Tasty & Protein Rich

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Along with our favourite Curried Butternut Squash and Coconut Soup this week’s meal includes two new recipes, the Avocado Deviled Eggs and the Lentil Tabbouleh.

Our focus was “how to make lunch quick, tasty and protein-rich” and we’d like to think we came up with some pretty creative options here.

We’re very curious to see images of your creations in the Facebook group or @hurrythefoodup on Instagram!

For the once-a-week shoppers

  • Pomegranate Chia Yogurt: Frozen pomegranates, prep the night before.
  • Day 3-4: pick a salad mix that holds for four days for the Pasta in Peanut Sauce.
  • Day 5-6: get an avocado that is still unripe for the Vegetarian Tacos.
  • Day 5-6: ideally get mint and parsley in a pot, so it lasts 5 days until the Tabbouleh

Top tips and quick fixes

  • Pumpkin is still in season: so let’s make a Butternut Squash Soup. It’s 4 servings, but easily freezable!
  • Snacks are up to you. Females: try not to go above 150kcal per day. Males: try not to go above 450kcal per day.
  • To keep picked herbs fresh, wrap their stems in tissue and place in a jar or pot with water (like you would for flowers). They’ll keep at least a week, usually more!

Day 7 is all up to you. It’s a great day for leftovers, or if you want to go out to eat. We still recommend keeping the calories to about 1500kcal for females and 1800kcal for males if weight loss is a priority.


The recommendations on physical activity are general and non-specific. If you have any injuries or conditions which may restrict your ability to perform physical activity, please seek medical/professional advice before making changes.

We would like to take a moment to note that these meal plans have been designed to provide a framework for weight loss. They do not claim to provide medical advice or to be able to treat any medical condition. It makes no claims in respect to weight loss, either in terms of the amount or rate at which weight loss could be achieved. The calories, fibre, protein and other nutritional information is worked out as closely as possible and we have checked the information as accurately as possible. However we can’t be held responsible for mistaken listings: the nutritional information is given as a guide only. If you have any concerns regarding your health or whether it is suitable for you to try to lose weight then please contact your medical practitioner before making changes.