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Day 46 update!

Day 46 update! And it’s time to fly to coop 🥲. Two of the babies have already leaped off the balcony, three others are hopping around our balcony as I write.

In other news, the healthy eating challenge is progressing well. 3.9kgs down (8.6lbs). So another tiny bit and the goal is hit! Mont Blanc looms nearer all the time.

As always, full stats are available here!📊

Two things that I’ve noticed that really help with weight loss and body composition – and they’re both liquids.

The first is a lack of alcohol. It’s very hard to lose weight even if you’re eating well-balanced and carefully planned meals but finish the day off with a couple of glasses of wine or beers.

The calories in alcohol are (unfortunately) crazy high, so I’ve found they really need to be limited to once a week (or better zero) to not be detrimental.

The second is protein shakes! It’s my go-to snack these days. Keeps the calories down, the protein high, and the filled, satisfying feeling right up there.

If you’ve never added protein shakes to your diet I really do recommend it. Many of them taste great, and if you’ve been hitting the gym they’ll do even more for you!

As always, if you’ve been doing the challenge I’d love to hear from you (or even if you haven’t been!).

Have a great weekend folks!🙂


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