Out now: Get energized for the afternoon with our no-fuss 6 ingredient lunch recipes – all vegetarian!

​Six or fewer everyday ingredients, never more than 30 minutes. Even if you’re busy as hell these recipes will ​be fireworks in your lunch box.

Have you been falling out of love with lunch?

You get pressured from colleagues to head to the nearest restaurant for an unhealthy, unsatisfying (and sometimes expensive) fattening lunch.You run out of ideas of what to take with you – and end up taking the same thing every day (we’re looking at you, bagel).You’re bored by the vegetarian option (salad) or the vegan option (salad without dressing).That’s not what food is about!We firmly believe vegetarian and vegan lunches should be a thing of beauty. A wonderful creation of tasty, healthy, quick and EASY meals. We’re passionate about our food, and we want it quick!

What’s in it?

  • 30 vegetarian lunch recipes of which ​two thirds are vegan or can easily be made vegan.
  • 6 or less ingredients for each recipe. All easy to get – no supermarket hopping!
  • Have lunch at work? These recipes are designed to be easily packed and stored in containers
  • No dishes that make you feel sluggish! Enjoy recipes that bring you energy and focus for the afternoon
  • All the recipes are exclusive to the book. They’ve never been seen on the site before. And they never will be.

A taste of what’s inside:

Make lunch incredible – wherever you are.

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​FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get my eCookbook?

Instantly. Your confirmation page will have a download link of the ebook. We’ll also send it over via email.

How many recipes are in the eCookbook?

The eCookbook contains 30 recipes that are categorised in “eat anytime”, “salads”, “mains”, “snacks & dips” and “smoothies”.

Are the recipes easy to prepare?

Absolutely! If there’s one thing we focused on most in the last three years, then it was to create quick and simple nutritious recipes with easy to find ingredients.

Are the ingredients of the recipes hard to find?

Nope, you should be able to find all ingredients in any mid-sized supermarkets all over the world. And if you do have a hard time finding one, it’s easy to adapt the recipe with the foods you have at hand. No worries!

Do the recipes contain mostly eggs and dairy?

Nope. We used a whole array of high protein sources for our recipes. Chickpeas, beans, lentils, quinoa, oats, various nuts and seeds, tofu, green vegetables and leafy greens are all included in the mix. Only some recipes contain eggs and dairy.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

We’re happy to help you out anytime. Just send us an email using this contact form. We usually answer within 24 hours.

How many servings do the recipes make?

The amount of servings are stated next to each recipe. Although it varies from recipe to recipe, most will make 2 servings.

Make lunch incredible – wherever you are.

Get it for $14.90

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