1. I am thrilled to find your web site with help for non-nerdy food bloggers like me. I literally threw away $300 for’s promise to help me with SEO. All they did was try to tell me what to do. I said I did not understand and needed step by step guidance. They sent me two emails full of technical advice. Bleh! I just realized that I can Google for any SEO help I need, any switching themes help I need, any monetizing help I need and it does NOT cost $300 a clip. I am hoping to find real step by step SEO help from your web site. I hope it won’t be another disappointment.

    • Hi Joan!
      Glad you came around and sorry to hear about the “lost” $300. Yess, I think SEO is much more a content and marketing thing than a technical advantage. I really hope the info on my blog helps you. Also, feel free to write me an email (hauke@hurrythefoodup) if you have any questions. 🙂

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