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Ep. 14 – Overcoming Fad Diets and Achieving Sustainable Weight Loss with Dietitian Holly Soto

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Here’s the fourteenth podcast of Vegetarian Health and Longevity from Hurry The Food Up and Sports Nutritionist James LeBaigue.

Are any diets out there best for weight loss?

Are there risks with diets such as the Ketogenic Diet or others that enable you to lose weight rapidly? A

nd how can someone navigate their weight loss journey when social media is rife with these promises of fast weight loss?

In this episode, I speak with Registered Dietitian Holly Soto, who specialises in helping women to lose weight as well as having an interest in gut health and sports nutrition.

Having been through a weight loss transformation herself, Holly is able to combine her personal and academic experience to provide expert advice to women who want to lose weight.

We talk about the risks of fad dieting, how to sustainably lose weight, motivation and other key strategies to help lose weight for good.

You’ll find this episode packed with expert insight into a challenging topic and learn how to approach weight loss from a healthy, sustainable perspective.

You can find more out about Holly by visiting her at Renewal Fitness & Nutrition.

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