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Are Eggs Good For Weight Loss? The Truth!

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Are eggs good for weight loss? We’re here today to prove to you that eggs are good for weight loss, and we have many reasons to believe that!

Although we usually see them as the king of breakfast, eggs can fit into every meal, even snacks, with their high versatility! And as a bonus, eating eggs provides many health benefits.

Join us in finding how eggs benefit your health, why eggs are good for weight loss, and how to eat eggs for weight loss.

Egg Nutrition

Eggs are among the most nutritious foods you can eat. 1 large egg provides:

Source: USDA, FoodData Central, 2019CaloriesProteinFatCarbohydrate
Egg, whole, raw (1 large)71.5 kcal6.3 g4.8 g0.4 g
Egg yolk55.8 kcal2.7 g4.9 g0.2 g
Egg white17.7 kcal3.6 g0.05 g0.2 g

Eggs are a great source of high-quality protein and healthy fats like omega-3s. They are also high in many essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamins A, B2, B12, D, folate, selenium, calcium, phosphorus, and zinc.

A few eggs in a tray | Hurry The Food Up

We also wanted to show you the different profiles for egg yolk nutrition and egg white nutrition. Egg yolk is where you get the healthy fats and protein, while egg white provides only protein.

Moreover, most of the vitamins and minerals mentioned above are found in the yolk, and you don’t want to miss them out for the “health” of it!

We can’t say egg yolk is better than egg white, or vice versa because eggs provide you the most health benefits when eaten as a whole. Let’s find out how egg benefits your health.

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Are Eggs Good For You?

Raise HDL Cholesterol

Eggs have been demonized for their high cholesterol content for many years. But drum roll please; studies show that eating eggs as part of a healthy diet does not raise total or LDL (aka “bad”) cholesterol.

Eating eggs, in fact, helps with increasing HDL (aka “good”) cholesterol. One study showed that people who consumed 2 eggs per day for 6 weeks had a 10% increase in their HDL cholesterol levels.

Another study showed that overweight men who ate three eggs per day along with a carbohydrate-restricted diet had an increase in their HDL cholesterol levels compared to others who consumed yolk-free egg substitute.

It’s rather saturated fat that influences cholesterol levels. Saturated fats are high in some cheese, pastries, or breakfast meats such as sausages, bacon, and salami. So it’s better to limit those foods if you’re looking to balance your cholesterol levels and trying to lose weight.

Takeaway: Eggs may help increase HDL cholesterol when consumed along with a healthy and balanced meal.

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Healthy Breakfast Option

Eggs are high in protein and probably the most consumed breakfast food in the world.

Having a high-protein breakfast is a great option for weight loss and weight control.

One small study on overweight and obese people showed that eating eggs for breakfast resulted in a greater weight loss than eating calorie equivalent bagels for breakfast. Participants who preferred eggs for breakfast also had more reduction in waist circumference and percent body fat.

When you have eggs for breakfast, they will keep you full until lunch and drive you to make a healthy choice for lunch.

One study comparing egg-based vs. bagel-based breakfast found that women who ate eggs had an increased feeling of satiety and consumed less energy, carbohydrate, and fat for lunch. They also had a lower energy intake throughout the day.

Takeaway: Having eggs for breakfast will help you to feel full until lunch and make healthier meal choices during the day.

High in protein

Eggs are nutrient-dense and very filling due to their high protein content. Protein curbs appetite more than carbohydrates as it takes longer to digest. It also helps with reducing overall energy consumption during the day.

But don’t forget that protein is not the only king here. Eggs have a nice balance of protein and healthy fats, which increases satiety. So stop cooking only egg whites, and please enjoy your whole egg to feel more full throughout the day.

Takeaway: Incorporating whole eggs into your diet increases satiety.

Three marinated eggs in soy sauce, two ramen egg halves near them on a plate, chopsticks are on the table | Hurry The Food Up

Eggs for Weight Loss

With their high protein and low carbohydrate content, eggs are the perfect weight loss-friendly food. But as with any food, the question comes up as “how to eat eggs for weight loss”? Here are some egg-cellent bits of advice for you if you like to eat eggs for weight loss.

The best way to eat eggs for weight loss is to cook them without too many added calories, especially calories from fat. Unfortunately, those calories add up quickly and can derail your weight-loss goals. Remember that one tablespoon of oil can add extra 100 calories (or more!) to your meal.

If you’re trying to cut back on calories, you can choose hard-boiled eggs. Boiled egg calories are the same as the egg nutrition table above since they are only boiled in water with no added calories. The same thing goes with poached eggs too. These methods don’t add any extra fat calories, so we can say that both poached and boiled eggs are good for weight loss.

Don’t like simple tastes like hard-boiled or poached eggs? No problem, you can amp up your taste buds with some deliciously cooked scrambled eggs or omelets. But now you will ask if “scrambled eggs are good for weight loss?” The answer is yes IF you don’t cook them with lots of oil and/or cheese since they add extra calories.

You can choose spray oils to save calories or simply brush your nonstick skillet with ½ to 1 tsp of olive oil. You can also wipe oil around a pan with kitchen paper to get rid of any excess.

You can also save calories by choosing unsweetened plant-based milk or water over cream while whisking your eggs. You can also combine them with vegetables to boost your vitamin and fiber intake.
Do you have to eat eggs only for breakfast to lose weight? No, definitely not. You can eat eggs anytime, anywhere, and in so many different ways.

If you’re looking for egg recipes for weight loss, check out our tasty and filling cheesy scrambled eggs, perfect omelet, or tomato omelet recipes. If you’re into fancier yet still healthy recipes that include eggs, check our other delicious egg recipes as well.

The dish is ready on the plate that is on the table | Hurry The Food Up

Is Eating Eggs Everyday Bad for You?

No, it’s not bad for you. In fact, eating eggs every day benefits your weight loss program with their low calorie, high protein content. Moreover, they keep you full for longer and drive you to make a healthier meal choice during the day.

So, how many eggs per day should you have? In general, we say 2 eggs per day is optimal for most people. But the number may increase or decrease depending on your goal a, tolerance and lifestyle.

Conclusion: Are Eggs Good for Weight Loss?

We can all agree now that eggs are good for weight loss and also for your health. But remember that eggs are no magic bullet for weight loss. They help you lose weight when you fit them into a calorie deficit meal plan.

In the end, losing weight depends on how many calories you take in and how much you burn. If you go over your daily caloric intake, it doesn’t matter whether you eat eggs every day or not. You should eat eggs as part of a balanced healthy meal plan to lose weight.


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