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Ep. 09 – Lessons learned from trying and failing to go vegetarian with Dave Bell

A photo of James on an orange background with the words Vegetarian Health and Longevity

Here’s the ninth podcast of Vegetarian Health and Longevity from Hurry The Food Up and Sports Nutritionist James LeBaigue.

Many people love the idea of going vegetarian. But is it really as simple as just cutting out meat? 

The reality is often far more difficult. In today’s episode I sit down with Dave Bell, one of the co-founders of Hurry The Food Up, and talk to him about his journey into vegetarianism, practical tips for beginners transitioning to a vegetarian diet, as well as some of the misconceptions surrounding the health benefits of it.

He’s got some incredibly insightful perspectives on vegetarianism, as well as practical experience having lost weight and gained muscle after cutting out meat. 

He also tried to go vegetarian once in his younger years which didn’t go well, and he’s got some helpful advice on avoiding some of the pitfalls when trying the vegetarian diet.

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Recipes discussed in today’s podcast

Greek Pitas
Tofu Bolognese
Leftovers Omelette
High-protein Omelette
Lentil Bake
Tangy Veggie Wrap
Banana Bread

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