How We Create Our Meal Plans

A taste of our meal plans 🙂

Having a ready made meal plan just takes away any thinking you have to do each week. But sitting down and planning the week’s meals can be very demanding!

This is why a ready-made meal plan can be heaven-sent:

  • You don’t have to look for high protein recipes for an entire week, because we did already.
  • You don’t have to count calories and protein, because we did already.
  • You don’t have to think about balancing out various food sources, because we did already.
  • You don’t have to write a shopping list or wonder when to cook what, so that nothing goes wilty or off. Because we did it already!

Of course you could also turn to an automated meal plan service or AI. But we’re convinced we have better meal plans than any competitors, and here’s why:

First off, we’ve created hundreds of tried and tested recipes that easily fit into the meal plans (read here how we develop our recipes).

The meal plan composition, setup, structure guidelines

how we create our meal plans at Hurry The Food Up

Next – moderation is key. You will see a variety of different ingredients throughout the days. We don’t want to overdo one protein source, because that isn’t ideal from a health point of view and it can get a bit boring.

Here are the general guidelines that we follow:

  • 1-2 recipes per week with tofu or similar
  • Often eggs once a day, but rarely twice
  • Not too much bread – usually once a day at most
  • Not too much dairy – usually once a day, occasionally twice
  • About once a day we have legumes

We also make sure the meal plan actually saves you time and money.

  • Quick lunch -usually a prep time of less than 20 minutes
  • Ingredient overlap to reduce food waste (for example, avocados might be used twice early in the week so they don’t go off)
  • Suitable for a Once-A-Week-Haul: Leafy greens (that go wilty quickly) at the beginning of the week, longer lasting ingredients towards the end of the week
  • Cook Once-Eat-Twice Method so that you’re not stuck in the kitchen forever. This means we generally cook double batches so you can have the same meal the next day.
  • For Day 7 we don’t schedule recipes, so you can use up leftovers and reduce food waste
  • We focus on high-protein snacks to continue aiding your goal, too. We also suggest some fresh fruits for a more healthy and balanced diet.

Additional recipe tips

We want to make sure the plans work as smoothly as possible for you. Dave records a quick video each week (usually about 1-2 minutes) mentioning the main tips to this week’s cooking.

You also always find the following sections each week on the meal plan page:

We’ll answer which recipes can be:

  • Frozen
  • Meal prepped in advance
  • Tips on speeding recipes up where possible (for example microwave instead of oven)
  • You’ll also find one new vegan alternative for breakfast, lunch and dinner each week

The nutrition stats

Our plans are designed primarily for females who want to lose weight.

If you’re interested in the nutrition breakdown of our plans, here’s the rough guide we use to create our meal plans.

Our Nutritionist, James, makes sure that our plans align with the UK and the USA’s government guidance on protein, carbohydrates, and fats.

ProteinNot below 60gNot below 85gNot below 95gNot below 105g
Total Fat20-48g25-58g30-70g33-77g
Saturated FatNot above 15gNot above 17gNot above 20gNot above 22g
Total CarbohydratesMake up the rest (usually ~50% energy intake)Make up the rest (usually ~50% energy intake)Make up the rest (usually ~50% energy intake)Make up the rest (usually ~50% energy intake)
SugarsNo more than 30gNo more than 30gNo more than 30gNo more than 30g
SaltMax 6gMax 6gMax 6gMax 6g

Rough Guidelines how we distribute calories over the day

BreakfastApprox 300 – 430kcal
LunchAround 400kcal
Dinner460 – 550kcal
Snack 1100kcal
Snack 2120-150kcal

What the meal plan system can do

Even though we put together our meal plans by hand (learn more here) so you get the best blend of science and art, our software will also help you easily adapt the plans to your personal liking.

  • Optimized for weight loss. Our meal plans do the calorie counting for you. You see the nutrition values of each recipe in the plan. Then a nutrition summary of the entire day as well.
  • Automated Grocery List. Easily change serving sizes or recipes in the plan. The grocery list adjusts to it without you doing a thing.
  • Easily Print out Recipes. Print out a couple or all recipes from any meal plan in one go.
  • Easily Swap out Recipes. Don’t like mushrooms? Pick a tasty replacement in seconds.
  • Also Suitable for Meal Prep. Want to make a batch of dishes in one day? Easily adjust the meal plan to it.

As you see, much culinary, nutritional and practical know-how goes into our meal plans. We constantly keep developing them to make them as useful to you as possible.


There’s always a disclaimer, right? It’s for legal reasons.

We prepare our recipes and meal plans at our own risk, and if you follow recipes and meal plans on this website or our app, you’re doing it at your own risk. We’re not liable, not responsible and do not assume obligation for misinterpreted recipes, accidents, taste or your health. Read more on this here.


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