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Weight Loss Success Stories – Vegetarian Style

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Lost 1 stone in eight weeks (14 lbs / 6.3kg)

‘Having been a meat-eater, I don’t miss it at all. The weight loss has been great.’


Lost 7 lbs in eight weeks (3.2 kg)

‘For the first time in 20 years I’ve dropped a clothing size. That’s a huge milestone for me.’


Lost 8 lbs in eight weeks (3.6kg)

Even though Tracey runs a household of 7, she was able to successfully fit the her weight loss journey into her busy day-to-day life.


Sara exercises regularly and has a demanding job in elderly care, so she was looking for new recipe inspiration and a plan that fit into her schedule.


More Successes

Lost 8 kg / 17.5 lbs

Feeling much more active. I didn’t find that it was challenging for me, because I went into this with a positive mindset.
I would recommend it to others as a great way to set you onto a great start for long term lifetime change. I loved the videos and handy tips and advice. So thank you I’m going to look smashing in my graduation gown in March

Lost a pant size (in 30 days)

I feel like the program helped me to start developing some good habits, and learn some great recipes along the way 🙂
Being designed specifically for vegetarians is a huge plus. Most weight loss challenges are difficult for people that are meatless, as they focus heavily on animal products.
Great program! I really enjoyed it. The meal planner was very useful, and the daily emails helped to tips and to stay on track. Thanks so much guys, I’m really glad I did the challenge!

Lost 25 kg / 55 lbs

Understand your situation. Ask your family to be honest with you about your weight and to support you on your weight loss journey. They won’t do it without asking. Once you’re mentally ready to act, it’s time to move over to your new lifestyle goal. Get rid of bad habits, start exercising and eat more vegetables. It’s as simple as that, it really is. You can do it.

I lost 2.5 kg / 5 lbs (in 30 days)

I loved how easy it made it for me during the work week. I loved having the shopping list and not really having to think of what meals I would be having that week. The meal prep was also super easy but it was still really yummy which made it so much easier to stick to it
I loved the chickpea pancakes, the Turkish lentil salad and then for the snack I really liked the yogurt with figs and olive oil and salt. At first I thought it sounded so weird but once I tried it I really liked it.
I also didn’t feel like super full which was really nice. I think that shows our portions are way too big in regular every day.
I really enjoyed the challenge and all the videos and the emails were really awesome. I feel like I learned a lot.

Lost 2 kg / 4.5 lbs in eight weeks

You are all so very helpful and knowledgeable. I was very excited to join this course and it has exceeded my expectations. Jim, Dave, and Hauke thank you for your kindness and compassion.
Though I didn’t reach my goal, I’m confident that I will in the next 8 weeks. I look forward to continuing and letting all of this knowledge become my healthy lifestyle. Many thanks, I’ll be sticking around for a bit!


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