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Guest Appearance: Fit and Fabulous at Forty and Beyond

I talked to Dr. Orlena on her podcast ‘Fit and Fabulous at Forty and Beyond’ about the transformative power of exercise and vegetarianism.

The episode is called The Road to Vibrant Health: Exercise and a Plant-Based Diet with James LeBaigue.

  • We discussed how a balanced approach to exercise can unlock a world of benefits for your physical and mental health.
  • I explain why putting your fitness routine first becomes even more important after the age of 40.
  • I’ll provide tips on how to make the shift to a vegetarian diet easy and enjoyable with a couple of bits about my personal story into vegetarianism and a couple of favorite recipes too.

Whether you’re still on the fence of (re-)starting your health journey or already right in the middle of it, this episode with Dr. Orlena should be interesting for you!

Find the podcast on your favorite platform here via Buzzsprout or hit the play button below!


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