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August 2018 – Traffic & Income Report

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Hello, and welcome to our Traffic and Income Report for August 2018. This report was primarily made as a guide to help other bloggers, as well as to provide information on what we do, and how we do it.

In this report we’ll cover data including our monthly traffic, how we get our traffic, our income and the various routes we use to cover our bills, as well as the biggest recent changes we’ve made to our blog to keep it running smoothly and easily.

Total Income: $7399.32


By the way – we’re not affiliated to Mediavine, even though my (Hauke’s) photo shows up on their homepage. I allowed them to use it 🙂

Traffic Overview

Traffic Comparison August – July

Top 10 Traffic Sources

Traffic-wise, August was a great month. In comparison to July we had about 18% more sessions, the biggest bump up in a long time.

The reason for it is most likely the “Google Medic” update. As many of you know, Google updated its search algorithm and health and fitness related websites in particular were affected. Many fellow bloggers seem to have lost a lot of traffic which is a real bummer.

We were fortunate though and got a proper boost from 560,000 to 660,000 sessions. Did we do something different than other blogs that got downranked? We don’t know. Our take on this is: we don’t know how the next Google update is gonna turn out. Maybe we’ll lose ranks, maybe we’ll benefit again. In the meantime we stick religiously to our SEO rules with each post we make.

The only thing we can do is keep creating awesome content. That was and is our maxime with anything that we put out. That also means accepting to not have content for a week or two, if recipes from our test kitchen were just not good enough. Really making sure that we add value to the blog post texts, and not just ‘bla bla’ is important too. We also take care to write the recipe instructions as well as possible and that our recipes are genuinely easy to make with reliable results.

Hopefully that is the reason for our 18% uptick. Let’s see 😉

How did “Google Medic” go for you?

Insight of the Month


One thing we noticed a few months back was that our emails were becoming very full of customer questions and requests.

This in itself was not a bad thing for several reasons including a) we’re always happy to help readers when they have problems or questions and b) many queries were related to products, and it was a great sign we were actually selling things!

What was becoming a problem, however, was the inordinate amount of time we would have to spend answering each individual email.

We would often be writing the same thing to a reader who couldn’t find their free meal plan in their inbox (copy/paste is fine on the same day, but not when old emails with the copy you need have been lost in the depths) and we could spend up to two hours a day just replying. It was completely uneven too – sometimes I would only have two emails to reply to and Hauke would have twenty – and vice versa. Not what you need when you’re waiting to work on a project with someone.

This was clearly not a productive use of time or energy, and after looking at several solutions, we decided on Freshdesk. For a user our size it’s free, and very easy to setup and use. It’s a helpdesk system that emails addressed to our company get funnelled through – and many of the questions we need to answer now have canned responses. Simply point and click – done!  Of course, when we need to answer a question personally, we still have that option.

Our admin support, Irina, now also helps us out with Freshdesk, too. This has freed up a lot of time for us to be able to concentrate on other tasks, such as new a new ebook. Talking of… 

We have now an Affiliate Program – woheey!

We have now several ebooks and other products (including the 30 Day Challenges) available for purchase. We worked hard on each and every one and are proud of the reviews and praise they’re receiving.

We would also like to more than just cover our costs with them, so we spent time setting up a new payment system that’s clear and easy to use, as well as offering upsell possibilities through the shopping cart.

As of this month, we are now setting up our products to be part of an affiliate system. That means that anyone can sell our products on our behalf, and keep 50% of the sales revenue.

To anyone who becomes an affiliate of ours we also provide banners, ads and other marketing content to help sell as many products as possible.

If you like the idea of promoting Breakfast in Six, Vegetarian for Weight Loss, the 30 Day Veggie Challenge and/or the 30 Day Vegan Challenge then make sure you come and join us as we push forward into exciting new ground.

If you have questions about the affiliate program or if you’d like to have a look at one of our products please check out our FAQ or contact us here.

Will be a fun ride!

Dave and Hauke


PS. We have an affiliate link from Freshdesk in this post. We quickly looked it up and they had a program, so why not set the link? They’re awesome and we’d still use them if they didn’t have the affiliate program too 🙂


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