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Why these meal plans create “serious fridge envy”

Watch Dave and James introduce this week’s meal plan!

Our weekly weight loss plans help busy vegetarians take back control over their food by saving time, money and being excited about their meals again.

Families, jobs, caring for others – it all takes time. Often you’re left with very little time for cooking. Then it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by food.
We know what we ‘should’ be eating, but when we’re under stress the thought of finding then cooking a healthy meal just compounds that stress on top of us.

We all sometimes feel like Mrs. Doubtfire.

But sticking with the same old habits might mean you keep relying on sub-par meals or restaurant take out. It can lead to health issues and weight gain.

We save you time and stress by doing the meal planning for you.

They’re designed specifically for the goal of healthy eating and weight loss. Each recipe is tried and tested by us multiple times until it is perfect. There’s no risk that a recipe will turn out terribly.

The sooner you take back control of the question ‘but what do I eat next’, the sooner you’ll remove stress and gain back peace of mind, a key aspect of healthy eating and weight loss.

Why food should also be inspiring

It can be hard to know what to actually cook. You might be sick of the same old recipes, or don’t know how to find healthy ones that give you everything you need.

If you’re not happy with the nutritional profile of your current recipes AND bored with them too, then you’re likely to fall back onto less healthy choices because you know you’ll enjoy them. Your diet becomes worse overall. Regaining weight is demotivating and frustrating.

It’s our job to help you rekindle your spark with food.

We absolutely love creating recipes with exciting flavor combos from a wide variety of cuisines but we always make sure our recipes are affordable and use easy-to-find ingredients that stay fresh until you need them (or are suitable for home freezing) too.

New recipe inspiration is sometimes needed to break old habits.

The sooner we start to implement good habits into our lives and get used to them, the quicker we see health benefits and weight loss.

In turn these positives spur us on to keep going, helping to repeat the cycle week after week.
Enjoy tasty recipes, enjoy long term health 🙂

Introducing the Weekly Weight Loss Meals

Our meal plans are made to reduce stress and save time. They are designed to promote weight loss at a safe and consistent rate of around 1-2 lbs (0.5-1kg) every week.

Here’s exactly how the weekly meal plans help.

1. Get Our Nutritionist-backed And Time-saving Meal Plans

Life is full of decisions and ‘what to eat?’ is one of the biggest, especially when trying to lose weight. It takes a surprising amount of mental energy and if we get it wrong it’s often followed by feelings of frustration or guilt.

We know how busy you already are. Meal plans are very useful, IF they don’t overwhelm you.

How our weekly plans save you time:

  • Cook Once, Eat Twice. You’ll generally cook one day and eat quick portions the second day.
  • Optimized for weight loss. Our meal plans do the calorie counting for you.
  • Automated Grocery List. Easily change serving sizes or recipes in the plan. The grocery list adjusts to it without you doing a thing.
  • Easy Printout. Print out a couple or all recipes and shopping list from any meal plan in one go.
  • Easily Swap out Recipes. Don’t like mushrooms? Pick a tasty replacement in seconds.

Here’s how it works:

Skip tedious planning and calorie counting. Save time by jumping straight to shopping, cooking and eating! It’s all about peace of mind.

2. Delicious, Quick and Healthy Recipes For Busy Vegetarians and Their Families

Ever tried a recipe that took ages, wasn’t really tasty and the kitchen looked like a mess afterwards? That is what we want to avoid at all costs.

Our recipes reduce stress and save time.

  • Quick prep
  • Easy instructions
  • Little cleaning up
  • Usually enjoyed by kids

Our recipes are delicious AND weight loss suitable.

  • Inspirational recipes from fresh and light to warm and comforting
  • High-protein so you feel full and satisfied
  • Lower in calories thanks to less fat (but not no fat, fat is important)
  • We work out the weekly calorie levels so you don’t need to worry

Why You Benefit from High Protein Recipes

Adding more protein to your meals helps you feel less hungry. But getting more protein as a vegetarian is not easy without overdoing carbs or fats.
This is where our recipe expertise comes in: vegetarian and tasty but high in protein, and optimized for weight loss.

Get lifetime access to our member’s only recipes – with more exclusive recipes added every week!

Not only save time preparing recipes, but also save time finding recipes that are tasty and in line with sound vegetarian weight loss advice.

3. Personal Support: We answer any questions within a day

You can easily get support from Hauke, Dave and James, our registered nutritionist, by simply posting in our private Facebook group or via email.

We strongly believe that the vegetarian diet can be just as healthy as any other diet when done properly, and we’ve made it a mission to see that happen.

We love interacting with our members and fostering a supportive vegetarian community. If you have any questions just give us a shout and we’ll get back to you quickly.

“Hauke recorded a couple of video messages for me to clear up some of my questions, which I thought was great service”

Motivating Private Facebook Group (completely optional!)

It’s a group full of vegetarians dedicated to healthy eating. Support from like-minded individuals is a great (and proven way) to keep you focused and motivated, and our attentive members are no exception.

serious fridge envy
There’s something satisfying about a tidy fridge.

How the Weekly Weight Loss Meals work

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Exciting and affordable – starts from only $1.92 a week or 11c per meal

Eileen is just one of our MANY successful meal planners!

About the Authors

We are Hauke and Dave and we’ve been sharing our passion (and recipes) for vegetarian food on our website since 2014.

For our weekly meal plans we teamed up with James, Dave’s younger brother. James has worked in General Practice for the past 5 years – Family Medicine for those of you not in the UK.

He’s a Specialist Paramedic by background and now works as an Advanced Clinical Practitioner in a busy NHS GP Practice.He has a special interest in nutrition and holds an Advanced Diploma in it, while doing a Masters Degree in Sports and Exercise Nutrition.

He’s on top of all of the latest evidence and guidelines to make sure you get the best advice possible in this book.

Dave Bell, James Bell MSc & Hauke Fox

Join the Vegetarian Weight Loss Weekly Meal Plan Program!

You can cancel anytime.

Exciting and affordable – starts from only $1.92 a week or 11c per meal


Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight can I realistically lose each week?

We designed our meal plans to help you lose weight at roughly 1lb (½ kg) every week. We planned the numbers of calories, fats, proteins and carbs needed to keep you feeling satisfied and full of energy.

How much does it cost?

The membership is $9.90/month after a 7-day trial period. You can cancel anytime, no questions asked.

Can I get a refund?

No, but you can try it out for 7 days for free and see what you think. After that you can cancel monthly. It takes just a click in the dashboard! No emails or phone calls necessary.

Why do you use dollars? Dollars isn’t my currency.

We use dollars as it’s the most recognized universal currency. Don’t worry, everything will be converted to your local currency as you pay by your credit card or Paypal account.

Do you deliver the food?

No, we don’t deliver, nor do we provide the food! We’ll make your shopping lists but you’ll still have to buy/order your groceries yourself. That goes for the cooking, too.

Are the shopping lists updated automatically?

Yes! Depending on which recipes you choose to make, and for how many people – everything is changed automatically. You don’t need to change a thing yourself.

Is it complicated to adjust meal plans to more or less people?

Happily every single recipe can simply be toggled for as many servings as you like!

Will it be possible to do these meal plans in the UK – I mean will measures and weights be easy to convert? I’ve seen you use the American ‘cup’ measurements.

Yep, absolutely! We have metric and imperial measurements for all of our recipes – you can just toggle between them on each recipe.

Why shouldn’t I lose weight faster? My friend lost loads doing keto!

Yes, they probably did! And did they gain it back again? We’ve found through speaking to thousands of ‘dieters’ that weight gain after keto or other ‘flavour of the month’ diets is real and severe. We want to avoid weight gain at all costs – we want to help you lose weight steadily, consistently and then help you to stay at a healthy weight after. We aim for consistency and a slower rate of weight loss is better for this.

I can’t eat dairy or nuts, then are these meal plans not an option for me?

You can change every meal and snack to your liking (and we have a huge list of non-dairy, non-nut recipes and snacks to choose from). Each of the ready-made meal plans we have does include dairy and quite often nuts, however.

What is everything you incorporate? Is sugar/honey forbidden? Bread bought at the grocery store ok? Must I make everything myself?

Sugar/honey/maple syrup? No, it’s not forbidden, some recipes call for sugar or maple syrup, just in smaller amounts.

We look at overall calories, fat, protein and saturated fat when we create meal plans and recipes.

Everything from scratch? No, not necessary either. We don’t doom processed food per se. A tin of tomatoes is processed. And it’s absolutely fine to use. Same as store-bought pesto or hummus. Yes, bread bought at the store is absolutely fine!

Is it suitable for a 65 year old – i.e. not too complicated technology?

In fact most of our members are around 40 – 75 years old. We get the occasional question about our meal planner. If that happens Hauke jumps right on to help you individually (and not just a generic tutorial video).

Do I get all the necessary nutrition from these meal plans if I am going to be pregnant maybe next month? I have always wanted to switch to a vegetarian menu but can I do this during pregnancy? Would love to!

We wouldn’t advise you to lose weight while being pregnant, and would recommend speaking to your health professional about it.



We would like to take a moment to note that this book is for information purposes only. It does not claim to provide medical advice or to be able to treat any medical condition. It makes no claims in respect to weight loss, either in terms of the amount or rate at which weight loss could be achieved. The calories, fibre, protein and other nutritional information is worked out as closely as possible and we have checked the information as accurately as possible.

However we can’t be held responsible for mistaken listings: the nutritional information is given as a guide only.If you have any concerns regarding your health please contact your medical practitioner before making changes. The recommendations to increase your physical activity are general and non-specific. If you have any injuries or conditions which may restrict your ability to increase your physical activity, please seek medical/professional advice before making changes.