There are plenty of recipes on our blog, available for free. And always will be. But we’ve recently realized the amount might be overwhelming for some. Especially for those aiming at a specific goal who might find it difficult to pick suitable recipes. So we’ve put together neat packages that reflect a specific goal’s requirements.

Vegetarian for Weight Loss

Does the vegetarian diet work when it comes to weight loss? It can, certainly. But we believe that consistency, and not any specific ingredient, does the magic. Our approach is focused on losing weight by changing long-term habits rather than trying to get beach body ready as quickly as possible.

You shouldn’t feel guilty, because you seem to “fail” at weight loss.

Most weight loss programs and ‘fitness influencers’ promote diets with short term success and unattainable lifestyles from behind an Instagram filter. Don’t let them influence you.

This book features:

  • 100+ weight loss recipes
  • Essential information on how to lose weight
  • A ready to roll meal plan
  • Meal prepping tips and tricks

Weekly Weight Loss Meal Plans for Vegetarians

Our weekly weight loss meal plans help busy vegetarians take back control over their food by saving time, money and being excited about their meals again.


We save you time and stress by doing the meal planning for you

They’re designed specifically for the goal of healthy eating and weight loss. Each recipe is tried and tested by us multiple times until it is perfect. There’s no risk that a recipe will turn out terribly.

The Vegetarian Weight Loss Transformation

Lose weight, improve long-term health and feel more confident.

With this course you can realistically lose between 1-2 lbs (0.5-1kg) every week. Our recipes and plans are designed to save you time, not put you under more stress or leave you without the energy to go about your week.

vegetarian weight loss transformation

Vegetarian for Weight Loss Transformation

Our 8-week program helps to lose weight step by step, with minimum effort.

  • Eight balanced meal plans designed for effective weight loss
  • Access to the new Meal Plan System to easily adjust the meal plans to your needs
  • Personal support & professional advice

Our exclusive In Six series eBooks (Sale!)

Get both ebooks for the price of one: Breakfast and Lunch in Six! All the recipes are exclusive to the ebooks — they’ve never been seen on the site before. And they never will be.

Breakfast in Six and Lunch in Six

We focus on simple yet incredibly effective combos — each recipe is made from just six or less ingredients. We like our breakfasts and lunches quick, and these books reflects that. Suitable for long–term veggies and newbies alike.