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About us

The food industry has gone insane – from sugar heavy, unnatural foods to sickening, demeaning farming practices. HurryTheFoodUp is our response. We want to show the world that it doesn’t need to be this way.

We started out by sharing fun, quick and nutritious veggie recipes with the world – we think food should be enjoyable and not a constant source of worry or second guessing.

Our story

The three of us (Hauke, Dave and Kat) met in Australia and quickly became firm friends; travelling, cooking and laughing together. Coming to vegetarian viewpoints independently, little did we know our passion for food would lead us to starting this site. Fast forward 10 years and we’re now based in Germany – our writing hub in Hamburg and studio in Berlin.

What started as little more than an idea quickly became a fully-fledged project, and we’re pleased that we’ve been able to help so many people so far. But this is only the beginning.


I don’t believe animals need to be killed for my enjoyment. Although I was once a big meat eater I changed to a vegetarian diet several years ago and haven’t looked back. A purely plant-based diet is my next stop.


About us | hurrythefoodup.com
About us | hurrythefoodup.com


Here’s what I really think: eating meat is ok. Yep, I said it. I feel killing an animal for food is ok.

So why am I vegetarian? People, this industry got way out of hand! It’s revolting in so many ways, holy shit. Let’s do something about it. Even if it’s just avoiding meat. We can all easily contribute.



Unlike the boys, I always felt uncomfortable eating meat. I feel there is no ‘humane’ way of killing, no matter what people say, or how ‘good’ the animal’s lives were before they were slaughtered. No animal wants to die.

Like Dave, I’m also working towards an animal product free lifestyle.

About us | hurrythefoodup.com

The Kitchen Squad

Yes, that’s right! We were able to convince four talented professional chefs and dear friends to create kick-ass recipes for HurryTheFoodUp (lucky us!). Let us introduce:

About us | hurrythefoodup.com


Hauke’s younger brother. Only 27, but has already worked as a chef for ten years. He’s the creator of some pretty bad-ass recipes like our avocado mousse and vegan potato soup.

If you wanna see him in action, you need to visit North Germany, to be more precise the Zollhaus.


Jansen is from Holland and his many years of chef experience includes Canada, Germany, Australia and New Zealand – he’s picked up more than a few exciting ideas and culinary knowledge in his travels.

With the responsibilities of a new father, he’s started focusing on the healthier side of things. Check out his Moroccan Couscous Salad or slick Vegan Potato Salad for starters.

About us | hurrythefoodup.com
About us | hurrythefoodup.com


Chef for 15 years. Worked in many places around the world taking on Mexican, Vietnamese, and French cuisines to name but a few.

Her speciality is Catalan cuisine – no surprise: that's her origin! To visit her, come to to the Coconut Club at the beach in beautiful Barcelona, Spain. Want to try one of her creations? Go for these Sweet Potato Burritos - stellar!


Behind the Scenes


A blog this size doesn’t run itself (unfortunately!). To keep things going we have the multi-talented Irina to thank for that.

Hailing from Romania, Irina joined us in 2015 for a couple of hours a week - and is now responsible for running virtually everything behind the scenes! She also helps out readers and customers if they have any questions about us, or our website.


Based in the Netherlands, Christine is a dedicated vegan and the face of our 30 Day Vegan Challenge.

She loves using her knowledge and experience of the vegan lifestyle to help and encourage others following the same goals.

When not working as a copy- and creative writer in Utrecht, you'll find her walking her dog Iggy Pup, training for a half-marathon, or preparing yet another vegan BBQ.

You can find visit her blog right here: The Meaty Vegan

How we test recipes

We (Dave, Kat, Hauke) are not out of the game however. Not at all! Before any recipe is published on the blog we put it through its paces, naturally.

Firstly, a recipe goes through Dave and Kat's kitchen. If something isn't quite right, they add suggestions to it. Secondly, Hauke gets out the pots and pans. He often invites his friends over for taste testing. Man, once people know nobody in the room is emotionally attached to the recipes they get brutally honest. Anyway, if a recipe doesn't work for us we discard it. Game Over. Finito. Ende.

Only if all of us three (meaning Dave, Kat & Hauke), give it a thumbs up does the recipe become blog material. By the way, we don't only check for taste, but also for speed, availability of ingredients, use of kitchen utensils and skill level.

Lastly, we get the recipe "blog-ready". It's usually Dave who writes the post including the tips from our chefs and observations we picked up along the testing process. Hauke is responsible for the photos. With all the recipe info at hand, it's now much easier to make it shine.

Our goal is to make sure your ingredients always turn into something awesome. We really hope we're succeeding with it.


  1. would like to join your email list. thanks!

  2. Denise - Djokic

    Would love to join email list. Thanks so much

    • Hi Denise! Please just use the sign up box at the top or bottom of the page. Thanks, good to have you with us!

    • I’m doing the veggie weight loss meal plan and noticed the feta bake is 420 calories on the plan, but 620 on the website!
      Just want to make sure as I don’t want to be eating 200 calories extra!

      • Hi Em – good point! Yes, the 450 on the meal plan is correct – and it’s without the brown rice – that’s where the extra kcals come from on the site. I’ll update the recipe now so it’s clear the rice is extra. Thanks for pointing it out!

  3. You guys are very inspiring. I have recently switched to a plant based lifestyle. The goal is vegan but baby steps for right now. Thanks for creating this great forum
    For saving the planet and being humane humans.

    Marilo (from Canada)

  4. I’ve been vegetarian for a year now but I’m young and my parents have concerns about it’s effect on my long term health. I’ve always loved animals, though, and can’t imagine eating meat now. I’m trying to prove I can do it and your recipes have really helped. Thank you!

    By the way, do you have any idea when the newsletter might start up again? I’m on the waiting list.

    • Really really cool to hear we were of help on your veggie journey, Phoebe! In case you have any ideas on how we can improve our website our if you think we should cover a certain topic, just let us know. We’ll get on it 🙂
      I’ve added you to our newsletter. The waiting list is only a reminder for our 30 Day Veggie Challenge.

  5. Hi, I have been surging all over for good, easy, quick, tasty vegetarian internet sites, but always found boring once until suddenly one day your site popped up. Thank you for that. This is a great site with sooo many good recepies, and the are all so easy and quick, and I love how you explain everything in this easy, laidback tone. Reallly greatful. Thank you so much.
    So to my question: I love falaffels, and so does my husband, but everytime I try to make them at home they all get so dry and boring. Do you have a good recepie on falaffels? I really hope so.
    Looking forward to try more of your mouthwatering food tomorrow. Every day is now a hurrythefoodup-day in our house. Thank you <3

    • Hi Tanja,

      first of all thanks soooooo much for the warm words 😀
      Really cool to hear our recipes have become a staple in your household. To your question: We have a great falafel recipe on our hands, but it’s not “under development” yet. Though I can promise you that I’m going to shoot many recipes this September that we’ve tested and found awesome over the last months. We’ll get it up asap! 😀

  6. Jamaica Bloodworth

    Can’t wait to be a part of such an inspiring community! Please add me to newsletters, the upcoming 30 Day Challenge, etc (any and everything you have to offer). Excited to connect- can’t wait.

  7. Hi , was really excited to find you as I’ve just started trying to switch to being a vegetarian , unfortunately have looked in all aspects of email box and hasn’t downloaded. Help!

  8. Zarak Capie-Dilmahomed

    Thank you to everyone who is envoled in this you are all amazing i have been wanting to out on weight and train for a long time but it is hard when you are a veggie thank you so much you all have made my life so much better thank you all much love


  9. I,am truly interested in your delicious sounding recipes!

  10. Hey guys, I love everything about this site. I would like to do 30 days challenge but there is always but… everybody nowadays are concerned about proteins and it makes sense since we are busy and exercise a lot. I do exercise as well but I have other problem. I am short of iron and my haemoglobin level is very low. Everybody suggest meat because it is very important source of iron. I am interested in your recipes and I would like to try meatless diet. Maybe you have any suggestions :). Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Ieva! Thanks for writing – and glad you’re enjoying the site so much! Yes, iron is definitely a tricky one, and the feeling of being low on it is awful, as you know yourself. Women need even more iron than men, which also plays a big role. With regards to meat and iron, the advice you heard isn’t necessarily wrong. Iron from meat is easier for the body to absorb than iron from plants, which is annoying, but not the end of the world. There are several things you can do. Naturally, one is to focus on iron rich foods – tofu, soybeans, beans, lentils, seeds (pumkin and flax in particular) and nuts (especially cashew) – as well as some fruits and veggies. I would also think about supplementing with iron tablets or at least drinking an iron rich berry drink if your levels are dangerously low, especially at the beginning. Also watch out for caffeine – drinking it at the same time as eating food blocks iron uptake. Eating vitamin C rich foods at the same time help with iron uptake, so that’s always something to aim for. The good news is, with a bit knowledge of where to look and getting into habits of these iron rich foods, it’s VERY easy to live as a vegetarian and get enough iron! I’m also very active (30-40kms running per week, plus 3-4 workouts), and it’s no problem 🙂

      With regards to the challenge, we can definitely help further with the iron issue – we like to know exactly what our challengers need and help them out on a personal level when we can. Hopefully see you in there Ieva, good luck!

  11. Good Morning! I am a 43 yr old man, desperately looking to gain weight and muscle on a Vegan soy free/dairy free regime immediately. I am located in the USA and I have been skinny all my life. I decided to go vegan 2 months ago and have been struggling with it. Please help! I just discovered your blog today.

    Take Care!

    • Hi Corey! Thanks for writing. It sounds like you’ve got a tough task ahead, but not an impossible one. Of course, to grow muscle, you need to eat right. As a vegan and without soy then legumes, beans and all sorts of veg are going to be your friends. I don’t know how much you’re working out, but if it’s a lot then you’re going to need to up your calories a lot too. A vegan weight gain supplement might be worth thinking about if you’re really struggling. To start with I would suggest having a look at this page, and downloading the meal plan: https://hurrythefoodup.com/high-protein-vegetarian-meal-plan/. You’ll have to remove the non-vegan meals. and replace them with others, or duplicates. More ideas can be found here 🙂 https://hurrythefoodup.com/category/recipes/diet/quick-vegan-recipes/. I hope that helps, good luck on your journey!

  12. I’m so happy to have found y’all! I’m a 47 year old overweight female. I live with a meatasaurus. I mean, he thinks veggies are what food eats. Seriously. In the past I’ve tried a vegetarian meal plan but honestly it was just too difficult and wasn’t tasty. I HAVE to switch lifestyles now due to being newly diagnosed with Lupus. I’m hoping this will help with my pain as well as weight issues. It’s worth a try and I’m hoping that I can change my meatasaurus into a veggisaurus! I’ve signed up for the waiting list for the 30 day challenge starting January 1st! I’m ready!!!

    • Hi Crystal! Well, the good news is that a vegetarian way of living can (and should) definitely be easy and tasty! We look forward to having you with us in January!!

  13. You guys are amazing for what you are doing, been thinking of going vegetarian myself, even tho I really love chicken I must admit, the meat farming industry is out of hand, we and all the animals should live in peace. Yes, humans evolved trough out the history hunting and eating meat, but only because it was necessary to survive, now we don’t need that anymore… We don’t need meat to survive, there are plenty of other ways to sustain our bodies with fruit, vegetables all kinds of herbs etc… I really wanna go vegetarian myself and I think this website will help me a lot. I wish everyone were like you guys, then maybe just maybe we could live in harmony with nature and all the other amazing species that share this beautiful planet with us… maybe one day…

    • And you’ll manage it, Aurimas, no problem! It sounds like you have the right mindset for it – and I’m happy to say it’s much easier than you think 🙂

      Find some recipes you enjoy, get some decent, tasty snacks in, and even make a plan so you have good food to look forward to – and you’ll forget about the chicken in no time 🙂

  14. Hi all, I’m super happy to have found your site. I’m ready for the challenge! I just made your chickpea curry, with tikka masala. It’s stellar yummy! I have a good friend in Barcelona, so if I visit her in the next year or so, I’ll definitely go to the restaurants you mention. I have become more vegetarian as of late, and my goal is to be completely meat-free ALL of next year. I am mainly ova-pescatarian right now.

  15. Sandy Schroeder

    Hi. I have become interested in the vegetarian lifestyle fairly recently, but I am determined to give it a go. I was concerned about protein as well as ease of preparation, and your amazing recipes and website have helped put my mind at ease. I sm 68, with no intention of slowing down any time soon, so I’m excited about this.

    • We’re very happy to help, Sandy. We definitely want to show that eating vegetarian is easy, tasty and nutritious. I’m glad you think so too :). Good luck with your journey!

  16. Hi,

    Will you be bringing out an app for iPhones?

    Great website, but want to be able to access shopping lists whilst out.


    • Hi Amanda! And yes, we will indeed. It’s taking longer than Android, but we’re very aware of how many people would like to see it on iOS! Bear with us and we’ll have one as soon as we can. Thank you for the interest and compliment!

  17. Hey guys,
    I really think this is a great work. I have been vegetarian my whole life. Not just because my parents were vegetarians too, but I totally did not like the concept of harming animals when we still have so much to choose from. Anyway, This initiative of yours is pretty great and I would really like to contribute to it in some way. And I have already planned to visit all the chefs’ restaurants mentioned in here.
    Cheers guys. Thanks for making the world a better place 🙂

    • Thanks HK! I fully agree – there is so much other to choose from :). And thank you for the kind words, it’s great to hear we’ve been able to inspire you in some way. Enjoy your adventure!

  18. Juanita Gartman

    Hello, I just joined your email list today. I’m looking forward to trying your recipes. I live in a cabin in the Appalachian mountains in Southwest Virginia, US, with a bunch of rescue animals (many of whom would have ended up as food). I have been a vegetarian for 30 years, but I have always fallen short of Vegan because of cheese, yogurt, eggs and butter. Now that I am trying to eat low carb as well, it’s even harder. Any recipes that you have that fit this criteria would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for a great blog, Juanita

  19. Nicki schonfeld

    Do you have a book of recipes aimed toward losing weight?

  20. This is an AMAZING app… Soooooo glad I found it.. The recipes are brilliant.. You have obviously put a lot of hard work and thought into it.. So very grateful.. It will help me enormously.. Thank you for creating it..

    • You’re very welcome Sandi, and thank you for the feedback! That’s really good to hear and we’re glad it’s helping so much :). Thanks!

  21. Peter Michael Schmidt

    I am really wondering if Hauke has any pets at home and how one can justify unnecessarily taking an innocent animal‘s life for 5 minutes of pleasure. Would he kill his own dog/cat/rabbit/guinea pig to make a sandwich…? Scary thought! Anyway, do you have a newsletter and if so, how can I sign up. It’s not very clear or easy to find on this website. Thanks in advance for your help!


    • Hi Peter! Fortunately I had the joy to grow up with many pets (cats, dogs, hamsters). I also saw the “dark side”, because I grew up on a dairy farm. Nope, I wouldn’t kill my pets if I owned any, nor would I kill any other animals for food (actually not true, because I eat eggs and dairy products at the moment). Long story short: I think there are many reasons why people eat animals and by strictly rejecting their behaviour we rather push them away than open the door to convince them to go veggie 🙂
      We do have a newsletter though, thanks for your feedback. We need to make it more visible. This is the link: https://hurrythefoodup.com/newsletter-sign-up/
      Have a great weekend!

  22. Hi! I just signed up and am looking forward to your recipes. I have been a vegetarian for 4 years now and really love it! I found your app because I am need of new recipe inspiration and not to over eat calories. This is a healthy lifestyle change for me, not just a quick lose weight plan. I have had cancer since I was 28 and when the decision came to choose a few years ago (cancer came back after being in remission for several years), chemo or radiation therapy, I sought out the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle. My doctor is thrilled with the results of being back in remission and on a healthy forever lifestyle. Even my college bound child is studying the benefits of nutrition to help battle the obesity epidemic in our country. I look forward to trying out your app and site! Have a blessed day!

  23. Joanne Strohlin

    Looking forward to recipes. Have changed eating lifestyle.

  24. Barbara Fanning

    You sent me a weight loss plan for vegetarian. My mistake. Can you send me a weight loss plan for vegans? Many thanks!

  25. Damn, guys!
    I’ve recently “upgraded” from vegetarian to vegan and have been spending a lot of time searching for vegan recipes,
    and in my, personal opinion, you have the best website available on the internet…
    Most of your recipes have simple ingredients, the portions are relatively small and the ones I’ve tried – taste absolutely delicious! Can’t wait to try more! Much love to you all from AU xxxx

    • Thank you Maz!! That’s really great to hear, we’re happy you found us too. We look forward to seeing you around more often 🙂

  26. Séan McCulloch

    Having been a vegetarian for about forty years, I decided to switch to a wholly plant-based diet a couple of months ago. I’ve been really struggling with it, largely because of difficulty in retaining muscle, which I put down to difficulty in getting enough quality protein, and was on the verge of giving up. Finding this site (via Pinterest) has given me the encouragement I need to stick with it.

    I’ll let you know how I get on.

  27. Marie Cerniault


    I am a female and i need to gain weight.
    Ive been attracted by your website for the high protein plan but there is only the option to loose weight for female version.
    Could you please a version fir Female to gain weight and not loose it?
    It would be awesome, thank you

    • Hi Marie! Thank you for your comment. Glad you liked the idea of the meal plan. So, about the purpose of the meal plans per gender: of course you can also use it to gain weight, it all depends on the calories. We just used the stereo-types of muscle gain for men and weight loss for women. If you want to gain weight my suggest would be to do the calculations in the intro page of the meal plan and then add the calories necessary to your plan. You can easily do it with more snacks or by eating bigger servings. Ooor: you could also just use the male plan! There is no harm in that 🙂

  28. I am following your blog since a few weeks; I like your recipes and fast/simple cooking style;
    thanks for going vegan, I am vegan since a number of years and struggled a bit adjusting recipes (many foods taste good in my kitchen but sometimes disintegrate (lack of eggs/aspik, my mother says); thanks that you will do the trial and error for me;

    • Very happy to help! Haha yes trial and error is certainly what we do, many of these recipes were made A LOT of times :D. Good to have you with us 🙂

  29. Hi, I’ve just joined the vegan challenge and I’m very excited. I’ve printed out the weeks recipes all except one I can’t find. Any idea where I will find Dahl and Paratha recipe please?

  30. I am very confused on your Cottage Cheese Pancakes with 3 ingredients. The calories say 446 kcal. I looked kcal up, and it said 1 kcal is equal to 1,000 calories, so 446 kcal would be 4,460 calories. I keep thinking this cannot be right.

    I tried these and love them, but now I am concerned about the calories. The ‘Servings’ say , “hugh pancake”.

    Please let me know. I just don’t believe this is right. Let me know the calories please.

    • Hi Judy, thanks for writing. Kcal and Calories, in this sense, are the same thing. The calories you looked up are energy calories – dietary calories are different measurements, and 1kcal = 1 Calorie. The terminology used can be quite confusing, and honestly a bit silly. But to put your mind at rest, these pancakes are 446 Calories. Or kcal.

  31. Hi, I have been doing a lot of your recipes and I am very love with your recipes, I was wondering if you can make more Indian food or curry style recipes. You guys are very awesome, you are the number one in my list for food, thank you.

    • Hi Flo – with pleasure! We love Indian food (there are six or seven curries on site already, and a couple of dips too) and we’ll definitely be making more. Thanks for the kind words, too!

  32. Ok I joined th 30 day vegan challenge where are the recipes and other stuff

    • Hi Denise, I suspect your email is moving them to your junk email (probably called ‘other’ or similar). I’ve resent you the emails so you should get them this time! Please star or prioritise the emails so you keep getting them 🙂

      Good to have you with us!

  33. Hey guys! I’m receiving your newsletter and so love the vibe & energy!
    Here’s my challenge – grains. Throws my system in total havoc. I would
    love to try the veggie challenge; yet, it’ll be too difficult to find substitutes.

    Any recommendations? Thanks!

  34. Please add me to your email list. I’ve made 2 of your quick & tasty dishes so far, will be trying more. Thanks!

  35. I just found your site. my husband and I have been eating plant based meals for over 50 years. He is 78 and I am 76, and we both are in splendid health. The reason I said this is that our recipe, while delicious, need a little upgrade. For example, good olive oil was not available widely 50 years ago, unless we were in the Mediterranean. We live well in the Midwest USA, and do well here. I appreciate your site and will check it often. Just an aside, we find it easier to shop locally than ever because so many young people are moving to our area, and upping the quality of local and fresh food. Keep up the good work.

    • I’m happy you found us too, Patricia, and glad we’ve been able to help you! It’s excellent to hear you’re in such good health after so many years of eating plant-based. That’s really reassuring and encouraging, for many other readers too, I’m sure! Thank you for writing 🙂

  36. I like, and greatly appreciate, what you guys are doing. Please add me to your mailing list. Cheers!

  37. Rosemary Davis

    Please put me on your email list – thanks


    HEY GUYS! Just downloaded your app… looks great! Still need help with the translation? I can help you with Spanish! I am a native mexican and love your work!

    • Hey, and thank you! I’m glad you like the look of the app and I hope it’s very helpful to you. Yes we’re still ‘untranslated’ at the moment and have several other projects we’re working on but if/when that changes we would definitely be looking for help! Thank you for contacting us and in the meantime – buen provecho!

  39. Hey guys —

    Thanks for addressing my question in your video! Sorry you initially thought I was trolling you! I promise I wasn’t! That’s akways been my biggest frustration with diets, so I really appreciate you addressing it. Thanks!

    • We need to thank you, too! The question really did make me stop and think and you voiced the frustration that so many other people are feeling. I was very happy to address it, and plan to do the same with as many difficulties as possible. Thank you for writing – please stay in touch!

  40. I would love to be added to your email list!!

  41. TheOnlyRogueAngel

    I’ve just realised I’ve tried other recipes from your site, so am signing up for the email list. I’m not yet vegetarian (giving up bacon is SO hard), but I’m trying… and having amazing recipes at my fingertips will certainly help the transition. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

    • Hi, we’re really happy to have you with us! Ha yes, bacon was my last meat, too. But one step at a time, it most definitely can be done 🙂

  42. I follow the Jain diet (you can read up about Jainism on Wiki) that excludes not just non-vegetarian dishes but also use of root vegetables such as potato, beetroot, onion and so on (I haven’t had these since birth). We are a sizable community spread across the globe and are big-believers of non-violence. I am so so so glad I found a site run by like-minded people who are against animal abuse and cruelty. Have shared your site with a lot of my friends and family. Please keep up the good work!!
    PS: I am a working new mom. Couldn’t have come across your quickie recipes at a better time.

    • Hi Ruchi, I’m happy you found us! Yes, I’ve read a little about the Jain religion already :). Non-violence is of course something to strive for! Enjoy the recipes and the time with your new little one 🙂

  43. I found your website today while looking for a new and interesting broccoli/cauliflower recipe. I found the “roasted cauliflower curry” recipe, which looks delicious, so I kept watching the recipes that followed, and each new recipe looked even better than the one before! I book-marked every one of them! I especially loved the look and ease of the “breakfast egg muffins” and the “overnight oats in a jar”! Even if I wasn’t a vegetarian I would still find all of these recipes attractive. Great job to all of you, Thank You for all of the amazing recipes and ideas.

    I like the way Hauke does his cooking presentations, making them so very easy to follow, going through each step and making it look uncomplicated. Not sure if you guys have a cookbook, but I’ll look, and if you do, I think it’s a great gift idea for vegans/vegetarians.

  44. hello – sorry – I do not see where I should write you re. this question…
    I thought I had accessed the meal plan & made some substitutions to it. I can not find that revised one now (did I dream this?).
    Also, I can not see how I might do that — Can OI edit/revise the suggested meal plans (week 1, 2, etc.?).
    Is there a help address where I should write you these questions?
    Thank you.

  45. I love the simplicity of these recipes. It shows great respect for the ingredients. Vegetables are beautiful, and I can tell you appreciate them. The photography conveys the colors and textures of the recipes very well, and the videos are great. You are on a good mission with this blog, encouraging people to make sustainable and healthful choices. The broccoli and cauliflower soup is my next recipe to try. Thanks for the sense of fun that you bring to this blog!

    • Thank you, Pam! Very kind of you to say and write. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the site and recipes. Enjoy the soup, it’s a fave of mine, too! Take care!

  46. Hi
    I Just purchased your vegetarian 7-day meal plan and just dug deeper into your website and saw that you offer a gluten-free meal plan. Is there any way that I can get this plan instead?

    Thank you,

  47. Loved your broccoli and cauliflower soup today. Looking forward to emails and more recipes to try.



  48. Hi. I registered my email for two of the meal plans and I haven’t received the confirmation emails. I’m eager to try this out!

    • Hi Maria! I just had a quick look and it seems the meal plans have been sent out to you. Would you mind checking your promotions/spam/junk inbox, they sometimes end up there. Thank you!

  49. Hi… would like to join but I’m new to all of this and have so many questions

  50. I got an e-mail from you a couple of days ago, asking about products or recipes that we might want to share. Here is one I would love to share with you. https://www.aspicyperspective.com/three-sisters-butternut-squash-chili/
    This is so easy to make, after you get all of the ingredients chopped up, or drained (I bought Hatch chiles last year…they are grown in Hatch, New Mexico, and every year they get out their big chile roasters and sell roasted chiles). I’m from Texas, and I love chili. This is a vegetarian version which is so good. I bought fresh Hatch chiles last year and roasted them at home in the oven.


  51. Aey guys I love your stuff and I would like to post it on my website

    Just wondering are you guys doing affiliate program if so I’m interested

    • Hi Dwayne, ah thanks for the props!!
      We have an affiliate program but it needs a proper update I’m afraid. But I’m happy to let you know once we got it up and running again 🙂

  52. Justine Sandoval

    Your recipes are creative, nutritious and delicious! Thank you so much for inspiring me to improve my gluten-free life and the same old boring recipes I have been cooking for decades. I love this web page.

  53. Derek O'Connell

    Hi friends. Awesome website. I use it all the time.

    Just wanted to let you know that it has a little bug on Windows 10 / Chrome.
    When on a page for a specific recipe, when you hover over the “Recipes” tab in the menu bar, the sub-options drop down. But when you move your cursor to the drop down panel, the drop down disappears. This doesn’t happen on the home page but does reliably on recipe pages.

    • Hi Derek, and thank you very much! Does it happen every time? I’m trying to recreate it right now. I get something similar, but not if I move the cursor fast. Is that what you mean? Thanks again!

      • FYI: I just tested this on Ubuntu using Pale Moon browser. I have the same trouble just with only the Recipes drop down menu. Witch would mean it is your site side not the user/browser side.

        • Thanks very much, Lee, much appreciated. Yes, it seems to be universal for some people (myself included). We’ll get it sorted. Thanks for your help!

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