Lose Weight the Healthy Way! Vegetarian Style

Vegetarian For Weight Loss
Success requires consistency! This book gives you the structure to keep you on track:
  • Learn how to prep delicious, healthy and most of all quick vegetarian dishes.
  • Take advantage of ready to roll meal plans that help you with portion sizes and creating balanced meals.

This book is NOT for you, if you want a routine to get a "bikini body" as fast as possible.

This is not about crash diets nor running after TV model images. Instead we're all about making changes you'll benefit from in the long run.

Eat vegetarian, get all the nutrients you need and lose weight at a healthy pace - that's what this book is all about.

(Beautifully designed, perfect for tablets, laptops and printing)

A sneak peak into the eBook

Vegetarian For Weight Loss eBook Preview
Vegetarian For Weight Loss eBook Preview
Vegetarian For Weight Loss eBook Preview
Vegetarian For Weight Loss eBook Preview

We already got some feedback!


This book is the go to if you are looking to shed a few pounds whilst still enjoying some pukka grub, or are just looking to incorporate more healthy dishes into your diet. With an extensive collection of Vegetarian and Vegan recipes, you'll never be at a loss when it comes to planning next week's rockstar vegetarian menu.

Many of Hauke's Vegetarian recipes can also easily be turned Vegan with a few minor substitutions. As a fellow Vegan blogger, this book is definitely one of my go to's when I want to whip something quick and delicious up on a busy weekday.


Whether you're looking to embrace a vegetarian lifestyle or simply want to lose weight in a healthy manner, Vegetarian for Weight Loss is the book for you! 

This book is packed full of easy and healthy plant based recipes, all with step by step instructions and appealing photographs. The recipes are designed for today's busy lifestyle, and the convenient meal plans and grocery lists are a real time saver. The authors provide a lot of helpful guidance to get your weight loss journey started off on the right foot.


After reading the ebook and re-creating a few recipes I almost wish I was vegetarian. The recipes are simple, tasty, all can be tailored to your lifestyle such as vegan, gluten free and kids love it too.

If going vegetarian has been daunting for you and your weight loss a bit stagnant lately, this book is it! Best money spent ...ever!


When I switched to a vegetarian diet, I thought weight would fall straight off, but there's a little more to it than that! Vegetarian for Weight Loss is helping me grasp the science behind good vegetarian nutrition and weight loss. I love that the authors provide very detailed, "sciencey" nutrition info in a way that's fun to read and easy for me to apply when I'm planning meals and making food choices.

It includes tons of easy, yummy recipes, and the ones I've tried so far, I've loved. If you're going to buy one book about losing weight on a vegetarian diet, make it this one!

These are the topics we crammed into 250 pages

    • Learn essential Information on how to lose weight on a vegetarian diet
    • Get a guide on how to create your own meal plan
    • Choose from more than 80 recipes
    • Learn meal prepping tips and tricks
    • Start out with five ready to roll meal plans
    • Get support in our Vegetarian For Weight Loss Community

    About the authors

    Vegetarian Diet For Weight Loss - The 28 Day Challenge - Participate for free! |

    Claire Garcia Ruiz BSc MSc

    Claire Garcia Ruiz BSc MSc, is a nutritionist & health coach who specialises in weight loss. She has a Degree in Nutrition, a Master’s in Weight Management and a Certification in Health Coaching. In addition to supporting clients through her private practice she has taught, lectured and written about a variety of nutrition topics. The main focus of her work is in the field of weight management. 

    We’re proud to say she has taken on the responsibility of the theoretical parts within this book using her exemplary knowledge and passion for food and nutrition.

    vegetarian for weight loss ebook Dave Kat Hauke

    Dave, Kat and Hauke from HurryTheFoodUp

    We are a trio of food lovers, who, with reckless abandon, create new and exciting meat-free recipes (as well as taking on age-old classics of course).

    Although we stay away from convenience food whenever possible, we understand full well the restrictions of time and even ingredients and try to make our food as easy, nutritious, quick and tasty as possible! We’ll be supplying the cool tips, tricks and recipe ideas we’ve learnt through our blog making sure all of Claire’s ideas are easy (and even fun!) to implement.

    Lose Weight on a Healthy Vegetarian Diet - Let us Show You How!

    There is a lot of noise from everywhere when it comes to weight loss.

    In this book you’ll find a no fuss approach to losing weight, wrapped into a sound meal planning system. And once you know what to focus on, you can take off the helping wheels and move forward effortlessly yourself.

    (Beautifully designed, perfect for tablets, laptops and printing)

    Oh, and if you're not satisfied, just let us know and we'll refund you. No time restriction. No questions asked. Easy as that.

    Here's a sneak peak of our recipes

      • 4 creative smoothie recipes, excellent for a quick breakfast.
      • 11 breakfast recipes that easily work for other meals of the day too. Enjoy Banana Egg Pancakes, Breakfast Egg Muffins, Quinoa Porridge with Blueberry Drizzle or a Farmer's Potato Hash.
      • 7 scrumptious soups like the Spicy Black Bean Soup, Easy Tomato Basil Soup and African Peanut Soup.
      • 7 delicious dips and spreads like the White Bean Lime Dip, Mexican Guacamole and a Persian Yogurt Dip
      • 13 tasty salads, suitable as complete meal for lunch or dinner like the Chickpea Spinach Salad, Black Bean and Corn Salad, Turkish Lentil Salad and the Asian Tofu Pineapple Salad.
      • 20 easy and satisfying lunch and dinner recipes like Tomato Spinach Quesadillas, Melted Feta Veggie Bake, Delicious Green Thai Curry and a Vegan Chili "Con" Carne.
      • 4 in depth guides on meal prepping including 20 recipes to assemble your very own Buddha Bowl, Salad in a Jar, Vegetable Roast and Overnight Oats in a Jar.
      • Many healthy and tasty snack ideas to help you avoid unhealthy treats.

      And an overview of the ready to roll meal plans

        • The Less Carb Veggie: A meal plan moderate in carbs and higher in healthy fats/proteins. Many of the carbs are fibre, also beneficial for weight loss and maintenance.
        • The Prepster: A meal plan for the highly organised. We focus on prepping meals ahead so you don’t spend much time following recipes and cooking during the week.
        • Easing In: In this meal plan we allow some space for your favourite chocolate bar or wine gums. Also, during the week you can keep going out for lunch or dinner with your colleagues.
        • The Gluten-Free Experiment: We have kept gluten containing grain out of the meal plan. This leaves you with an excellent set of recipes for weight loss that are mostly based on whole foods. Potatoes, rice, quinoa and legumes are your new friends now.
        • Vegan for a Week: Going full on vegan feels difficult for some. Here is a meal plan that gives you a “taste” of that lifestyle.

        We’ll also provide you with a link to the meal plans files. We constantly improve these plans to make them work as well as possible for you.

        • So far, so good. We're excited to support you in your vegetarian weight loss journey! Thanks for considering purchasing our eBook!

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