Going Veggie? Essential resources to get you started!

Going Vegetarian

Are you Newly Veg? Congratulations! No need to feel intimidated. On this page you’ll find all the resources you need for going vegetarian.


How to Go Vegetarian - The Definitive Guide | hurrythefoodup.comStill having doubts about going vegetarian?

In this guide you’ll find reasons why to go vegetarian, essential nutrition information on the vegetarian diet and tips on making the switch as easy as possible. Enjoy!


60+ resources to get you started on a vegetarian diet #vegetarian #vegan | hurrythefoodup.comLooking for more veggie resources?

You’ve decided to go vegetarian and now you need to know all about it? This extensive list covers you with resources on each and every important topic: awesome veggie blogs specialized on all sorts of diets, useful links if you plan to do fitness on a plant based diet and many more helpful sources.

How do I get my protein?

Your friends and family will have asked that question and I’m sure you’ve lent a thought or two to the subject once you decided to go vegetarian. Fear not, we’ve collected a great amount of excellent recipes over the time to make sure you’ll always have enough protein ideas to hand.

We also make sure to list up all our vegetarian recipes that are high in protein. Have a look over here.

Looking for Some Vegetarian Recipe Gems?

Going vegetarian means trying out new recipes. We picked 4 recipes that are really quick to make, satisfying and super tasty – perfect for a regular weeknight.

Going Vegetarian - An overview | hurrythefoodup.com

It was a tough decision though. We love all of our recipes. So please make sure you check out the others in the recipe index over here.

Facebook Veggie Group, Going Vegetarian | hurrythefoodup.comJoin our community!

It’s always more fun as a team. You’re welcome to join our Veggie Support Group on Facebook. We share recipes, tips, stories, and help each other out if a question occurs.

What else?

Below you’ll find some more posts that make switching to a vegetarian diet as easy as apple pie (not sheperds’!).

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