The Complete SEO Guide For Food Bloggers

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Hi, I’m Hauke.Howie Fox - The complete SEO Guide for Food Bloggers

Since 2010 I’ve been working on various internet projects as a product and marketing manager, which has allowed me to gather five years (and counting) of SEO knowledge (how time goes by, wow!).

Of course, when we started out with we focused on search engine optimization (SEO) from day 1.

Food blogging has it’s SEO specifics, but once you figure them out you’re set up to grow your traffic massively.

google traffic until january 2017

After 30 months of food blogging we now get around 13,000 – 23,000 views per day just from Google, and growing! On average we post a new recipe once a week, not much at all. So, this graph shows the results anybody can achieve without too much effort.

Can you do the same without any technical know how? Yes, yes, and yes! There is absolutely no magic behind SEO. Food bloggers who have good Google traffic usually know more and plan more. That’s it.

Why is getting traffic from Google so important?


  • There are more than 10 million recipe searches a day on Google. And that was in 2011! Ranking well with your recipes means a lot of traffic to your blog!
  • For new bloggers it’s a great way to get traffic without having a big social media audience. And that traffic you can convert to followers!
  • Unlike social media, Google is almost passive traffic. You optimize your recipe, publish it and wait until the traffic comes in.
  • It’s free traffic that’s much more stable than social media traffic (ever experienced a Facebook or Pinterest traffic drop? We did).

What you’ll learn from the eBook


  • How to set up your Food Blog for SEO (no coding necessary!).
  • How to find and write recipes that will go to the top of Google’s search results.
  • How to boost up the Google ranking once your recipe is published.

Everything is written in an easy to follow language and every step is supported with screenshots to make sure you won’t get lost.

I’ve also added “priority rating” from one to five stars for every tip, so you’ll know what to take care of first to see the best results as quickly as possible.

In a nutshell, this eBook is super actionable and designed to help you get more traffic and more followers.

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A sneak peak into the eBook

The Complete SEO Guide For Food Bloggers | hurrythefoodup.comThe Complete SEO Guide For Food Bloggers | The Complete SEO Guide For Food Bloggers | The Complete SEO Guide For Food Bloggers | The Complete SEO Guide For Food Bloggers |

Feedback we’ve received so far


The Complete SEO Guide For Food Bloggers | hurrythefoodup.comThis book is full of SEO tips and tricks for people starting out as well for people who already have some experience. Howie uses good examples when he explains something which makes it easy to understand. While reading, you start implementing straight away!

Ceara – Ceara’s Kitchen

The Complete SEO Guide For Food Bloggers | hurrythefoodup.comIf you’re just filling in the blanks in your SEO plugin and expecting google to send traffic your way, you’re doing it wrong. This book is an easy-to-read informative guide to SEO that every food blogger should own.

Sara – Dinner At The Zoo

The Complete SEO Guide For Food Bloggers | hurrythefoodup.comSearch Engine Optimization is inarguably one of the most important skills needed by any blogger hoping to have a long-term, profitable career doing what they love. Howie has put together an amazing, super simple-to-understand eBook that’s suitable for both beginner and expert food bloggers alike. From start to finish, the eBook is packed with tons of useful SEO tips and practical strategies which are a breeze to implement. Now, I’ve read a lot of books on SEO this past year and can honestly say that Howie’s eBook is by far the best and most suited for food bloggers, bar none! 100% worth the entry price in my eyes!

Levan Wee –

Howie’s ebook is a godsend for food bloggers trying to find their way in a labyrinth of information about SEO. It is well-organized. Once you’re up to speed you get a detailed action plan on how to optimize your new and old content for best search engine results. He hands over all you need to know about SEO in a graceful, funny writing so you won’t feel bored or overwhelmed by too much information at all.

At the end of the book, when your head is spinning, he gives a worksheet which helps a lot to keep all that newly aquired knowledge organized. Reading this book gave me a whole new way of thinking when it comes to engineering my upcoming posts!

Nori –

The Complete SEO Guide For Food Bloggers | hurrythefoodup.comEasy and digestable SEO tips for every ambitious food blogger. I especially recommend the chapter about the Search Console strategy!

Thomas Maier, WordPress developer and Ad Optimization Specialist –


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Thank You!

Seriously, I’m so excited that you want to bring your food blog to the next level! (It’s true, I can barely stop from jumping up and down as I write this)

Thanks a lot for checking out The Complete SEO Guide For Food Bloggers. See you around!


PS: if you have any questions about this eBook or food blogging, I’m always happy to help out! You can reach me best via my email: [email protected]


  1. Hi Howie! I was thinking about checking out your eBook, but when I click on any of the above images to try and buy it, nothing comes up. Is there another way to purchase the eBook? Thanks!

  2. Does this work if you aren’t on wordpress? Thanks!

    • Yes, but you would have to do some more “adaption work” when it comes to the detailed tips. Though many principles explained in the eBook are not dependent on the platform 🙂

  3. Still valid for late 2017?

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