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Do you feel?

… overwhelmed by weight loss and don’t know where to start?
… that cooking is time-consuming and stressful?
… that you’ll lose motivation… again?

Then you’re in the right spot!

Straight talk: the vegetarian diet has its problems…

When we (Dave, James & Hauke) went vegetarian we realized it’s actually pretty tough to create balanced vegetarian meals to support our fitness goals including health and weight loss.
We noticed quickly that most tasty vegetarian recipes substantially lack protein (yes, the annoying question “so where do you get your protein?” has its place).
And when we added protein we often also added fats that quickly broke the calorie bank – hello cheese, hello nuts.
We didn’t pay attention to what we were eating and only realized later that we regularly missed the minimum recommended protein intake and instead overloaded on carbs and fats.
The hard fact is that a proper protein intake is important to lose weight, stay healthy and stay fit.

It’s not easy to find vegetarian plans that are exciting.

We signed up to various fitness and health programs offering meal plans in the hopes of seeing a plan with good and varied vegetarian recipes and the right amount of protein.
But we were not impressed. Firstly, most programs don’t pay attention to vegetarians at all. Instead of meal plans for vegetarians they just write in their recipes “substitute meat for vegetarian meat alternative” and call it a day. And nutritional guidance for vegetarians? Not a peep.
And secondly, these plans look like they won’t work in a realistic setting at all. It’s as if a robot threw the recipes together randomly. We never had the feeling these plans were fun to follow, and we never felt guided.
Then there were programs that were on the other side of the spectrum: fully vegan. The result was the same though: vegetarians are on the sidelines.
With Dave and James being heavily into fitness, we’ve been filling this gap with our healthy, protein-rich recipes on HurryTheFoodUp since 2014.
What if you could easily follow along with our best weight-loss-friendly recipes for eight weeks, making sure you lose weight while getting all the nutrients you need – especially enough protein?

What the Transformation can do for you

Let us introduce you to The Vegetarian for Weight Loss Transformation – an incredibly effective course for losing weight – and keeping it off. Permanently.

1. Delicious Recipes High In Protein

Say goodbye to trawling recipe pages. Our meal plans are stocked with our best recipes – all delicious, but weight-loss friendly.

Below you’ll see a taste of some exclusive recipes that are only available for our members.

Easy-to-use meal planner system:

Thanks to our meal-planning system the meal plans are fully customisable to your own unique taste so you’ll never eat a meal you don’t want!

It works in a completely fool-proof way! It even updates your grocery list automatically so you don’t have to lift a finger!

Eight Weeks of Professionally-designed Meal Plans

For vegetarians:

The meal plans are designed specifically for vegetarians. They’ll keep you healthy and high in energy while you cut down on excess fats and avoid hidden traps.


They’re full of protein, vitamins and minerals. James, our nutritionist always checks each of them so you don’t need to worry if you getting all the healthy things you need to lose weight safely.

In The Course, You’ll Learn…

These videos are just a small part of the Transformation:

We’ve packed the course full of everything you need to know. We cover vegetarian nutritional knowledge to personal motivation, kitchen setup tips to fallback plans so you’ll never feel lost or overwhelmed – and all in manageable pieces.

4. Weekly Action Steps to Make True Progress

Printable worksheets
At the end of each week you’ll receive a worksheet with a few small action steps. That way you know what’s up next and never feel unsure what to do next.

vegetarian for weight loss transformation printables

5. The Personal Approach: Live Q&A Sessions

And because we restrict the number of available places at any given time it means we can fully dedicate ourselves to you. Over the coming eight weeks we are now also offering:

zoom q and a

Live Q&A sessions with our professional nutritionist, James.

Got a question about weight loss? Vitamins or minerals?? Protein and exercise? Ask James! It’s a nutritional minefield out there so these Q&A sessions will tell you exactly what you want to know – in understandable terms.

Live Q&A sessions with Hauke and Dave.

Need inspiration for a new healthy recipe? Not sure how to cook a meal correctly? Ask Dave and Hauke! We’ve spent years honing our recipes and kitchen tips and tricks so you can pull off great meals every time – and spend even less time in the kitchen doing it!

6. Unite With Us and Other Vegetarians: Our Private Facebook Group

You can join our optional closed group on Facebook where we’ll be each day, sharing ideas, tips and tricks. Be motivated by us and our other members and feel free to ask any questions you may have, (also via email). We’ll be there for you, supporting you day by day.

facebook group

Real Success Stories

Lost 1 stone in eight weeks (14 lbs / 6.3kg)

‘Having been a meat-eater, I don’t miss it at all. The weight loss has been great.’

Sian Negal

Lost 7 lbs in eight weeks (3.2 kg)

‘For the first time in 20 years I’ve dropped a clothing size. That’s a huge milestone for me.’

Linda Fragomeni

Lost 8 lbs in eight weeks (3.6kg)

Even though Tracey runs a household of 7, she was able to successfully fit the her weight loss journey into her busy day-to-day life.

– Tracey Enns

The Course in a Nutshell

The Transformation Course (Usually $149, Launch Price: $57)

  • Email and Video series on Mindset
  • Email and Video series on Triggers and Cravings
  • Email and Video series on Vegetarian Nutrition
  • Email and Video series on Nutrition and Exercise
  • Email and Video series on Menopause and Weight Loss
  • 8 Weeks of Healthy Vegetarian Meal Plans and Automatic Grocery Lists
  • Drag and Drop Meal Planner System
  • 2 Q&A sessions with Hauke, James and Dave
  • 50 Premium Members Only Recipes
  • Personal Help and Replies from a Registered Nutritionist

Course Value: $149

This price is a ONE-TIME-ONLY payment and you get to keep the program FOR LIFE.

Join Now and Get These FREE Bonuses!

BONUS #1 – Access 12 More Meal Plans after the Course!

12 more vegetarian weight loss meal plans | Hurry The Food Up

Total Value: $29.00

If you would like to continue your weight loss journey after this 8 week course, we’ve got you covered! Get 3 month’s worth of weekly weight loss meal plans on top!

BONUS #2 – Snack Vault

Total Value: $29.00

It’s important to have healthy snack ideas that actually satisfy cravings. This is what our snack vault has to offer! We collected 45 creative and weight loss friendly snacks (around 50 – 150kcal) that you can easily add to your meal plans.

BONUS #3 – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Vaults

Breakfast lunch and dinner vault | Hurry The Food Up

Total Value: $57.00

Want to swap a recipe or create your own meal plan easily? Use our Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Recipe Vaults exclusively filled with recipes that make sure you’re within your calories for each of the different meals.

BONUS #4 – A New Recipe Added Every Week For Members Only

One new recipe each week | Hurry The Food Up

Total Value: Priceless

At least one new recipe added each week. These recipes are tried, tested and absolutely delicious. The best thing – they’re for members only and have been designed specifically with weight loss in mind!

BONUS #5 – Our eBooks ‘Lunch in Six’ and ‘Breakfast in Six’

Breakfast in six and lunch in six books | Hurry The Food Up

Total Value: $29.00

A further 60 exclusive recipes created together with Jansen, our pro Chef. Delicious, creative and vegetarian – using just 6 or fewer ingredients. Perfect for lazy days or when the cupboard seems bare.

BONUS #6 – Our 10 Favorite Sauces and Dips

Our favorite sauces and dressings | Hurry The Food Up

Total Value: $9.00

Have a bland meal you need to spice up? Looking to impress? Our handy guide to 10 fool-proof dips and sauces have something to brighten up any meal – instantly!

Join the January edition and get all these bonuses… free!

Bonus Value $153
Course Value $149

This price is a ONE-TIME-ONLY payment and you get to keep the program FOR LIFE.

100% Money Back Guarantee

By purchasing the Vegetarian For Weight Loss Transformation you get a 100% money back guarantee. That means if you’re not happy with the course for the entire duration (all 60 days!) we’ll refund you your money – no questions asked!

More Successes

Lost 7 lbs in eight weeks (3.2 kg)

Sara exercises regularly and has a demanding job in elderly care, so she was looking for new recipe inspiration and a plan that fit into her schedule.

Sara Pulman

Lost 8 kg / 17.5 lbs

Feeling much more active. I didn’t find that it was challenging for me, because I went into this with a positive mindset.

I would recommend it to others as a great way to set you onto a great start for long term lifetime change. I loved the videos and handy tips and advice. So thank you I’m going to look smashing in my graduation gown in March

Lost a pant size (in 30 days)

I feel like the program helped me to start developing some good habits, and learn some great recipes along the way 🙂
Being designed specifically for vegetarians is a huge plus. Most weight loss challenges are difficult for people that are meatless, as they focus heavily on animal products.

Great program! I really enjoyed it. The meal planner was very useful, and the daily emails helped to tips and to stay on track. Thanks so much guys, I’m really glad I did the challenge!

Lost 25 kg / 55 lbs

Understand your situation. Ask your family to be honest with you about your weight and to support you on your weight loss journey. They won’t do it without asking.

Once you’re mentally ready to act, it’s time to move over to your new lifestyle goal. Get rid of bad habits, start exercising and eat more vegetables. It’s as simple as that, it really is. You can do it.

I lost 2.5 kg / 5 lbs (in 30 days)

I loved how easy it made it for me during the work week. I loved having the shopping list and not really having to think of what meals I would be having that week. The meal prep was also super easy but it was still really yummy which made it so much easier to stick to it.

I loved the chickpea pancakes, the Turkish lentil salad and then for the snack I really liked the yogurt with figs and olive oil and salt. At first I thought it sounded so weird but once I tried it I really liked it.

I also didn’t feel like super full which was really nice. I think that shows our portions are way too big in regular every day.

I really enjoyed the challenge and all the videos and the emails were really awesome. I feel like I learned a lot.

Lost 2 kg / 4.5 lbs in eight weeks

You are all so very helpful and knowledgeable. I was very excited to join this course and it has exceeded my expectations. Jim, Dave, and Hauke thank you for your kindness and compassion.

Though I didn’t reach my goal, I’m confident that I will in the next 8 weeks. I look forward to continuing and letting all of this knowledge become my healthy lifestyle. Many thanks, I’ll be sticking around for a bit!

This is EVERYTHING You Get When You Join the January Edition of the Transformation

  • The Transformation Course – ($149 Value)
  • 12 More Meal Plans! ($29 Value)
  • Snack Vault (29$ Value)
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Vaults ($57 Value)
  • A New Recipe Added Every Week For Members Only (Priceless)
  • Our eBooks ‘Lunch in Six’ and ‘Breakfast in Six’ ($29 Value)
  • Our 10 Favorite Sauces and Dips ($9 Value)

Total Value: $302

Course Price $149

This price is a ONE-TIME-ONLY payment and you get to keep the program FOR LIFE.

About the Authors

We, Hauke and Dave, have been running our site for seven years now – and have created and shared over 300 recipes to six million yearly visitors over that time. We share our vegetarian know-how with 60,000 weekly newsletter readers.

This year we’ve brought in nutritionist, science nerd, foodie and Team Great Britain age group triathlete James Bell.

James has worked in General Practice for the past 5 years – Family Medicine for those of you not in the UK. He’s a Specialist Paramedic by background and now works as an Advanced Clinical Practitioner in a busy NHS GP Practice.

He has a special interest in nutrition and holds an Advanced Diploma in it, while doing a Masters Degree in Sports and Exercise Nutrition. He’s on top of all of the latest evidence and guidelines. He’s also a triathlon coach.

But don’t just take our word for it. See what previous Transformers have said about the Transformation

Dave Bell, James Bell MSc & Hauke Fox

Join the New Year’s January Edition

Course Price $149!

This price is a ONE-TIME-ONLY payment and you get to keep the program FOR LIFE.

This sounds amazing, but will it work for me? The FAQ.

Is this a membership subscription?

No, it’s a one time purchase. But you’ll have lifetime access including all upgrades. The Transformation stays open, so you can always go into your membership section for any information at any time.

Does it matter where I live?

Not at all. Almost everything is virtual these days anyway, and all of this is done online.

How much weight can I realistically lose within these 8 weeks?

4-5kgs or 8-10lbs is realistic. We designed our meal plans to help you lose weight at roughly 1lb (½ kg) every week. We planned the numbers of calories, fats, proteins and carbs needed to keep you feeling satisfied and full of energy.

Will I be hungry?

There are times when we all feel a little hungry – especially the first day or two – hunger is the best sauce after all! But we’ll take those cravings for junk and change them for foods that will help us achieve our goals.

Why shouldn’t I lose weight faster? My friend lost loads doing keto!

Yes, they probably did! And did they gain it back again? We’ve found through speaking to thousands of ‘dieters’ that weight gain after keto or other ‘flavour of the month’ diets is real and severe.

We want to avoid weight gain at all costs – we want to help you lose weight steadily, consistently and then help you to stay at a healthy weight after. We aim for consistency and a slower rate of weight loss is better for this.

Is this the only diet that will work for me?

In truth, no. But the reason we’re passionate about what we do is that we want to teach people how to live and eat in a sustainable fashion, not something that makes you lose weight at the start and then struggle to keep it off.

So our plans are designed with this in mind, and you can change the meals up so that if you prefer other food and this keeps you on track – we’re all for it. We’ve made everything personal and customisable.

Do you deliver the food?

No, we don’t deliver, nor do we provide the food! We’ll make your shopping lists but you’ll still have to buy/order your groceries yourself. That goes for the cooking, too.

Is it suitable for a 65 year old – i.e. not too complicated technology?

In fact most of our members are around 40 – 75 years old. We get the occasional question about our meal planner. If that happens Hauke jumps right on to help you individually (and not just a generic tutorial video).

How do I stop myself from gaining weight again after?/ How does your plan stop me from putting weight back on after?

This is an incredibly important topic which we cover from every angle on the course. We help you to notice and understand cravings and triggers. How they happen, why they happen, and how we can avoid them. You’ll also learn to spot typical tricks and traps of the food industry.

Will it be possible to do this course in the UK – I mean will measures and weights be easy to convert? I’ve seen you use the American ‘cup’ measurements.

Yep, absolutely! We have metric and imperial measurements for all of our recipes – you can just toggle between them on each recipe.

I’m 53 year old woman. I have put on weight through perimenopause & menopause despite a healthy diet. I already rarely eat processed food, sugar, etc. & don’t eat all that much. Does your diet take account of whatever is going on in my body at this time of life? Before this I’ve been thin for most of my life.

Yes, the menopause is one of our content topics. We address it in detail (it’s actually an important issue for a large amount of our Transformers).

I can’t eat dairy or nuts, then is this program not an option for me?

You can change every meal and snack to your liking (and we have a huge list of non-dairy, non-nut recipes and snacks to choose from). Each of the ready-made meal plans we have does include dairy and quite often nuts, however.

That being said, the meal plan is the only part that wouldn’t fit you from the off. Everything else: the content, the videos, the accountability, the Q&A sessions, the mindset and the psychology behind losing weight is absolutely for everyone.

Does every meal plan have a daily calorie tailored to a specific client? How to calculate my daily calorie, do you have this formula in this program?

The plans are set at 1500kcal/day for females and 1800kcal/day for males. Usually the 1500kcal plan for women is a great ballpark and can be used “off the shelf”. If you need a different calorie range for some reason (for example you have a very active job) then send us a message. We’ll help you make a personalised meal plan!

Do I get all the necessary nutrition from this program if I am going to be pregnant maybe next month? I have always wanted to switch to a vegetarian menu but can I do this during pregnancy? Would love to!

We wouldn’t advise you to lose weight while being pregnant, and would recommend speaking to your health professional about it.

Is it complicated to adjust meal plans to more or less people?

Happily every single recipe can simply be toggled for as many servings as you like!

What is everything you incorporate? Is sugar/honey forbidden? Bread bought at the grocery store ok? Must I make everything myself?

Sugar/honey/maple syrup? No, it’s not forbidden, some recipes call for sugar or maple syrup, just in smaller amounts.

We look at overall calories, fat, protein and saturated fat when we create meal plans and recipes.

Everything from scratch? No, not necessary either. We don’t doom processed food per se. A tin of tomatoes is processed. And it’s absolutely fine to use. Same as store-bought pesto or hummus. Yes, bread bought at the store is absolutely fine!

Are the shopping lists updated automatically?

Yes! Depending on which recipes you choose to make, and for how many people – everything is changed automatically. You don’t need to change a thing yourself.

Why do you use dollars? Dollars isn’t my currency.

We use dollars as it’s the most recognized universal currency. Don’t worry, everything will be converted to your local currency as you pay by your credit card or Paypal account.

Join The Vegetarian for Weight Loss Transformation until Jan. 8th

Over 1000 people across the world already took this course.

Vegetarian for weight loss transformation

Course Price $149!

This price is a ONE-TIME-ONLY payment and you get to keep the program FOR LIFE.


We would like to take a moment to note that this book is for information purposes only. It does not claim to provide medical advice or to be able to treat any medical condition. It makes no claims in respect to weight loss, either in terms of the amount or rate at which weight loss could be achieved. The calories, fibre, protein and other nutritional information is worked out as closely as possible and we have checked the information as accurately as possible.

However we can’t be held responsible for mistaken listings: the nutritional information is given as a guide only.If you have any concerns regarding your health please contact your medical practitioner before making changes. The recommendations to increase your physical activity are general and non-specific. If you have any injuries or conditions which may restrict your ability to increase your physical activity, please seek medical/professional advice before making changes.

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