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Freeletics Journal week 1 – More knackering than I expected

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Welcome to Week #1 of our Freeletics Journal. In our review we talked the talk. Now we’re going to walk the walk.

A few days ago Howie and I started a massive challenge – to get into the shape of our lives. No excuses, no pussying around. Our aim here is to chart and share our experiences, successes, failures, pains and gains. We want to instill inspiration, we want to encourage, and we want to make mistakes so you don’t have to.

If you haven’t already, check out our introduction to Freeletics here – we explain in detail what it is and how it works.

So, without further ado. Week #1.

After finishing the fitness test and inputting my height, weight, and gender I was asked to choose the number of workout days I wanted per week. Feeling optimistic, I chose 4. I figured this would certainly be enough to keep me busy while still leaving me with spare days if I fancied hitting the gym on top, or going for a run.

Or, as it turned out, recovering. Freeletics is tough. It’ll have you sweating, cursing and gasping for air. But as I realised halfway through my first ‘Apollon’ workout it’ll also have you swearing. Swearing to become fitter and stronger so it never feels like this again.

As mentioned in this review, ‘The Coach’ tailor makes a personal training scheme for you. As I expected, it included a big mix of press ups, pull ups, sit ups, burpees, jumps and some running.

‘Apollon’ was the first full workout thrown at me. To give you a more in depth feel for it, it consists of doing 25 burpees, then running 400m, 50 squats and another 400m. Three times! It was as hard as you’d expect, and one of the biggest challenges to overcome was the fact that you’re doing squats and burpees outside. My running path is relatively busy – so there was certainly an audience.

However I quickly realised that the inhibition of working out with strangers around is proportionally linked to exercise fatigue. To begin with I was shy, nervous even; after 50 burpees, 100 squats and a few hundred metres run as fast as I could I realised I didn’t give a flying toss whether people saw me or not. I was pushing myself, exhausting my body – and I loved it.

Week #1 included a total of 4 workout days targeting various muscles groups and movements, and I did them all. My only beef was that one day included pull ups and you need a bar for them. I knew I had one from my younger days kicking around in the attic so I enthusiastically hopped upstairs to get it but after splintering the door frame I remembered why I’d put it away. I was forced to swap out the pull ups for some other exercises. I did press ups and some bicep curls instead – not quite the same muscles but as the clock was ticking I wanted to crack on and set a good time!

Every time you repeat a workout in Freeletics you’re challenged to beat your time and post a PB (personal best). As this was my first week everything was a PB, but I wanted as good a time as possible – Howie and I are competing against each other of course! It’s a great incentive to push onwards when you’re feeling tired.

You also get ‘stars’ for performing every workout with perfect technique. I’m going to delve into that further in Week#2, so watch this space. I also managed to find an outdoor football (soccer to you guys on the other side of the pond) goal I could use for pull ups.

Clicking ‘Finish Week’ (available after completing your weekly exercises) is a great feeling. I felt I’d worked really hard for it, and was already looking forward to Week#2. Once again you select your number of workout days, your focus (strength, cardio or both) and whether you felt the previous week was hard but ok, too easy or too difficult. I plumped for hard but ok, and another 4 days. With a happy, enthusiastic and as it turned out completely inadvisable and naive smile I clicked ‘Finish Week’ and let The Coach do his stuff.

Oh shit…

And a final note – we want you to join us! Our accounts are Davey B and Howie Fox – click here to take a peek at the official Freeletics site – and let us know what you think!


If you’re worried about protein, you can get our free high-protein meal plan right here (or in the box just below). For those of you in the US or the UK you can get 15% discount at Nuzest by entering the code: hurrythefoodup either here (US) or here (UK). Enjoy!


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  1. Wow that sounds intense! It’s amazing how quickly the self-conciousness disappears when you’re exhausted haha. I loved the cliffhanger ending, can’t wait to hear how week 2 goes 🙂

    1. It really is Natalie! Burpee deepfrogs were the next to get over…more on those later!

  2. Wow!! This is so intense!! Very exciting!! Wishing you guys the best! You’ve got this!!

    1. Thanks Cailee! Although we started it as a competition it’s been amazing so far, and is really good for spurring each other on 🙂

  3. WOW! 🙂 Great job guys! I am looking forward to seeing how your next weeks will look like. 🙂

    1. Thanks Cris! I can tell you already…exhausting but fun 😉

  4. Hello Guys! I have just found Freeletics and wanted to give it a try. Are you still using it?

    1. Hi Michelle!
      We’re not using Freeletics anymore at the moment since we shifted out goals a little. Dave is training for a half marathon trying to make sure he’ll leave his brother behind him. I focus more on weights and yoga at the moment. But it’s very possible that we get back at it in a couple of months or so 🙂

      1. could you do Freeletics 3 times a week and weights three times a week

        1. Hi Thomas, yes, you definitely could. It will be a hard ol’ slog mind, so plenty of sleep and protein will be critical! In my personal experience, not enough rest is absolutely killer, and you’ll need a lot of it with such a heavy routine!

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