Killing for no reason – are vegetarians wrong?

Killing for no reason - are vegetarians wrong? | hurrythefoodup.com

To take a life in a premeditated manner is murder. To kill an animal for its meat is murder. My road to that conclusion, and therefore not eating meat, was a long one. In my younger days I ate a lot of it. I mean a real lot. Steaks, burgers, …

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Our Kitchen Essentials Equipment List

Kitchen Essentials Equipment List #kitchen #essentials | hurrythefoodup.com

Hey guys, so the time has come. You’ve got your recipes, you’ve got your ingredients. You’ve got half an hour and you’re gonna make the best meal you’ve ever made. What else do you need? Our kitchen essentials equipment list might come in handy… We’ve prepped an aptly named list …

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And Then There Were Three

A warm welcome to Kat | HurryTheFoodUp.com

Hi everyone, This is just a short post keeping you up to date with developments – and we have some exciting news! Our team of two (Howie and Dave) just became three! You may have heard the name ‘Kat’ mentioned once or twice on our blog before – well now …

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