About us

The food industry has gone insane – from sugar heavy, unnatural foods to sickening, demeaning farming practices. HurryTheFoodUp is our response. We want to show the world that it doesn’t need to be this way.

We started out by sharing fun, quick and nutritious veggie recipes with the world – we think food should be enjoyable and not a constant source of worry or second guessing.

Our story

The three of us (Hauke, Dave and Kat) met in Australia and quickly became firm friends; travelling, cooking and laughing together. Coming to vegetarian viewpoints independently, little did we know our passion for food would lead us to starting this site. Fast forward 10 years and we’re now based in Germany – our writing hub in Hamburg and studio in Berlin.

What started as little more than an idea quickly became a fully-fledged project, and we’re pleased that we’ve been able to help so many people so far. But this is only the beginning.


I don’t believe animals need to be killed for my enjoyment. Although I was once a big meat eater I changed to a vegetarian diet several years ago and haven’t looked back. A purely plant-based diet is my next stop.

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Here’s what I really think: eating meat is ok. Yep, I said it. I feel killing an animal for food is ok.

So why am I vegetarian? People, this industry got way out of hand! It’s revolting in so many ways, holy shit. Let’s do something about it. Even if it’s just avoiding meat. We can all easily contribute.

Hauke Fox

James LeBaigue MSc PgCert

James has worked in General Practice since 2016 — Family Medicine for those of you not in the UK. He’s a Specialist Paramedic by background and works as an Advanced Clinical Practitioner in a busy NHS GP Practice.

He also has a Masters Degree in Sport and Exercise Nutrition, along with an Advanced Diploma in Human Nutrition. He’s on top of all the latest evidence and guidelines to make sure our nutrition advice on the website is as accurate as it can be.



Unlike the boys, I always felt uncomfortable eating meat. I feel there is no ‘humane’ way of killing, no matter what people say, or how ‘good’ the animal’s lives were before they were slaughtered. No animal wants to die.

Like Dave, I’m also working towards an animal product free lifestyle.

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Running a website turned out to be so much more work than just creating recipes. Andrii is our admin and content manager making sure we publish the best posts we can possibly come up with.

Without his attention to detail, stepping on everybody’s toes for rejigs and constant updates of already published content our stuff wouldn’t even be half as good.

Andrii hurrythefoodup

Our Main Contributors


Hey there! I am a recipe developer and food photographer from Quito, Ecuador. I have a BA in Gastronomy. I dedicate my work in the kitchen and through the lens to explore food from different backgrounds, origins and diets. For the last five years I have been working with websites and blogs from around the world developing recipes and photographing them.

I have also worked with online and print magazines writing about food. I would describe my style as “comfort food with a twist”. My goal is to create recipes that are homely, yet attractive, delicious and have something different and exiting to them. I try to bring my style to every type of food or diet I work with.


Abril Macias portrait


I’m from Turkey, studied nutrition in Boston, USA. Currently working as both a dietitian and content writer. I consider myself a flexitarian as I’m not a big fan of meat and chicken but cannot take cheese, yogurt, and fish out of my life as I love their taste.

I love eating vegetables and fruits and cannot think of a life without them. I consider myself lucky to be able to live in a country that is able to grow many types of both every season.

Ece Dietitian


Jansen is from Holland and his many years of chef experience includes Canada, Germany, Australia and New Zealand – he’s picked up more than a few exciting ideas and culinary knowledge in his travels.

With the responsibilities of a new father, he’s started focusing on the healthier side of things. Check out his Moroccan Couscous Salad or slick Vegan Potato Salad for starters.


Hauke’s younger brother. Only 30, but has already worked as a chef for ten years. He’s the creator of some pretty bad-ass recipes like our avocado mousse and vegan potato soup.

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How we test recipes

We (Dave, Kat, Hauke) are not out of the game however. Not at all! Before any recipe is published on the blog we put it through its paces, naturally.Firstly, a recipe goes through Dave and Kat’s kitchen. If something isn’t quite right, they add suggestions to it. Secondly, Hauke gets out the pots and pans. He often invites his friends over for taste testing. Man, once people know nobody in the room is emotionally attached to the recipes they get brutally honest. Anyway, if a recipe doesn’t work for us we discard it. Game Over. Finito. Ende.

Only if all of us three (meaning Dave, Kat & Hauke), give it a thumbs up does the recipe become blog material. By the way, we don’t only check for taste, but also for speed, availability of ingredients, use of kitchen utensils and skill level. Lastly, we get the recipe “blog-ready”. It’s usually Dave who writes the post including the tips from our chefs and observations we picked up along the testing process. Hauke is responsible for the photos. With all the recipe info at hand, it’s now much easier to make it shine.Our goal is to make sure your ingredients always turn into something awesome. We really hope we’re succeeding with it.