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  1. Overall – The meal plan is well formulated, with a mix of different meals and snack options. I feel the portion sizes are sensible, and the variation in meals (not just repeating the same dishes over and over) makes the plan easier to stick with, and you get your moneys worth. It also includes exclusive links to recipes not available on the normal site, as well as informative emails throughout the month. You also get access to the Facebook group – where the staff are all very active. The only thing I found that could be improved is ensuring ingredient lists are written in the order those ingredients are used in the recipe, as this would make following them a lot easier.

    Personal Experience following this plan:
    I found the month pretty easy in terms of normal meals. I stuck with the plan roughly 95% of the time, though there were a couple of days where I was out of the house and not able to cook the planned meals. (I also sometimes didn’t need to eat all the snacks for a given day as I would be so full). I’m lucky enough to live in London and so all the restaurants and lunch places that I went to had plenty of vegan options. I did struggle with take-aways however. Pizza was out, and I did look into ordering curry take-away but there was no way to tell if things were vegan. The one thing I did miss was the pizza and paneer curries, but in terms of day-to-day I didn’t really notice the lack of dairy. I certainly had no negative side effects; I was worried about feeling tired or weak or something, but that just didn’t happen. I think one of the big advantages I found, and this almost certainly comes from the way the meal plan was formed more than the actual veganism, is that I was always full. The smaller dinners were made up for by bigger breakfasts and lunches, as well as a bunch of snacks. As someone who always swore off snacking I was sure I would put weight on this month. That’s why I was so pleasantly surprised that I actually lost some weight, whilst also always being full, but never bloating! I loved that! Whilst I am not planning to stay full-time vegan (though I’m always 100% vegetarian) I will be taking some things away from this challenge. For a start the smaller dinner portions with the healthy snacks throughout the day. I also bulked up my vegan recipe repertoire, and so will be trying to eat vegan at least a few days a week.
    Stats – I lost 2.6kg, and went from having 72 vegan recipes in my list to 117 vegan recipes
    Favourite… Breakfast – Crunchy Granola, Meal – Black Bean Burgers, Snack – Beetroot Brownies

    1. Hi! And thank you for the in-depth review, I’m absolutely certain it will answer questions from many other readers. I’m really pleased to hear the Challenge worked so well for you, and the weight loss is a great bonus! We found exactly the same โ€“ when you’re focusing on good whole foods that keep you full (and are tasty enough to look forward to) weight loss is often an unexpected side-effect. We’ll also take into account your point about the ingredient listing, it’s valid indeed. I’ll bring that back to focus ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’m also really happy to hear that you felt so good on the Challenge! We worked hard with our nutritionist to make sure every aspect of the vegan diet was taken care of, and that all nutritional needs would be met (or exceeded).

      Thanks again for writing โ€“ see you around! Dave

  2. Great recipes you’ll use for years.

    1. Thanks Mike! Really glad you enjoyed the Challenge ๐Ÿ™‚