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Day 15 update

Hi all, hope you’re doing well!

So, a day 15 update! I’d love to hear how you’re all getting on as well!

The path is the goal and for me a smooth rhythm seems to have formed.

There were some wild swings over the weekend where I treated myself to beer and finger food, but Sunday was back to normal.

The downward trend is looking good, and now that I’m into the routine, I may add a little food back as I’m losing weight at slightly faster than the optimal rate.

So far I’m down 1.9kgs (4.2lbs) in 15 days, and ideally I’d like to be more around the 1kg (2.2lbs) mark – though I’m not going to complain.

I’m doing a lot of cardio at the moment in prep for Mont Blanc and I need to address that so I don’t get too low on energy.

As always, full details can be found here!

Omelettes (and eggs) in general have been my friend. This (below) is my fave recipe at the mo ‘cos it means I can use up leftovers easily. I made it with tomatoes, peppers and onion and it was delicious.

I fried the veggies first, with a tiny bit of oil. After that I added just a little hot water instead of more oil and the veggies sauteed nicely.

Definitely a recommended recipe!

An omelette filled with cheese and tomatoes is served folded on a plate. | Hurry The Food Up

Have a great rest of your week!


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