List for every week.

The meal plans are fully customisable so you can take out what you don't like and add in your favourites - eating well will become second nature!


Receive our Guide on How to Eat Healthy on a Vegetarian Diet

In a comprehensive and easy to follow manner we explain what's important when going vegetarian and why it's such a good choice (printable PDF).


Get access to our Facebook Challenge Group

This is where we post new recipe inspirations every day, answer any questions and where you can meet other challenge members. This is a must in order to stay motivated!

How the Challenge Group will help you

  1. We post a new recipe inspiration every day (usually something we cooked the day before - or even the same day!). We'll also show you snack ideas to truly satisfy your sweet tooth. Promise.
  2. Ask as many questions as you like. Not sure if that ingredient is healthy? Just post a photo and we’ll help you out! We honestly care about our challengers and are always there for you. Questions are usually answered within minutes.
  3. Chat with other group members! You all have the same goal so you join the perfect peer group to share your struggles and successes.

Who can join the challenge?

Everybody, seriously!

Don't feel confident in the kitchen? It's really not a problem at all - all of our 100+ recipes are easily prepared within a few minutes. Believe us, we spend a lot of time finding healthy, quick, tasty and easy vegetarian recipes.

What if your family mostly want recipes with meat? That's also no problem! All of the recipes can easily be adapted with meat. Also, once you know what's important in a healthy diet in general you'll be able to revise your own recipes and include those in your diet once more.

Worried you don't have the budget? Our recipes only use regular ingredients that are easily found in any bigger supermarket. No searching for special ingredients and no excessive costs when buying groceries. Food is a necessity, not a purse-destroying luxury.

Even more testimonials:

this is the place


If someone wanted to try a challenge with support of a group with various recipes and regular emails, this is the place. I found the support helpful and yet not too much. While I didn't follow everything daily, the chickpea curry was very good, as was the beet salad, sweet potatoes with feta, and certain egg dishes. I also made nut loaf on a couple of occasions. Thanks for your help and keep it up please.

There's no judgements here


You don't have to do it all at once. There's no judgements here. The recipes are easy, not time consuming and I loved the different ways to use them. Yours was doable the recipes had beautiful pictures and cooking wasn't overly complicated. I also loved you didn't preach about being vegetarian, you just showed the food and how to prepare/eat it, and made it seem doable and good. Learned about variety and I don't have to have exotic ingredients. The people, nice and responsive, I liked the way you presented food and eating.

The 30 Day Veggie Challenge is closed. We kick-off on January 1st bigger and badder than ever!

Sign up to our wait list and be the first to know when we're opening for registration!

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work...?

Is this just for 20-somethings?

You might say 'I’m probably too old for this'. Nope, you’re definitely not. You’ll find people in every age group participating in the Challenge - from 20-year-old students to 75-year-old retirees.

I often eat out, will this still work?

Absolutely. We have tips inside on which restaurants are veggie friendly (all across the world) and how to put together a veggie meal in a not so veggie-friendly restaurant. Our meal plans are also adaptable and forgiving: they fit around your week, not you around them.

How do I convince my husband/wife/family to support me?

This is a great question, and an important one. We have many recipes that are very “meat-eater” friendly. For these you can simply cook meat on the side, and add it in at end. That way particular family members won’t be “affected” by the challenge. But if you convince them to participate, even better: your family is very welcome to join in the challenge as well. We can even add them to the Facebook group and member’s area. Just let us know their email(s) and we’ll set it up. Free of charge of course.

My friends will give me a hard time, what do I do?

If they are really your friends they will respect your decision and take you as you are. You can also ask them to be respectful of your choices, there’s nothing wrong with that.Try to avoid arguments over whether meat is 'healthy' or not, as well 'we're made to eat meat' conversations. With so much misinformation and so many fabrications out there the discussions never lead anywhere.

What’s undisputable is factory farming: almost everybody will agree that it’s horrible, because it is. Basing your reasoning on that is difficult to argue with. Some people also don’t like the taste of meat or have allergies or intolerances towards meat. If that’s your case, don’t be afraid to put it forward.

Will the Challenge work for 2 people?

The meal plans are by default for one person, but can easily be adjusted to more people.

Will the Challenge work for my whole family?

Yes! Our meal plans and recipes are easily adjustable for however many you need to include, and the Challenge is full of helpful and practical family ideas.

What if I need more help? Can I talk to Dave and Hauke if I get stuck?

Of course! You can easily contact us via email or find us in the Facebook Group. We’re also happy to jump on a call with you :-)

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

We're happy to help you out anytime. Just send us an email using this contact form. We usually answer within 24 hours.

Are there any food staples I should have on hand prior to the challenge or will a grocery list be provided in advance?

To make sure everybody is on the same track we "officially" start the challenge on the 1st by giving suggestions for using up leftovers. With the new meal plan we encourage everybody to start on the 2nd (if they would like to follow our meal plan. It's definitely not obligatory). In short: no worries, you don't have to prepare anything prior to the 1st :-)

What's inside the challenge?

How does the Challenge work?

We'll email you every day with new lessons and material in a private member’s area. Every week you'll receive a new, carefully crafted meal plan to keep you inspired and motivated.We’re also active every day in our thriving Facebook support community.

What if I fall behind?

This is important too - don't worry about falling behind. You have lifetime access to this material, so if you need to take a break, that's no problem — you can "resume" and go back to the material any time you want.

Do I get access to the entire challenge at once?

No, every day we unlock a new content piece.

Will I get new recipe inspiration?

Oh yes! Our Facebook group, recipe eBook and meal plans mean you'll never be short of ideas.

Are the recipes easy to prepare?

Absolutely! If there's one thing we focused on most in the last three years, then it was to create quick and simple nutritious recipes with easy to find ingredients.

Are the ingredients of the recipes hard to find?

Nope, you should be able to find all ingredients in any mid-sized supermarkets all over the world. And if you do have a hard time finding one, it's easy to adapt the recipe with the foods you have at hand. No worries!

How is our 30 Day Challenge different from other courses on the market?

In all honesty: we don’t know any other veggie challenge that provides the recipes, meal plans and support like we do. Recipes are made by us (sometimes refined over the course of years) as well as by professional chefs, and our meal plans have been tested over and over. Our nutritional information is produced by registered dietitian Claire Ruiz Garcia. You get access for life - we constantly improve the challenge.If you don't find your answer above, just hit reply to this email and send us your question. We're more than happy to help out.

Who's behind the challenge?

Dave, Kat and Hauke from HurryTheFoodUp

We are a trio of food lovers, who, with reckless abandon, create new and exciting meat-free recipes (as well as taking on age-old classics of course).

Although we stay away from convenience food whenever possible, we understand full well the restrictions of time and even ingredients and try to make our food as easy, nutritious, quick and tasty as possible!

We’ll be supplying the cool tips, tricks and recipe ideas we’ve learnt through our blog making sure all ideas are easy (and even fun!) to implement.

We want to show you how easy it is to eat healthy on a vegetarian diet - it's a nutritional and filling happy way of eating that everyone can benefit and feel great from.


Disclaimer: We would like to take a moment to note that this post is for information purposes only. It does not claim to provide medical advice or to be able to treat any medical condition. It makes no claims in respect to weight loss, either in terms of the amount or rate at which weight loss could be achieved. If you have any concerns regarding your health please contact your medical practitioner before making changes.

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