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We think vegetarian food is awesome. Our goal is to inspire not only vegetarians and vegans with our products, but also those who just want to try it out.

You can promote all of our products through the affiliate program:

Breakfast in Six

Breakfast in Six is created with our friend and professional chef Jansen. He put a lot of effort into creating inspirational recipes. And the beauty of it is that all recipes are so easy to make! We believe it's the best way to keep people interested in vegetarian food. Lunch in Six and Dinner in Six are coming soon. 

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30 Day Veggie Challenge

Many people have trouble to dive into the vegetarian by themselves. Our 30 Day Challenge is a program with exclusive weekly meal plans, daily emails and an active support group. All our content has been reviewed by registered nutritionist ‍Claire Ruiz Garcia. The goal is to make the switch to a vegetarian diet as easy and as fun as possible.

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30 Day VEGAN Challenge

As you know vegans have to deal with many doubts, especially when it comes to the nutrition side of things. In the 30 Day VEGAN Challenge we offer exclusive beginner friendly recipes, meal plans reviewed by registered dietitian Vivian Meijer and lots of information on how to make the switch as easy as possible. Going vegan is easier than most people think!

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Vegetarian For Weight Loss

Vegetarian for Weight Loss is our bestseller and boasts a huge array of weight loss information written by nutrition weight loss specialist Claire Garcia Ruiz, as well as eighty weight loss recipes and five ready-made weight loss meal plans. Using consistency, taste and satisfaction as the main routes to success, Vegetarian for Weight Loss has already helped thousands of people.

Want to check out the product before selling? Drop us an email here, we're happy to present it to you.

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