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The Only 4 Vegetables That Start With J In The World!

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There aren’t many vegetables that start with J! In fact there are only 4 – so this list of vegetables is going to be a short but interesting one! So if the letter j comes up in a memory game, you can whip out some obscure vegetables and win the round hands down!

Vegetables That Start With J collage | Hurry The Food Up

To start us off: what counts as a vegetable? It seems like a pretty straight forward question, but there are actually different ways of categorising fruits and vegetables, which means that some common examples of vegetables are vegetables by one definition and fruits by another!

The botanical definition of a vegetable is any edible part of a plant that is not where the seeds are stored. I’m talking the root of a plant, stems, leaves, tubers etc. This is because the edible ‘ovary’ of a plant, which is where the seeds are stored, is the definition of a fruit.

The culinary definition of a vegetable is the one you are probably more familiar with. In culinary terms, vegetables are a parts of plants that are eaten primarily as a savory food, as opposed to fruits, which are eaten primarily as sweet food.

This is where we get some confusion: a tomato is savory, but it is the mature ovary of a plant, so it is botanically a fruit but a culinary example of a vegetable. The same applies to eggplant!

For the sake of this list, I am going to use the culinary definition of a vegetable. That’s why you’ll see the Japanese eggplant included. If anyone calls you up on this, now you know the different categorisations, you can set them straight!

You can also consult our list of fruits that start with J, if you want to learn some examples of fruits in this category, or even the entire list of foods that start with J. There are a lot more fruits than veggies that start with J – from the japanese plum, to juniper berries, to jujube fruit and junglesop fruit.

But for now, let’s focus on the 4 delicious vegetables that come under this category!

The Only 4 Vegetables That Start With J!

Are you ready to learn the names of vegetables that start with J (or do you want to go alphabetically, and tackle veg that start with i first?)? Read all about them here, with fun facts including their health benefits and origins!

Jalapeño Pepper

Jalapeno peppers are a type of hot pepper that originate from Mexico, though they are popularly eaten across South America and central america too. They range in flavor from mild to spicy. Did you know chipotle are dried and smoked jalapeño peppers? Jalapenos are a main ingredient in Mexican cuisine, but you can find them in most grocery stores across the USA and UK.

Jalapeno peppers are a good source of vitamin C, vitamin B6 and vitamin E. You can tell how spicy a jalapeno pepper is going to be based on the number of scars on the pepper (something called ‘corking’). The more scars, the spicier!

Most jalapenos are a green pepper, however some are ripened until they are red. Red jalapenos are also known as ‘huachinango.’

The botanical name of this pepper is ‘Capsicum annuum ‘Jalapeño

A pile of jalapeno peppers | Hurry The Food Up

Jerusalem Artichoke

Jerusalem artichokes are one of those unique foods whose name does not really relate to what they are! They are actually a type of sunflower, not a type of artichoke! They are native to North America and have an edible root.

The name ‘Jerusalem’ does not come from any connection to the city, rather it is a corruption of the Italian word for sunflower ‘girassole’!

They are a good source of iron, potassium and vitamin b. Iron is good for your immune system and your energy levels. Vitamin B is good for your metabolism and potassium supports lower blood pressure.

They are a good alternative to potatoes, as they have a lower glycemic index, but can be used in similar preparations.

A great way to eat Jerusalem artichoke is in a soup , or roasted with garlic.

The botanical name for Jerusalem artichoke is ‘Helianthus tuberosus‘.

A bowl of jerusalem artichokes with a flower | Hurry The Food Up


Jicama is a root vegetable from Mexico. It has an oval shape and a sweet taste, which has been compared to a cross between a potato and a pear. It is an excellent source of vitamins C, folate, potassium and magnesium.

Jicama is low in calories and high in fibre, making it a great food for weight loss. It is also high in inulin, which is good for your gut health. You can do many different things with this veggie – a great addition to a healthy diet!

The botanical name for jicama is ‘Pachyrhizus erosus‘.

A jicama and slices of jicama on a wooden board | Hurry The Food Up

Japanese Eggplant

Japanese eggplants are long, thin and straight. They have thinner skin than regular eggplant, and while they don’t have a very different flavor, it is somewhat sweeter. They also have a lighter purple color than dark purple-black regular eggplant.

They originate from Asia, hence the name. Maybe you will discover a new way to enjoy eggplant, by trying this variety! One of the best uses of a Japanese eggplant is grilled with a miso glaze.

The botanical name for Japanese eggplant is the same as for regular eggplant: ‘Solanum melongena‘.

A pile of Japanese eggplants on astroturf | Hurry The Food Up

I hope you enjoyed reading this list of vegetables that start with j (maybe next you can check out these veggies that start with d, or go chronologically to veggies that start with k!)! Maybe one of these types of vegetables will be a primary ingredient in the next meal you make!

I also made lists of vegetables that start with H and vegetables that start with G if you’re looking for even more veggies!

The Only 4 Vegetables That Start With J In The World!
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Did you know that there are only 4 vegetables that start with j? It’s true! You can learn them all here! Check it out.


  • Jalapeno
  • Jerusalem Artichoke
  • Jicama
  • Japanese Eggplant
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