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Exciting times! We’re expanding again and are looking for someone special to join our team.

Perhaps you’re that special someone, or perhaps you know who it could be. Feel free to pass this message on or share it in groups!

We’re looking for a Registered Dietitian or Nutritionist to join our team with a focus on healthy recipe testing, development and photography.

The position would be freelance and starting at 4-8 hours per month, with more hours available after a successful trial.

Start date: August 2021

This position will involve helping us in providing top-class healthy recipes for our readers and members. It will include:

  • Healthy recipe creation and submission for testing
  • Taking feedback and changing/improving recipes if necessary
  • Finalising the recipe and providing photography of the finished piece
  • Short written texts explaining cooking tips and health benefits of that particular recipe

We’re an international team and location is not important – all work will be done online. As long as you’re self-employed and able to send us invoices, we’d love you to join us – regardless of where you live.

What we offer:

  • Fair and quick payment
  • A chance to kick-start or continue a dietitian, nutritionist, recipe or photography career – our blog is visited by over 500,000 readers a month
  • A fun and friendly team to work in – you’ll be collaborating with the owners – myself and Hauke, and our Team Manager, Andrii, on a regular basis
  • A chance to learn critical online, blog, food and business skills from experienced entrepreneurs and business owners

Future potential:

  • For the right candidate there may also be opportunities for written health and nutrition articles, nutrition fact-checking, social media branding and client coaching. A YouTube presence is also a possibility.

What you need:

  • Dietitian or Nutritionist qualification
  • A flair for recipe testing, creation and taking feedback
  • Strong photography skills and knowledge – examples of a food blog or Instagram page
  • A good photography/camera setup with lighting
  • Quick turnaround of projects to specific deadlines

What’s not essential but VERY helpful:

  • A genuine love for veggies and everything vegetarian
  • Other examples of food photography if not on Instagram or a food blog
  • A reliable internet connection
  • English as a native (or close to) language
  • Passion for a health-oriented lifestyle

If this sounds like you then send an email to and tell us why you’d like to work with us – and we’ll take it from there! Naturally, including a short CV/Resume is helpful and desirable.

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