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Guest Appearance: The 50kg Drop Podcast

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The 50kg Drop Podcast | Hurry The Food Up

This time I was invited to The 50kg Drop Podcast where we discussed various weight loss strategies, including calorie restriction, fasting, and exercise routines like walking and boxing. Here’s a breakdown of the main topics we covered:

  • I emphasised on finding a sustainable diet for long-term adherence, as crash diets often result in rebound weight gain.
  • Also, there were highlighted the importance of proper hydration and sodium intake during endurance events like marathons to avoid issues such as swelling or hyponatremia.
  • I shared my personal experiences with weight loss and marathon nutrition, stressing the need for individualized approaches based on factors like sweat rate and dietary preferences.
  • Strategies for managing cravings and potential setbacks, such as avoiding tempting foods and building mental resilience, we discussed as vital components of successful weight loss journeys.

Join us to get the significance of combining physical activity with dietary changes for effective weight loss, tune in for expert insights and practical advice to help you on your journey to shed those extra kilos and live your best life in “The 50kg Drop Podcast”.

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