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Traffic and Income Report September 2014

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Dave and I are in our 4th month of food blogging. Both of us have learned many new awesome recipes, picked up some handy kitchen skills and most of all made our meals a new experience.

Apart from that we’re also learning a lot about the blogging world. It’s an incredible amount of fun to grow our own little space and meet new people along the way who enjoy our recipes and/or are on a similar journey to us.

Let’s start with our traffic in September.

Blog Traffic

Overall Traffic in September 2014

overall traffic september 2014 | featured our Lovely African Peanut Soup on their Facebook Page – thanks a lot! That in combination with a growing number of visitors from Foodgawker, Pinterest and Google Search gave us three times more traffic than August. The servers were trembling, oh yes!

We are happy with how it is developing and we think that we are onto a good way. It’s also great to see that the traffic after such a big peak (like the 22nd of September) didn’t completely go back to how it was before, but actually stayed a little higher.

Top 10 Traffic Sources

traffic sources september 2014

These show the same patterns as the last two months. We are happy about two and very unhappy with one source:

The Good Kids: Google Search and Pinterest are sending us more and more traffic, it’s really nice to see how we are slowly getting recognized.

And the Bad Boy: YouTube. Check out our top 10 list. Yep, no YouTube there. I’ll show you where YouTube is:

youtube traffic september 2014

That’s right, 5 people visited our website through Youtube. We had around 2000 video viewers in September (I have already excluded the views directly from our website). Being honest, that’s really not what we hoped for. At all.

Take Aways

1. Experiences like getting featured boost motivation a lot. Not only that – it boosts our traffic a lot too, haha!

Naturally, we’d love to repeat this a little more often and because of that I’m planning to say “hi” to some other big magazines like Buzzfeed and Lifehacker. Maybe they haven’t noticed we’re on the map, as they haven’t said anything about one of our recipes yet 😉

2. YouTube Viewers don’t like leaving their beloved YouTube platform at all. So, for now I believe it is not possible to use YouTube as a reasonable traffic source for our blog.

More about YouTube below.

YouTube Traffic

youtube traffic september 2014 |

This is our YouTube traffic from the first of July until the 30th of September. You can see a lot of views in the first two months followed by a much calmer September with a few smaller spikes.

For July and the beginning of August we took advantage of a Google Adwords coupon that gave us about 9000 views. You pay 25€ and you get an extra 75€. We figured it was a great deal to kickstart our channel. From then on the views were all organic. The spikes at the end of August and in September are due to and us sharing our videos on social media.

But what is the gist of this graph? Our view count is not really growing naturally. After pushing our view count it always fell back to where it was before (around 40 daily visits.)

Take Away

When we first started the blog I thought we could use YouTube as a great channel to get traffic to our website. I mean it’s the world’s second biggest search engine after Google, right? Wrong.

YouTube is less a search engine and more a community. This is something YouTube’s search engine also takes into account. As a content creator, if you are not an active member of the community, your videos will fall behind.

So, for us this means either we engage more with YouTube or our videos will not get visibility from YouTube. The idea of getting “free” traffic from YouTube, like we do with Google Search was a pipe dream.

Income and Expense

We made a lot of cash this month, guys. We three folded our income. Yep, that’s right, it’s pouring in. But we also had some expenses. Check it out:


  • Google Adsense € 12.28
  • Youtube € 4.19


  • eLance € 37.70

Total Income: – € 21.23

Actually I should have added expenses to the reports when we started out three months ago, but well, nobody’s perfect.

Since Dave and I didn’t have much experience in building social media profiles we started working with a great Social Media Manager via eLance. She is a tremendous help with tasks related to publishing our recipes and developing our social media presence, especially Pinterest. (she really is! – Dave).

Even though for now our blog cannot cover her wage, we are convinced that we will achieve this goal with her much faster, because Dave and I can focus on creating content instead of making disoriented moves on social media.

Wrap Up

We have to see how we are going to continue with YouTube. It’s very time consuming, and unfortunately does not contribute to the goal of driving traffic to the blog. The question would be: What is our main focus: Growing the blog or growing our YouTube Channel? Our blog is growing slowly but surely. It is obvious that PR helps to boost traffic. We are planning to get our content in front of more foodie magazines.

Let me know what you think. Would you rather like to see us more on YouTube or should we stick to our blog?

Thanks for reading!

About Hauke Fox

I'm always on the lookout for these damn smart recipes. You know, those that only take a few minutes to put together and taste delicious. Vegetarian Cooking at home is a way to take back control over what I eat. I don't like what many companies do to animals and the environment with their products.


  1. Congratulations on such a great month. I’m very jealous

  2. Just wrote a long comment and most of it disappeared!! Probably a mistake to do it on my phone. I’ll come back later when I’m at my computer.

  3. It wasn’t very exciting you’ll probably be disappointed now!!

    I think I’ve figured out what went wrong as it happened to me once before and both times what I’d written was cut off after I used a smiley face. No idea why, but I’ll be avoiding them in future.

    Can’t remember exactly what I was writing but here’s the general idea…

    Have you visited Matthew Woodward’s site yet? He uses you tube a lot and has some great advice on there. Looking at his monthly reports I don’t think he drives a lot of traffic to his site directly using you tube (and he’s an expert). But he does things to indirectly drive traffic, for example adding a plugin that allows people to sign up to his mailing list. I’d definitely recommend taking a look. There’s also a forum on his site if you have any specific questions.

    With regard to whether you should focus on your website or you tube I think it depends on what you’re really trying to achieve. If you’re aim is to make money then I personally think you’d be better sticking to the website as I think it offers a greater range of opportunities to monetize. If you’re not bothered about how much you make then go for what you enjoy the most.

    That was about it. Good luck for next month.

    I’m off to practice my photography again (seeing you visitor stats is spurring me on as I know a lot of that is down to the quality of you’re pictures).

    • No more smiling then 😉

      Thanks for the youtube tips, I’ll check his page out. How is the photography now? Yep, Howie’s getting very good! I (or my better half) has a decent camera now…think it’s time for me to start practising too!

  4. Love these income posts – love y’alls transparency! And CONGRATS on being featured on!!

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