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Day 3 update

Day 3 update: all good so far! Same weight as yesterday, which is totally fine.

As I wrote before, a once a week weigh-in to see a general downward trend is plenty (spreadsheet data here).

I had quite the sugar cravings yesterday evening – so I decided to find out why. Previous experience from myself and our other clients suggests it’s usually one of three things:

An internal trigger

An external trigger

An actual sugar craving

I’ll make separate posts this afternoon about the first two.

In my case, I identified my cravings as the third one. When I’m dropping weight, I essentially cut out all the sugary things I sometimes have – oat milk in my coffee, protein bars, jam and peanut butter on toast, alcohol.

I figured I was missing those yesterday, but I had a plan in place to deal with them.

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My go-to snacks in cases like this are:

  • sweet porridge like this
  • slices of apple with a little peanut butter a bit like this (go easy on the peanut butter!)
  • protein shakes
  • a cup of nutmeg and vanilla tea.

These all work for me in ‘taking the edge off’ the craving. Yesterday I knew I didn’t have many calories spare for a big snack, so I went with the tea. It hit the spot and the cravings went down.

It did mean I woke up early needing the toilet though, so it wasn’t perfect! If the cravings happen again tonight, I’ll make sure I save a little space for the apple with PB (it’s seriously delicious).

If you find yourself craving often, make sure you have a plan in place, and it’s surprisingly easy to overcome. It just takes a little thinking ahead and you’ll nail it!


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