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Our Favourite Vegan Avocado Toast Recipes

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Let us quickly hand you two short but must-read articles before we kick off.

1. How to Pick and Buy an Avocado. After reading this article people you may well become known as the avocado whisperer.

Anyway, you probably have your avocado already on the cutting board, anxious for the moment leading up to opening it. Fingers crossed it’s just right and ready to be used for the toast ideas below.

Avocado Toast with Carrot and Chili /
Avocado Toast with Celery and Basil

Avocado Toast Carrot and Celery

Topping A: mash the avocado, add a pinch of salt and a dash of lemon. Grate the carrot on top and sprinkle chili slices for some heat on top – Bam!

Topping B: mash the avocado, pinch of salt and lemon, yep. Then add a few slices of celery and some basil leaves. What a great way to start the day!

Avocado Toast with Radish and Cilantro

Dazzling Avocado Toast Recipes - No. 3 and 7 are a Must! |

Mash the avocado, add some salt and a dash of lemon juice. Thinly slice the radish. Garnish with cilantro. Tangy and tasty!

Avocado Toast with Sesame Seeds

Dazzling Avocado Toast Recipes - No. 3 and 7 are a Must! |

Toast the sesame seeds in a pan. Make more if you like, they’re awesome on almost anything. Mash the avocado, add salt, lemon and olive oil. Garnish with toasted sesame seeds. Simple, but really good!

Avocado Toast with Wasabi

Dazzling Avocado Toast Recipes - No. 3 and 7 are a Must! |

This Japanese – South American fusion apparently is gaining many disciples, especially in the New York area. For one medium sized avocado prepare around 1.5 tsp of wasabi powder with water. Then mix together and add a dash of lemon and sprinkle in some salt. Hit potential!

Avocado Toast with Hummus and Bell Pepper

Dazzling Avocado Toast Recipes - No. 3 and 7 are a Must! |

What a stunning combo! I heard from several places that hummus and avocado go really well together – and it’s so true. Mix the mashed avocado with 3-4 tbsp of hummus. Add a bit of lemon juice. Bell pepper and some ground pepper round it off.

What’s your favourite avocado toast?


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