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Protein in 5 Egg Whites

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So how much protein is in 5 egg whites?

In five egg whites, there is about 18 grams of protein. This is using raw, large eggs without the yolk.

Infographic of How Many Egg Whites are in a Cup | Hurry The Food Up

We have taken our data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

5 egg whites is about the same as ⅝ cup (10 tablespoons) of egg whites.

Are egg whites good for you?

Egg whites are recognized for their many advantages, such as aiding in weight loss and building muscle.

  1. Protein Content: They are a great source of lean protein, containing around 3.6 grams per large egg white. This is beneficial for boosting protein intake without going over recommended levels of fat or cholesterol.
  2. Nutritional Value: Despite being rich in protein, egg whites lack certain benefits present in the yolk. This is because most of the egg’s vitamins, minerals, and fats are in the yolk. However, egg whites still offer nutritional value, including vitamins like riboflavin and selenium.
  3. Popular Among Athletes and Health-Conscious Individuals: Due to their high protein content and low-calorie nature, egg whites are favored by athletes, bodybuilders, and those who focus on fitness or watch their calorie intake. This is because they’re great for muscle building and maintenance without adding too many calories from fat.
  4. Dietary Uses: Egg whites, having less fat and cholesterol than whole eggs, are highly adaptable in the kitchen. They work well for making ‘healthier’ variations of omelets and scrambled eggs.
A carton of eggs is on the light surface. Near it, there is a small straw basket with some eggs | Hurry The Food Up

We don’t necessarily agree with the word ‘healthy’ here: check below for more info.

To sum it up, egg whites are a healthy, protein-packed food option, especially good for those trying to control their fat and cholesterol intake while still getting essential proteins, along with some vitamins and minerals.

However, if you skip the yolk, you do miss out on various vitamins, minerals and fats.

When I can, I make sure to eat my eggs whole (not all at once, just to be clear, but the whole egg) to get all the benefits they offer.

What else is in an egg? Egg white nutritional data

5 egg whites contain 86 calories per serving.

Here’s a quick overview of 1 serving of 5 eggs:

Kcal 86kcal
Carbs 1.205g
Fat 0.28g
Protein 18g

Egg whites from hen’s eggs are also rich in selenium and riboflavin.

Protein in 5 Egg Whites
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How much protein in 5 egg whites? Good for your health? Boost protein intake by including them in your diet for added health benefits!
Author: Dave


  • 5 egg whites


Nutrition Facts
Protein in 5 Egg Whites
Amount per Serving
% Daily Value*
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
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Does the cooking method change how much protein is in 5 eggs?

No matter if you scramble, boil, fry, poach, or eat egg whites raw, it doesn’t significantly alter their protein content.

Yet, there are a few special cases.

Frying egg whites in oil could make them contain more fat and calories. Additionally, if you add milk or cheese to scrambled egg whites, it could increase their protein content.

Contrary to what many believe, opting for cooked eggs instead of raw ones actually provides you with MORE protein. Therefore, there’s no need to consume them raw!

The increase in protein when choosing cooked eggs is not because there is suddenly more protein, but rather because our bodies absorb it better. This improved absorption is a result of the enhanced bioavailability of protein in cooked eggs, which goes for egg whites too.

An egg has more than just protein; it’s packed with many important nutrients. While egg whites can help with weight loss, taking out the yolk means losing some of those nutrients.

Overall the egg is a fantastic and well-balanced source of both macronutrients and micronutrients for people. It’s probably at its healthiest when you eat the whole thing.

An egg white omelet and fresh greens are served on the white plate. Near it, there are some glass jars and fork | Hurry The Food Up

Is it safe to eat 5 egg whites per day?

Yes, it’s generally okay for most healthy people to eat 5 egg whites a day.

As a precaution, I recommend limiting your egg white intake to 2-3 per day for safety.

We also recommend including whole eggs in your diet unless there’s a medical reason to avoid them.

For those with (or a high risk of) cardiovascular disease or diabetes, it is advised to have no more than one whole egg daily.

Currently, there is no established “recommended upper limit” for overall egg intake, which includes egg whites. Also, there’s no specific data indicating positive or negative effects beyond one egg per day.

How to eat 5 egg whites a day?

These recipes offer a delicious way to eat extra egg whites:

Turn your egg whites into a delicious, vanilla bean cheesecake.

Make a high protein, low carb breakfast — cheesy roasted tomato egg bake.

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