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How long do egg whites last in the fridge and freezer?

Raw egg whites typically last for up to four days in the refrigerator and much longer in the freezer. Below I’ll go through the best ways to store them.

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Every now and then a certain recipe might call for just egg yolks; what then do we do with the egg whites?

Sure, one’s first instinct might be to throw them out but with how crazy prices have been these days, I can’t really bring myself to do such. The thought of seeing them go down the drain even causes me a heartache.

Why toss away perfectly good ingredients when you can just store them for a later time and use them for yet another great recipe?

If that’s what you thought too, you’d be pleased to know you can do just that and you don’t even need any fancy equipment, either. Egg whites can be stored in the fridge and will last up to four days there.

In need of more info? Read on to learn about how you can preserve your egg whites for as long as you’ll need to.

🥚How can I keep raw egg whites in the fridge?

Liquid egg whites to be stored in the fridge should be put into airtight food containers before being stored in the fridge.

Some food storage gurus recommend leaving them in the shells before carefully keeping them in the fridge as they’d keep well for a day or two that way. I tested that, and it’s…. messy. I’d rather just store them in the airtight container method instead.

👀How can you tell if egg whites have gone bad?

One of the surest ways to test if your egg whites have gone bad is with a little sniff. If you get even a hint of some rotten smell, then they’re probably no longer in a good state.

Not a fan of putting your nose on the line? I hear ya, try out a visual inspection instead. Good egg whites should be somewhat cloudy or translucent and have a slight yellowish tint to it.

A weird tint to them accompanied by that rotten smell is indicative of poor egg quality.

You should avoid that to stay clear of any foodborne illness or food poisoning caused by bad egg whites.

Two glasses with egg white and egg yolk are on the wooden surface. Near it, there are some eggshells | Hurry The Food Up

Even the whites usually have a yellowish tinge…

❓Do raw egg whites go bad?

Yes, raw egg whites can go bad pretty easily if they’re not stored properly.

Fresh egg whites are highly perishable and need to be stored in a cold dry place after they’re out of their shells to stand any chance of being used at a later time for some delicious recipes.

❄️Can I freeze egg whites?

Egg whites can be frozen and left stored in the freezer for up to a year if done correctly. Even though they can be kept for that long, I wouldn’t recommend leaving them for up to a whole year before use.

I usually keep mine in storage for a month or two tops and I like to freeze the individual egg whites if possible.

Either that or a couple of egg whites and not as much as a whole cup so I only ever thaw the appropriate amount when I’m ready to use.

🚫What color are bad egg whites?

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the appearance of an egg can be related to food safety, indicating whether the egg is still okay for consumption or not.

Unlike egg yolks that can vary in color depending on the diet and breed of the hen, the egg whites stay pretty much the same. A bad egg white would have a pinkish or dark brown tint to it, even sometimes appearing ‘pearly’.

If a couple of whites you want to use or have tried to preserve turn that way and they smell bad, it’s probably best to toss them out.

⏳How long can egg whites last in the freezer?

Egg whites that have been separated from the yolks can be safely stored in the freezer for up to a year.

Sometime last year, I made a massive (and pretty great) batch of my best creme brûlée yet and had loads of egg whites left afterward. I kept them in my freezer and they were great for up to twelve months.

It’s a good way to store the leftover condiment when you make a yolk-heavy recipe and don’t plan on using the egg whites immediately.

Although I used most of the egg whites within the first month or two of them being in storage (which I recommend for you too), the rest that stayed for longer were still in pretty good shape.

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🍳What can I do with leftover egg whites?

There are quite a number of recipes you can use when you’ve got a couple of extra egg whites. Some of them include:

  • white omelets
  • ribbon soup
  • fluffy meringues
  • salad dressings
  • cocktails with egg whites
  • angel food cake
  • pavlova
  • ice cream

But it doesn’t end there, if you’d like even more ideas, have a look at this compilation of the best egg white recipes to make.

And if you’d like to know just how great eggs are for you, check out this article on how much protein is in an egg!

How long do egg whites last in the fridge and freezer?
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We cover the best way to store egg whites in the fridge or freezer, and how to tell if they’ve gone bad!
Author: Dave


  • 1 egg white


Refrigerator storage:

  • Raw egg whites last for up to four days in the refrigerator.

Freezer storage:

  • Egg whites that have been separated from the yolks can be safely stored in the freezer for up to a year.
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