You just decided to go vegetarian. Gone is the bacon, gone are the burger patties, gone is your entire list of go-to recipes! Oh dear. So what to eat now? This is exactly what this list is here to help you with. Here I list my must-have vegetarian staples that will make sure you can always whip up something tasty and nutritious. And of course, I’ll help you out with some recipe inspiration along the way!

Hauke 🙂

1. Chickpeas

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2. Rolled Oats

[asa2 tplid=”23″]B004VLVB5C[/asa2]


3. Coconut Milk

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4. Basic Spices Starter Set

[asa2 tplid=”23″]B00OJCU3RA[/asa2]


5. Vegetable Broth

[asa2 tplid=”23″]B00016LA9S[/asa2]


6. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

[asa2 tplid=”23″]B00BOTZTDO[/asa2]


7. Coconut Oil

[asa2 tplid=”23″]B003OGKCDC[/asa2]


8. Rice, Pasta, Quinoa

[asa2 tplid=”23″]B002BWS1OM[/asa2]


9. Nuts

[asa2 tplid=”23″]B0046GZM8O[/asa2]


10. Non-Dairy Milk

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Get your vegetarian pantry stocked up with the ingredients above and you always can create a tasty meal. Even better if you happen to have some fresh ingredients at home as well – you’ll be able to knock up some incredibly tasty meals then! For that, please check out our recipe section too.


Honorable mentions

As it often is with top 10 lists, I had to kick out some beloved staple pantry ingredients. I would say there were times when they surely would have made it into the top 10, but hey, times change. Either way, I have these ingredients always in my kitchen as well.


Peanut Butter

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[asa2 tplid=”23″]B000KEJMS2[/asa2]


Maple Syrup

[asa2 tplid=”23″]B0083QJU72[/asa2]