42 Mouthwatering High-Protein Vegan Meals

42 Mouthwatering High-protein Vegan Recipes | hurrythefoodup.com

High-protein vegan meals It turns out it’s pretty easy to get protein as a vegan, contrary to popular belief. Well, as long as you’ve got this list of high-protein vegan meals, anyway! On this list we’ve compiled our favourite high-protein vegan recipes. Some of the best vegan protein sources are: …

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50 Vegetarian Quarantine Recipes

50 Vegetarian Quarantine Recipes | hurrythefoodup.com

Lockdown, quarantine, self-isolation – whatever you call it – we’re in this together. Separately. More and more of the population across the world are being forced to hide away to decrease the overall infection rate to protect the vulnerable and elderly – us included. And of course, we still need …

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20 Amazing Quick and Easy Chutney Recipes

20 Amazing Quick and Easy Chutney Recipes | hurrythefoodup.com

Here are the best quick and easy chutney recipes around. We love curries, and everything that goes with them! This collection of chutneys are our favourites from around the web, and we’re chuffed to have them all in one easy place. Whatever the occasion, whatever the curry, there’s a chutney …

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Top 10 Vegetarian Low FODMAP Recipes

Vegetarian Low FODMAP Recipes - Top 10 | hurrythefoodup.com

Vegetarian Low FODMAP Recipes Much like their counterparts in the vegetarian keto diet, following a low FODMAP diet as a vegetarian can be tricky. The normal low FODMAP diet leans quite heavily on meat and fish, obviously something we want to avoid as vegetarians. If you’re here and seaching for …

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21 Incredible Vegetarian Curry Recipes

21 Vegetarian Curry Recipes - #vegetarian curry recipes | hurrythefoodup.com

We’re very pleased to be adding this collection of vegetarian curry recipes to our site. We absolutely love curry and have released many recipes over the years. If you’re here then you probably already know the joy of a good curry – a delicious flavour made just as spicy as …

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Top 10 Vegetarian Keto Recipes

Top 10 Vegetarian Keto Recipes | hurrythefoodup.com

And here we are! We’ve spent ages scouring the web, testing, tasting and testing again – and we’ve come up with our TOP 10 VEGETARIAN KETO RECIPES! To even be considered for this list of veggie exclusives, recipes have got to be quick, tasty and naturally vegetarian and suitable for …

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Christmas (and foie gras) are coming – Recipes for Future #12

Photo courtesy of Gokul Barman from Pexels Christmas is on the horizon, and, as always, HurryTheFoodUp will be promoting a veggie and vegan Christmas dinner. But we’ll sometimes be promoting it quietly. More on that in a minute. Christmas, in many parts of the Western world, is a time of …

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Jackfruit Burger – Vegetarian Pulled Pork BBQ

Jackfruit Burger – Vegetarian Pulled Pork BBQ | hurrythefoodup.com

This jackfruit burger is vegetarian pulled pork – and we love it. Everybody has their own reasons for giving up meat, and I’ve heard some pretty stupid counter-arguments in the past. The best of which is ‘if you think meat is so bad then why do you try to make …

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Low-Carb Cheese and Spinach Pie – Five Minutes Prep!

Low-Carb Cheese and Spinach Pie - Five Minutes Prep! | hurrythefoodup.com

This low-carb cheese and spinach pie has quickly become one of my favourite recipes. In fact, this recipe ticks so many boxes that it’s hard to know where to start. ✔️ Low-carb✔️ Keto✔️ High-protein✔️ Weight Loss✔️ 5 minute prep time✔️ Full of vitamins and minerals✔️ Mega tasty Finding low-carb vegetarian recipes can be a bit of a …

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Black Friday – for the oceans. Recipes For Future #10

Recipes for future 10 – Black Friday for the Oceans

Photo by mali maeder from Pexels Hi Food Rebels, It’s Black Friday and things are indeed looking blacker than ever – for the oceans. Way back when we made this Vegan Tuna Salad recipe, we first started to look at how the mass fishing industry was impacting the ocean and …

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