Join our 30 Day Veggie Challenge

Join our 30 day veggie challenge

Starting January 2nd 2019

Go veggie with us for a month

We’ll help you to settle into a new routine step by step, and with minimum effort.

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January 2nd





What you’ll get


  • Weekly meal plans
  • Grocery lists 
  • 45 recipe ebook

"Delicious meals. The menu and plan is all set out and it's flexible."

— Carolyn Martinez, Florida, (US)


  • How to eat healthy
  • How to cook delicious meals
  • More tips & strategies

"The people, nice and responsive, I liked the way you presented food and eating."

— Renee, Colorado (US)


  • Daily motivation
  • Individual help
  • Support of other challengers

"Learning living meatless is how I want to live, I don't know if I would have ever reached this conclusion without the Challenge."

— Marian Kay Leonard, Texas, (US)

It takes minimum effort to learn healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

If you don't like the Challenge, we'll give you your money back.

How the Challenge works

1. Recipes & Information

Before the actual Challenge starts, we’ll send you our printable recipe ebook and brief you on how to use our meal plans & what a healthy vegetarian diet looks like. 

It's surprisingly flexible — you can easily adjust the plan to suit your needs.

It tastes even better than it looks

2. Meal Plans & Grocery Lists

After the Challenge begins, you'll receive a meal plan & grocery list before each week starts. The plan lists recommended breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as tasty snack for each day.

All meals are nutritious, delicious, easy to prepare and use only regular ingredients.

25 minutes and you're dishing out. 
It's easier to prepare than you'd guess

2. Meal Plans & Grocery Lists

After the Challenge begins, you'll receive a meal plan & grocery list before each week starts. The plan lists recommended breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as tasty snack for each day.

All meals are nutritious, delicious, easy to prepare and use only regular ingredients.

3. Daily Tips & Lifetime Access

We’ll email you each day to help you overcome the difficulties related to going vegetarian. To make the emails fun, we top up facts with videos & pictures.

If you fall behind, you can take a break and get back on track later — you’ll have lifetime access to all the materials and lessons.

Daily tips to your e-mail

4. Peer Support & Inspiration

Exchanging experience, boosting motivation — that’s what we do in our Facebook group. Plus we post there new recipes every day, long before publishing them on our blog.

It's all about sharing the passion

4. Peer Support & Inspiration

Exchanging experience, boosting motivation — that’s what we do in our Facebook group. Plus we post there new recipes every day, long before publishing them on our blog.

5. Finish Line: You’re done!

After 30 days, you'll know exactly how to make healthy and delicious meals & be part of a community that cares about animals and our planet — just like us.

You'll walk away with useful vegetarian staple recipes under your belt

You'll know all important points about vegetarian nutrition

You'll know cool tricks to speed things up in the kitchen

You'll have a better feeling about the kind of food you eat

Check out the testimonials

"Increase the veggies without feeling like missing out."

Carolyn Martinez,
Florida, (US)

"I would recommend the Challenge to anyone that wants to increase their veggie intake. Many people don't like to change their habits all at once, so this Challenge can help them increase the veggies without feeling like they are missing out.

It was great that you were so supportive in your emails and FB posts so that I didn't feel like I was inadequate if I didn't eat everything in the meal plan. There were some evenings during the month (eating out with family) when I just didn't have enough veggie options at the restaurant to make a filling meal, but I didn't feel bad about deviating a bit from the meal plan because your communication was so positive."

"One of my best New Year’s resolutions yet."

Andre P., Germany

"I’m not usually the type of person who follows through with all my resolutions, though I was being serious about eating less meat and losing weight. Still, I was a bit worried that I might get bored after a while. Your recipes were perfect though!! And I really enjoyed your daily emails, they kept me on track, always had additional info, plus they were very supportive."

"Many time saving meal–prep ideas and great leftover recipe ideas"

Ashley Moses, Virginia (US)

"I would highly recommend the challenge to anyone who wants to eat more veggies while having support and guidance on how to do so. As a very busy person, the weekly meal plans allowed for me to easily go to the store and pick up exactly what I needed for the week in a timely manner. The recipes were delicious and very easy to follow, even for a person who does not have the time to cook on a daily basis. The challenge showed me truly how easy it can be to live a healthy vegetarian lifestyle."

4 key facts about the Challenge


We – Dave, Hauke and Kat – live by the Challenge, cooking the recipes and following the plans by ourselves.


We work with a team of professional chefs who help us get the recipes exactly how we want them.


When it comes to nutrition, we only follow reputable sources: Harvard Health, World Health Organization, National Health Service…


We constantly improve the Challenge with the feedback of former challengers.

A vegetarian saves between 371 and 582 animals per year.

We’ll get you started.

If you don't like the Challenge, we'll give you your money back.

Frequently asked questions & answers

Let’s debunk some common preconceptions first

What impact does being a vegetarian have?

Even if you are just one person cutting down on meat you can make a significant impact! Here are a few examples:

Animals saved

Each vegetarian saves 25 land animals per year on average. And 371—582 animals per year when fish and other animals are taken into account. See this article for more details on the numbers.

Animals saved per year


It might not be obvious, but animal farming requires a lot of water and, in effect, have a huge impact on the environment.  Take a look at how much water it takes to produce 1 pound (0.45 kilogram) of the following foods:

Gallons per pound

What does it mean? That 1 lb of beef is equivalent to 90 eight–minute showers. Shocking? See this article for further details.


According to the United Nations, 33 percent of arable land on Earth is used to grow feed for livestock. Even more, 26 percent of the ice-free terrestrial surface of Earth is used for grazing livestock. In all, almost a third of the land on Earth is used to produce meat and animal products. See this report for further details.

There must be a better way of using the land, don’t you think?

Global warming

A huge factor in global warming are greenhouse gas emissions. Agriculture is the second biggest source, at around 20% of global output. This is mostly made up of animal feed processing, and emissions from the livestock themselves. By going vegetarian you help to cut out the need for both livestock feeding and emissions.

Source: University of California [link]

What about proteins? Is it healthy not to eat meat?

Within the Challenge we’ll cover all the important aspects of vegetarian nutrition (including where to get your protein!), and as well as key issues that vegetarians need to pay attention to to thrive.

Here is what the American Dietetic Association, USA’s largest organization of food and nutrition professionals has to say about the vegetarian diet:

"Appropriately planned vegetarian diets, including total vegetarian or vegan diets, are healthful, nutritionally adequate, and may provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. Well-planned vegetarian diets are appropriate for individuals during all stages of the life cycle, including pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, and adolescence, and for athletes."

With that opinion they’re in line with Harvard Medical School as well. As you see, the emphasis is 'appropriately planned'. And that’s what we’ll help you with.

Can I lose weight by eating vegetarian?

It happens, but it’s related to rather the habit itself: caring about what food you consume and eating regularly. Our plan can be very helpful in achieving this. If losing weight is your main goal, however, there are probably more specific courses out there.

Let’s now answer your frequently asked questions

Who's behind the Challenge?

Dave, Kat and Hauke

Dave, Kat and Hauke from HurryTheFoodUp.

All three of us are vegetarians – for different reasons. We each came to the decision to go vegetarian independently. 

Being vegetarian is our fight against the modern farming industry and its insane practices, as well as helping us to focus on the health and nutrition side of food, and the important role it plays in our bodies. We firmly believe food should be a source of energy, good health, taste and enjoyment – not a creator of worry, stress or anxiety.

Throughout the Challenge we’ll be sharing our passion and knowledge to help you feel the same way about food as we do.

Is the Challenge suitable for me?

Are my cooking skills good enough?

We do our best to make the recipes as easy to prepare as possible. And if the preparation requires a more delicate skill, we’ll teach you… don’t worry.

We keep it simple

What “veggie newbie” difficulties do you suggest solutions to in the Challenge?

  1. How to get enough protein
  2. How to feel satisfied on a vegetarian diet
  3. How to get enough B12, iron and other nutrients
  4. Veggie recipes that pack well for work
  5. How to deal with the family when going vegetarian
  6. How to organize your kitchen to speed things up
  7. How to satisfy “meat-eaters” and vegetarians at one table
  8. Smart meal prepping Ideas
  9. How to eat vegetarian when travelling
  10. What to eat when I exercise a lot?

Can I join the Challenge with a medical condition?

That would have to be decided individually. Several type 2 diabetics have already participated in the challenge by slightly customizing their meals to their needs. Lactose or gluten-intolerant people are naturally welcome to join as well, though they would have to adjust some recipes and meal plans. In either case, if you have a medical condition and don’t feel sure about going vegetarian, please consult your doctor first.

I often eat out, will this still work?

Absolutely. Our meal plans are also adaptable and forgiving: they fit around your week, not you around them.

Plus, we share our tips on veggie friendly restaurants all across the world and strategies that help putting together a great veggie meal in a not so veggie-friendly restaurant.

‍We'll help you to find veggie options no matter where you live.

Will the Challenge work for more people?

Yes! Our meal plans and recipes are easily adjustable for however many you need to.

How do I convince my husband/wife/family to support me?

We have many recipes that are very “meat-eater” friendly. But if you convince them to participate, even better: your family is very welcome to join in the Challenge as well. Just let us know their email(s) and we’ll set it up. Free of charge of course.

My friends will give me a hard time, what do I do?

A frequent issue we’ll touch upon during the Challenge. We’ll advise you on how to:

  • debunk common preconceptions
  • avoid meaningless debates
  • enjoy yourself at a party/BBQ

Is this just for 20-somethings?

You might say 'I’m probably too old for this'. Nope, you’re definitely not. You’ll find people in every age group participating in the Challenge – from 20-year-old students to 75-year-old retirees.

Is it safe to follow your meal plan?

‍Claire Ruiz Garcia,BSc Hons. Nutrition, MSc Weight Management
‍Claire Ruiz Garcia,BSc Hons. Nutrition, MSc Weight Management

Yes. The meals are designed to deliver all the nutrients you need for a balanced diet. How do we know? We consulted the plan with a registered nutritionist Claire Ruiz Garcia to be absolutely sure following it will affect you only in a positive way.

You can get to know Claire a bit more on her website.

What makes the Challenge worth the money?

There’s tons of information about vegetarianism on the internet for free.


There is indeed tons of information. In fact, it took us several years before we were able to filter out the nuggets and organize them in one neat package = our Challenge.


It takes time and commitment to change your routine. With our plan, you’ll switch to the new routine with minimum effort.


Our emails are kind of daily reminders that mark your progress, keep you focused and make the Challenge fun.

Is the Challenge really flexible?

Can I start the Challenge now instead of the 1st?

Yes, you can start the 30 Day Veggie Challenge right now. Click here to get started. The only difference you'll notice is that our schedule in the Facebook Group will run slightly differently to yours, everything else is the same.

What if I fall behind?

You have lifetime access to all the materials, so if you need to take a break, that's no problem – you can “resume” and go back to the material any time you want.

Do I get access to the entire Challenge at once?

No, every day we unlock a new content piece. Believe us, there is no rush and the transition goes smoother when split up into digestible chunks of veggie knowledge.

Can I talk to Dave and Hauke if I get stuck?

Yes! Once you’re a challenger, you’ll easily reach us via email or in the Facebook Group. We’re also happy to jump on a call with you. 🙂

Settle into a new routine with minimum effort.

If you don't like the Challenge, we'll give you your money back.

Didn’t find the answer you were looking for?

Let us know! Send us a message via the form below. We’ll be glad to answer.

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Disclaimer: We would like to take a moment to note that the 30 Day Veggie Challenge is for information purposes only. It does not claim to provide medical advice or to be able to treat any medical condition. It makes no claims in respect to weight loss, either in terms of the amount or rate at which weight loss could be achieved. If you have any concerns regarding your health please contact your medical practitioner before making changes.

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