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The Launch (Plus Two Lessons Learned)

July 2014 - Lessons Learned |

Hey guys,

Howie and I have decided to keep an open and honest record of our website and blog as we (try) to grow into something successful. We’ll chart our trials and tribulations, fears and tears and wins and fails.

We’ll even be transparent with any money that we (might) earn. Come back here whenever you like and follow our struggles as two guys try to make it big in the world of food and the net.

The Launch – 6th July 2014 has taken a lot of hard work to get it to where it is right now. It’s a small site at the moment, with just a few recipes – but of course this is just the beginning.

The number of hours that have gone into producing what you can see so far is phenomenal – the web design, the videos, the photos, the blogs and articles, as well as countless hours of research into how to get things right. Howie even left his last job in order to dedicate himself to get the site up and running – a hard decision but one with an eye to the future.

As mentioned, we’re going to publish our traffic and income/expenses. There will be a blog post at the end of each month. Also we’ll be writing a post with tips, tricks, failures and successes in the middle of the month, like this one now. Perhaps we’ll even inspire others through our work. Who knows? We’re not selfish; if we find any cool tips or tricks we’ll share them with you here too.

Lessons Learned

1. Optimise your posts from day one!

Get your posts optimised correctly before you release them! Why? Google will crawl your website and index your content, so it can be found in their search. But, if everything is still messy, Google will rank you veeeeeeeeeeery low.

And more importantly: once you’ve fixed everything then you need google’s crawler to come around to index the updated posts. But they won’t visit you for a while. In our case it might actually take a week or two, because we’re such a new website without any sort of reputation.

What does that mean? We now have four recipe posts indexed in Google that nobody will find for a while as they were never optimised correctly before release. Bollocks…but on the bright side the latest post is correctly labelled and ready 🙂

We use WordPress SEO by Joast for the website to get our posts on track for Google. It’s really easy to use and very helpful.

2. Don’t tinker around!

You probably will anyway. Here’s a great example – our logo. Below are some propositions done by designers at



Hurry_the_Food_Up_logo2 fin


Hurry_the_Food_Up_logo3 fin

Hurry_the_Food_Up_logo4 fin


  • It took us hours to find two designers we wanted to give the job to.
  • Messaging back and forth for improvements and changes took a while.
  • Choosing the best one took a while.
  • Putting it on all the social media platforms took a while.
  • Finally realising that for now we’re going to use a much simpler logo because we weren’t convinced with any of the above took a while.
  • Changing everything all over again took ages!

At the end of the day, we’re sure a perfect logo is not all-important, especially if you are just starting out. Better to focus on great content and upgrade to a better logo when you see that you can actually engage users with what you do.

Wasting your time on stuff like that instead of working on the things that really matter is pointless tinkering. Try to avoid it when working on something else – give your full attention to the most important things. Unfortunately its so easy to get caught up in the unimportant.

What are your thoughts on optimising for Google and tinkering? Did you have similar experiences? We’re also quite curious as to which logo would have been your choice. Let us know.

At the end of the month we’ll be back with our first traffic and income report, woooo!


Btw: this week Dave has been mostly listening to George Ezra’s Budapest 🙂

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