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July Traffic and Income Report

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July 2014 traffic and income report |

Hey there!

As the saying goes – better late than never – Hurry The Food Up’s first ever Income and Traffic report is here! Below you’ll find the happiest and saddest moments we had in July, as well as us providing the info of from which channels we get the most users, our highs and lows of the month and the answer to whether we’re already filthy rich by eating and blogging (we’re not, in case you were wondering).

Also check out our last months post “The Launch” (including two lessons learned) if you haven’t already.

Saddest moment in July

After getting the fifth of these emails from foodgawker:

July 2014 traffic and income report |

(click on the image to enlarge)

In a nutshell – what is foodgawker and why is it important? Well, put simply, it’s the biggest food sharing website around. Bloggers can upload their recipes and the editors from foodgawker accept or decline it. The photo is critical.

Dave and I prepared five recipes to launch our website with. We made five nice photos, doing our best with the preparation, composition and lighting and stuff. It took ages. And what happened? Every single photo got declined on foodgawker. We were gutted… it hurts, does this foodgawker!

So we invested in a food photography book and with these new tips at hand Howie re-shot most of our photos. And…success! After a lot of hard work, we were accepted! And honestly, the new photos look better (check out the first image of this article for two examples).

Happiest moment in July

July 2014 traffic and income report |

Here you can see Howie celebrating our first YouTube subscriber who wasn’t one of our friends. It was a very emotional moment, because it meant that someone somewhere on this planet probably likes our blog. How great is that? Thanks cUtEdEviLhEaVeN!

Btw you can subscribe to our youtube channel right here 😉


July 2014 traffic and income report |

6th – 17th

So, above you can see our July’s traffic chart. We started posting stuff on facebook on the 6th and a few curious friends (or obligated-feeling friends anyway) checked out our website.

15th – 22th

We submitted our recipes to various food sharing websites. All got rejected, except for one. When we almost gave up hope Finding Vegan not only accepted our Spinach Banana Smoothie, but they also featured it on Twitter! Around 1500 visitors poured onto our website in an instant. We were delighted! Also, we realised this blogging thing was easier than expected, haha. It was all easy street from now on. Or so we thought!

25th – 31st

Howie re-shot a couple of photos that finally got accepted on foodgawker and similar websites, which gave us another couple of hundred views. Sweet.

Top 10 Traffic Sources

July 2014 traffic and income report |

Well, no big surprises here. It’s visible that food sharing websites are incredibly important for our blogs to get traffic. Around 70% of all our traffic came from there.

Facebook is difficult to interpret for now. We’d guess most of the visitors are our friends who checked us out. We’re not sure how important a role Facebook will play in the future.

Then, last but not least check out Pinterest on position 6. We only uploaded our photos there and we got 128 visits without making any big effort like Facebook. We’re pretty sure Pinterest will soon be one of our main traffic drivers.

We’d love to say something about Youtube, but we haven’t yet figured out how to track visitors coming from our videos to our website. If anyone knows how to set this up, we’d be very interested to know! 😉


Yes, you won’t believe it, but we can show you some numbers after our first month of blogging!

Income: 4,12€

We didn’t really expect any income at all, but Howie thought he’d just put google adsense on the blog to see what happens. And here we go, our first €4!

Youtube hasn’t been that profitable yet. We guess we have to step up our game there a little to get more views.



Expenses: 57,28€

Total Income: -53,16€

We decided to kickstart our blog a little on Youtube and Facebook. More about those campaigns in our next report.


If you want to have a successful food blog you have to publish a lot and it has to be high quality! When you do that the food sharing websites and Pinterest will be very kind and drive a lot of traffic to you. Of course, as you grow you’ll also get more traffic from google search, but this is a slow process.

We made a rough calculation to work out what it would take to make €500 per month from just google adsense based on our first month’s income:

If 3163 monthly visitors give us 4.12€, we would need 380.000 monthly visitors for 500€.

This means we reached already 0.85% of our goal. Not too bad for a first month.

Also this clearly shows that it’s very tough to make money from a blog just through advertising, which means that we’ll have to come up with plenty of other ideas to make this site a success from a business point of view. Interesting stuff that is 🙂

And finally, we’ll leave you with Howie’s favourite song of July. Take care!


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  1. Thanks for this post. I also started my own food blog in June and I love reading others’ traffic and income reports for inspiration. Every one I’ve read in the past has been written a while after the blog was started so whilst they’re interesting, they’re missing the key part about how to get traffic at the beginning,. Your post is great as it shows what can be done with some effort with content and photography, and submitting your posts to the right places. I’m fitting my blog into my spare time so haven’t got to this stage yet, but it’s great to know that it’s worth the effort.

    Congratulations on your first income!

  2. Hey Charlotte, thanks for the comment. We’re glad you enjoyed reading our post, we enjoyed writing it too 🙂 How are you and your blog coming along? Give us a shout back, we’re always up for a chat!

  3. It’s going slowly as it’s very much a hobby at the moment, but I’m enjoying it. I’ve written a monthly report if you’re interested (I enjoy reading them so thought I should share too) it’s

    A little bit of feedback for you… When I commented before there was no option to sign up for notifications of replies/other comments. Fortunately I shut my computer down after commenting so it opened on the same page today, otherwise I might not have realised you’d taken the time to reply. Might be worth seeing if you can make this an option for people (I think my site does the same so I’m going to see if I can change it).

    1. Hi Charlotte!

      Thanks a lot for your tip! Definitely super important and I didnt know about it at all. Looked into it and found a plugin that should do exactly this.
      Try it out for the next comment 😀

  4. Thanks for the info. I started my food blog almost a year ago. My sister in law has a very successful food blog she started about 4 years ago and also has videos on youtube. My brother, her husband, noticed youtube really started paying off after she reached 200 videos. Thought that information might be useful to you.

    Also, what is the name of the book you purchased? I am in a slump when it comes to taking pictures and would love some help.

    1. Hi Jenny!
      Great to hear that the post had some useful info for you 🙂
      Woah, sounds very interesting what you and your sister are up to! What are your blogs called? Now I’m curious. Our next report will definitely contain some analysis about youtube.

      We purchased the ebook from pinch of yum.
      I liked it and think it was worth the money:

  5. Thanks for the details of the comment plugin. I’ve finally got it working on my site too (it didn’t appear with my theme but I’ve managed to get some extra code to get it working).

    Thanks for the other tips too. I’m going to work my way through them all – you’ll have to keep checking back on my site to see my progress!!

  6. Hi Guys

    I think you’re doing a remarkable job. I found you on IG, you came as a recommended follow. Love the transparency of this post. Wishing you all the very best.

    1. Hi Lorraine!

      Thanks a lot for the feedback, really great to hear 😀
      Definitely have to check out your blog too. i don’t know anything about Jamaican cuisine!

  7. This is great guys! And thank you for putting this out there. I found you because I’m specifically researching food blog incomes of recent blogs (specifically those started in 2014) and yours popped up. I’ve been blogging for seven years but just recently decided to start a for-profit blog. Since monetizing strategies change all the time, I want to focus on blogs just starting out. Good luck to you and I look forward to reading about your progress!

    1. Hi Deborah!
      Thanks a lot for your comment! Can I ask you how you found us? Would be interesting to know 🙂
      Yees, there are definitely many strategies out there. What are your plans around monetization, are you thinking about writing a book? 🙂


  8. I actually googled “food blog income reports 2014.” You came up on the first page half way down. I’m starting a project which is still in the beginning stages but I’ll let you know as soon as it’s put together.

    Also, I have the same “notify me of comments” plugin that you do and just realized I didn’t receive an email to let me know you responded. I just happened to click over from your response by me. Just wanted to let you know.

    1. hahah, you’re very mystic about it. Cool, let me know!
      Thanks for the feedback! Strange, I just tested it and the comment functionality works for me. Do you have the email in spam, maybe?

  9. Got it just now in my inbox. Thanks! Not sure why it didn’t show up earlier.

  10. I’m back with a really cheeky question. I’ve just installed the recipe index plugin you recommended but I think yours looks so much nicer than mine (I’m not keen on the rounded corner border). Any chance I could be really cheeky and ask how you edited the CSS to remove the border?

  11. Thanks for the report! Is this your very first month of blogging?! Well done guys, you’re doing it the right way. About foodgawker, I’ve been rejected quite a few times too. I should probably write a blog post about 🙂

    1. No problem, it’s also great for us to reflect our work. Yees, foodgawker and especially tastespotting are a little tricky. But actually they helped us to improve the quality of our photos a lot by pointing out the problems. On the other hand we don’t experiment so much with composition/styling anymore because we don’t want to get rejected..

  12. Hi Dave & Howie! So great of you guys to be so open about your traffic and income reports. I always enjoy reading these. We’ve also started out in july last year, so I’ll keep an eye on your blog to see if we’re up to speed, haha! 🙂 Have fun and good luck guys

    1. Cool, that’s great to hear! I see you are based in the Netherlands, just around the corner. Are you happy with your blog growth so far?


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