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Unlucky for some – but not for all? Recipes for Future #13

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As the end of the year draws nigh, we figured it would be an apt time to take a look back at 2019 and its quite monumental impact on the awareness of the environmental destruction going on around us.

Greta Thunberg was named Time’s Person of the Year for having brought the aforementioned environmental awareness to greater prominence, and for lobbying politicians, companies and governments to step up their environmental commitments.

Greta started the movement ‘Fridays for Future’, which in turn led to this series of blog posts – Recipes for Future is our way doing our bit, too. Naturally, we hope it encourages others to make some small changes, as well.

She was also responsible for inspiring global mass demonstrations for ecological concerns in September, like the one pictured above in Hamburg, Germany.

What we’ve covered in 2019

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One thing that all of our Recipes for Future posts have in common is encouraging as many people as possible to eat as many environmentally friendly meals as possible.

This final post of the year is no different. Below are three of favourite breakfasts, lunches and dinners of 2019 – all as good for the environment as possible, of course.

Breakfast For Future

Vegan IRONMAN Oatmeal

Check out the recipe here
4.71 from 48 votes
Protein: 14g
Calories: 453kcal
Ready in:5 minutes

Lunch For Future

Speedy Vegan Burrito

Check out the recipe here
4.82 from 22 votes
Protein: 11g
Calories: 316kcal
Ready in:20 minutes

Dinner For Future

Vegan Stuffed Peppers

Check out the recipe here
4.64 from 11 votes
Protein: 30g
Calories: 615kcal
Ready in:1 hour 20 minutes
Recipe by: Kat & HurryTheFoodUp

We hope you’ve found our Recipes for Future posts interesting so far. Doing what we can for the environment is incredibly important to us – we hope we can inspire a little at the same time, too!

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