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Internal Triggers

Dealing with internal triggers.

As I mentioned earlier, cravings can be caused by many things. Often, they can be from internal triggers.

Knowing how to deal with triggers can make a huge difference when building great new habits.

Here’s an excerpt from our book, Vegetarian for Weight Loss, on how to deal with them:

Internal triggers

These are to do with our thoughts and feelings and how we react to situations.

These include our general day to day habits. Do you snack if you’re stressed, or have a comfort food if you’re sad?

Or do you just snack out of habit? Next time you go to snack, try and think ‘Am I actually hungry? Do I want this, and does it tie in with my goals?’.

It’s not easy by any means but coming to terms with your thoughts will help you get on top of this journey.

Fluid, not food!

The thirst and hunger centre in the brain are closely linked and you can ‘feel’ hunger when you’re actually thirsty.

Next time you find yourself considering a snack outside of your plan, grab a glass of water to drink while you’re going through the above trigger response as to whether you are actually hungry or not.

What you’ll commonly find is that you need water, not food.


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