August 2018 – Traffic & Income Report

Income and Traffic Report Featured Image |

Hello, and welcome to our Traffic and Income Report for August 2018. This report was primarily made as a guide to help other bloggers, as well as to provide information on what we do, and how we do it. In this report we’ll cover data including our monthly traffic, how …

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Traffic and Income Report February and March 2015

March Traffic and Income Report 2015 |

I know, I know. I was naughty and skipped the February Traffic and Income Report. Some private issues in the family meant I just couldn’t find the time, unfortunately. But all is well now, so no worries! I also moved to Berlin and had to take care of all the …

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Traffic and Income Report January 2015


Guten Tag. It’s high time for the first traffic and income report of 2015! January felt slow. We only published a few recipes and I felt we didn’t advance as fast as I wanted to. But sometimes you just get that feeling I suppose, especially when you’re working on projects …

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Traffic and Income Report December 2014

Income And Traffic Report December 2014 |

It’s time to wrap up 2014 with our December Traffic and Income Report. It’s already been six months since we launched HurryTheFoodUp, wow. In that time we’ve posted 35 recipes and recorded 21 videos. Apart from that we’ve learned a shitload about blogging, photography, video making and last but not …

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Traffic and Income Report November 2014

November Incomer and Traffic Report 2014 |

November has passed and we’re now going into our sixth month of blogging. Did we get more visitors? What worked and what didn’t work? Will we soon be appearing on television? All those questions will be answered here! We’ve documented the traffic and income from the very beginning of our …

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Traffic and Income Report October 2014

Income and Traffic Report October 2014 |

It’s about time to write about our income and traffic performance from October! If you are a new reader, feel free to check out our older reports as well. Dave and I started this blog in July 2014 and we have been documenting our journey ever since our first visitor. …

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Traffic and Income Report September 2014

september 2014-income-and-traffic-report-food-blog |

Dave and I are in our 4th month of food blogging. Both of us have learned many new awesome recipes, picked up some handy kitchen skills and most of all made our meals a new experience. Apart from that we’re also learning a lot about the blogging world. It’s an …

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August Traffic and Income Report (Youtube Analysis Included)

Traffic Report August 2014

Hi there, let’s cut to the chase: In this August report we’ll quickly analyze our traffic and income. On top of that we’ll check out how we performed on Youtube ‘til now and what we’ll do to be more successful. Traffic August was much more steady than July (check out …

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July Traffic and Income Report

July 2014 traffic and income report |

Hey there! As the saying goes – better late than never – Hurry The Food Up’s first ever Income and Traffic report is here! Below you’ll find the happiest and saddest moments we had in July, as well as us providing the info of from which channels we get the …

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The Launch (Plus Two Lessons Learned)

July 2014 - Lessons Learned |

Hey guys, Howie and I have decided to keep an open and honest record of our website and blog as we (try) to grow into something successful. We’ll chart our trials and tribulations, fears and tears and wins and fails. We’ll even be transparent with any money that we (might) …

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