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And Then There Were Three

Hi everyone,

This is just a short post keeping you up to date with developments – and we have some exciting news! Our team of two (Howie and Dave) just became three! You may have heard the name ‘Kat’ mentioned once or twice on our blog before – well now she’s here officially. Until now she’d been an integral part of many of our recipes – from research to creation to taste testing to fine tuning – and was indeed solely responsible for several. She also appeared briefly in our Peanut Butter Salad video. We thought it was a little wrong not recognise this a bit more formally – so here she is!

A warm welcome to Kat |

As before Kat will be bringing new, exciting, quick and healthy recipes to the table, as well as taking over some of our social media sites, such as Pinterest and Reddit, and helping in any other ways she sees fit.

So, Kat. Tell us a little about yourself. Don’t be shy.

‘Mmmh…what should I say? My favourite things in life are my son Joshua, my cats, my friends, good food, cooking, baking and I’m totally addicted to chocolate. I also enjoy travelling and gaming a lot.’

Right, that’s sums that up. Nice to see I’m not mentioned anywhere on that list.

‘Hahaha I didn’t know I had to include you…but obviously you would be on that list just after chocolate’ 😉

A warm welcome to Kat |

Then welcome, Kat. If you have any questions or comments for Kat – leave them at the end of the post and she promises to answer them as soon as possible!

About Dave

From the UK to Germany with many stops along the way. Food without meat is the best type of food. And I plan to share it!


  1. Hi Kat,

    I’ve seen your name cropping up in posts so it’s nice to see you finally getting proper credit.

    If you’re a fan of chocolate does this mean that we’re going to see a few cakes and “bad for you” treats cropping up? I look forward to seeing them if they do!

    • Hi Charlotte, nice to meet you! Thank you very much for your warm welcome. I just tried your overnight oats the other day and absolutely adore them – they’re going to be a weekly breakfast of mine from now on!

      Haha I will definitely see if I can sneak in a few chocolatey treats past my fitness conscious lads 😉

  2. Yay! 🙂 Nice to finally meet you, Kat. Looking forward to your future recipes.

    • Hello Cris! It’s also really nice to meet you too – I’ve already heard lots of good things about your blog from Dave and Howie – and I hear you’ve almost convinced Howie to run a marathon in Berlin – that would be awesome! 😀

  3. Great to meet you Kat, can’t wait to read your future posts! 🙂

    • Hi Harriet, lovely to meet you. Your drawings are stunning – I especially love the cat (they’re my favourite animal). I found the story about The Farm very touching – unfortunately there’s not enough animal compassion in the world. Please keep it up!

  4. Awesome team you got there! Nice to meet you Kat! That peanut butter salad looks to die for…I just checked it out! Beautiful family.

    • Thank you so much, yes the peanut butter salad is one of my favourite salads. I also checked out your blog and found your 8 ingredients or less challenge very impressive. Because I’m a ‘sweets’ girl I definitely want to try some of your delicious looking recipes!

  5. Nice to meet you, Kat… I’m one hundred percent with you on the chocolate thing, so I guess, we’ll be reading/making many healthy schoko desserts from now on..
    Joshua is adorable… <3

    • Hi Jasmin lovely to meet you. I’m going to pass on your compliment to little Joshua, he will be very happy about it. Thank you so much regarding the chocolate thingy I need as much support from you chocolate lovers as I can get, to get some recipes past my guys 😉 …can chocolate be healthy??
      You probably know as well as me that it’s of course good for your soul…and there are some days in a month in every woman’s life when it’s definitely necessary to have some in the house 🙂

  6. Shashi at RunninSrilankan

    Great to meet a fellow chocoholic on here, Kat 🙂 – by the way, your son is adorable!

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