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All 10 Vegetables That Start With I: 2024 Edition!

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Looking to learn all the vegetables that start with I? Then this top 10 is just for you. Take on the biggest quiz brains and win with this concise list of vegetables!

All 10 Vegetables That Start With I: 2023 Edition! | Hurry The Food Up

Whether you eat green vegetables or root vegetables, they are a great way to get dietary fiber and vitamin C (which is great for your immune system) into your diet.

You may not have seen most of these in your local grocery store, but all the more fascinating I think.

There are various types of veg in this list but they are all edible plants. Have you guessed all 10 yet? If I’ve missed any be sure to let me know in the comments.

Let’s get into this top 10 vegetables beginning with I!

Remembering lots of quiz knowledge is definitely a learning process, but the following list is a great place to start as it’s not too long – take a look!

Iceberg lettuce

This is a well-known and popular leafy vegetable, especially in the United States. It has little flavor or nutritional value, however, because it’s mostly water.

It got its name from looking like an iceberg when it was partly buried in ice for transport.

The scientific name for lettuce is Lactuca sativa.

Half of the iceberg lettuce lies on the light surface | Hurry The Food Up

Ice cream bean

This is a legume plant native to South America. Although a bean, it actually has a sweet flavor, said to be reminiscent of vanilla ice cream (so you will also see it in my list of fruits).

They tend to be eaten as a snack.

The scientific name is Inga edulis.

Ice cream bean fruit | Hurry The Food Up

Indian corn

Indian or flint corn is a variegated, pretty-looking corn variety. It has a low water content so is hardy to freezing conditions.

Although edible, it is popular as an ornamental plant.

The scientific name is Zea mays var. indurata.

Four cobs of Indian corns | Hurry The Food Up

Indian cucumber

The roots of the Indian cucumber plant are said to smell and taste like a cucumber, which is how it got its name. The plant is part of the lily family and was a popular vegetable with the Native Americans.

The scientific name is Medeola virginiana.

Indian peas

Part of the legume family, the Indian pea is a blue flowering plant that is consumed in Asia and East Africa.

It is sold as a pulse in Italy, and it is also used to make flour.

The scientific name is Lathyrus sativus.

Irish moss

Irish moss is a red algae that is grown in rocky parts of the Atlantic coastline. Although not eaten on its own it has some interesting uses in daily life.

These include as a thickener to milk products like ice cream, calico printing, and paper marbling.

The scientific name is Chondrus crispus.

Irish moss is in a square palm basket | Hurry The Food Up

Italian parsley

This variety is widely used in cuisine and is also known as flat-leaf parsley. It can be eaten fresh or dried and found in most farmer’s markets.

The scientific name is Petroselinum crispum var. neapolitanum.

Italian red onion

The red onion variety from Tropea in Italy is more aromatic. It also has a sweet taste, unlike other varieties. The middle can be juicier and is a great base for making chutneys.

The scientific name is Allium cepa.

Italian red onions are in the black bowl. Near it there are some halves of red onions | Hurry The Food Up

Italian sweet peppers

Also known as friggitello and pepperoncini, this vegetable is yellow in color. It goes well in salads and sandwiches. They can also be pickled and sauteed.

The scientific name is Capsicum annuum.

Ivy gourd

When this vegetable is ripe it is a bright red color. It is often stuffed or deep-fried and is a popular food in Indian cuisine.
The young veg is used to make pickle.

The scientific name is Coccinia grandis.

Ivy gourd | Hurry The Food Up
All 10 Vegetables That Start With I: 2024 Edition!
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Learn ALL 10 vegetables that start with I in this interesting and concise list – beat any quiz master today!


  • Iceberg lettuce
  • Ice cream bean
  • Indian corn
  • Indian cucumber
  • Indian peas
  • Irish moss
  • Italian parsley
  • Italian red onion
  • Italian sweet peppers
  • Ivy gourd
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Whether you’re looking to add some new veggies to your healthy lifestyle, or you’re just interested in learning different types of vegetables, I’m sure you’ll agree that this list will help you do both!

The best thing is that even though it was a fairly short list they were from all over the world. From Italy and Ireland to various Asian countries and even the tropical regions of Central America.

Sometimes you can only eat parts of plants, sometimes you can eat the entire plant – there is just such an interesting selection!

Next time, try to guess the list of vegetable names first and see how many you get right (then try the same with our list of vegetables that start with d!). If you’re interested check out the fruits that start with the letter I and the foods that start with the letter I lists!

Or go chronologically and move onto vegetables that start with J, then vegetables that start with K!


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