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Guest Appearance on SHIFT with Elena Agar: Intermittent Fasting and Beyond

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Podcast Appearance on Eating Smart with James LeBaigue: Intermittent Fasting and Beyond | Hurry The Food Up

Recently, we recorded an interesting podcast on the SHIFT with Elena Agar, where we delved into the world of nutrition and lifestyle choices.

In this episode, we unpacked everything from the nuanced efficacy of intermittent fasting for weight management to the ethics of vegetarianism, and the broader implications of dietary choices on our health and environment.

I shared my personal experience that led me to a mission of health and wellness, explaining why fasted training might not be the best fit for endurance athletes, and how tuning into our body’s hunger signals can be a game-changer.

Elena explained her own encounters with intermittent fasting and why reducing the eating window resonated with her body’s needs.

Let’s explore together the ideas about the cost of healthy eating and the impact of mental health on our food choices in this episode.

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