Sep. 20th - 26th: Lucky Legumes 2 - Hurry The Food Up

Sep. 20th – 26th: Lucky Legumes 2

Lucky Legumes 2 meal plan | Hurry The Food Up

We continue the theme of pulses this week – because they’re just so great for weight loss!

They’re high in fiber and protein, both of which help to keep us full and feeling satisfied. This meal plan is deisgned to get you at least a minimum of one serving a day (and sometimes two).

As always, we follow our ‘cook once, eat twice’ motto, and the recipes are great for reheating the next day.

Enjoy this week’s plan 😎.

Meal Plan Specifics

  • An avocado is needed on days 5 and 6 – so make sure you buy a slightly unripe one that will ripen over the coming days.
  • You can make both batches of chia seeding pudding the night before, and they’ll keep nicely in the fridge for two easy breakfasts.
  • Parboiled or microwave rice is a great time-saver.
  • Day 7 is all up to you. It’s a great day for leftovers, or perhaps you have ‘eat out’ obligations. We would still recommending sticking to roughly 1500kcals for women and 1800kcals for men when weight loss is a priority.
  • Snacks are up to you. Females: try not to go above 150kcal per day. Males: try not to go above 450kcal per day

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