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I'm from Turkey, studied nutrition in Boston, USA. Currently working as both a dietitian and content writer. I consider myself a flexitarian as I'm not a big fan of meat and chicken but cannot take cheese, yogurt, and fish out of my life as I love their taste. I love eating vegetables and fruits and cannot think of a life without them. I consider myself lucky to be able to live in a country that is able to grow many types of both every season.

Is Hummus Good For Weight Loss?

Is Hummus Good For Weight Loss? | Hurry The Food Up

Is hummus good for you, and is hummus good for weight loss? The simple answer for us is definitely, YES! Hummus is good for you! Let’s find out why we believe that in this article. …

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Is Oatmeal Good For Weight Loss?

Is Oatmeal Good For Weight Loss? | Hurry The Food Up

​​Is oatmeal good for weight loss? We’re here today to prove to you that oatmeal is good for weight loss. We have many reasons to strongly think so.  Join us in finding out why oatmeal …

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Are Avocados Good For Weight Loss?

Dave is standing near the avocados on the green background | Hurry The Food Up

It’s time to decide once and for all, are avocados good for weight loss? They have certainly become one of the most popular foods in recent years, however there have been many debates on whether …

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