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There are plenty of recipes on our blog, available for free. And always will be.

But we’ve recently realized the amount might be overwhelming for some. Especially for those aiming at a specific goal who might find it difficult to pick suitable recipes. So we’ve put together neat packages that reflect a specific goal’s requirements.

Extra boost, bluntly put, is about gently nudging you towards accomplishment.
What are you striving for?

Become a vegetarian

Sharing our recipes is the least we can do to help people become vegetarian. But sometimes it might not be enough. As trivial as cutting out meat seems, it often takes a great deal of effort to stick with the decision.

30 Day Veggie Challenge - Extra Boos Page

30 Day Veggie Challenge

Our 30-day program that helps to settle into a vegetarian lifestyle step by step, with minimum effort. Enter your text here...

  • Weekly meal plans
  • Grocery lists 
  • 45 recipe ebook
  • Advice & support

One step further — go vegan!

Is veganism making eyes at you, and you've been ogling back? The 30 Day Vegan Challenge is your chance to try going vegan in a safe and enjoyable environment with full support from us.

30 Day VEGAN Challenge

Go vegan with us for a month and cook up some excellent vegan recipes that go way beyond ‘leaving out the cheese’.

  • 20+ exclusive recipes
  • Weekly meal plans
  • Grocery lists
  • Motivation, help & support

Ease up on cooking

We love cooking – as long as it’s quick & convenient. Are you in? Great! We have a bunch of recipes that were made exactly to fit that approach. Oh, and you won’t find those anywhere on the blog, only in the cookbook below.

Breakfast in Six eBook

Breakfast In Six Cookbook

  • 30 exclusive breakfast recipes
  • Just six or less ingredients
  • Ready in 10–30 minutes
  • Vegan-friendly

Get enough protein

Since we’re generally quite active and conscious of our body’s needs, we do care about getting enough protein and other nutrients. To address this important issue, we’ve compiled an array of recipes that solve the problem. They’re delicious, too! 

vegetarian high protein eBook cover

Veggie Protein Power Cookbook

  • 30 high protein recipes
  • Ready in 30 minutes or less
  • No protein powder involved
  • Caloric data of each recipe

Lose weight

Does the vegetarian diet work when it comes to weight loss? It can, certainly. But we believe that consistency, and not any specific ingredient, does the magic. Our approach is focused on losing weight by changing long-term habits rather than trying to get beach body ready as quickly as possible.

Vegetarian For Weight Loss eBook

Vegetarian For Weight Loss Guide

  • More than 80 recipes
  • Essential information on how to lose weight
  • Five ready to roll meal plans
  • Meal prepping tips and tricks

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