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Refreshing Nectarine Salad: Savour Summer For Longer

Who could say no to a delicious salad topped with juicy nectarines? It always amazes me how fruity salads just work!

Sitting on a bed of bulgur, arugula, avocado, and goat cheese, this stone fruit really is the perfect accompaniment.

The nectarine salad is in the wooden bowl. There are a glass of water and wooden spoon and fork next to it | Hurry The Food Up



I chose to use bulgur for this salad as it has great filling properties and its open nature means it can take on the flavor of the dressing ingredients easily.


See what salad greens you can get from your local grocery store or farmers market.

I have suggested lamb’s lettuce or, preferably, peppery arugula to give the salad a little kick and contrast the sweetness.


A lovely goat’s cheese works well with lots of summer salad recipes, as do other crumbly cheeses like feta cheese.

Again, it’s a great way to balance the sweet and the umami tones to this dish and it adds some protein which you know I’m a big fan of!


If this is the first time you’ve had fruit in a salad you’re in for a lovely surprise. It is just magic how these ingredients work together to create the most delicious meal.

The key to this recipe is to find really ripe nectarines.

Sometimes they can be quite firm when you buy them but to really get the sweetness of the nectarines to come through it’s best to let them ripen first.

Obviously, if you can’t get them, a peach will work nicely too.

The other fruit we have in this salad is creamy avocado, another of my favorite stone fruits! It is a great source of healthy fats and gives an awesome texture to this dish.


It wouldn’t be a great salad without a great dressing. I’ve gone with an olive oil base, mixed with sweetness from balsamic vinegar, and honey.

Then cut through it with the juice of fresh orange and a pinch of salt: this is way better than any store-bought dressing.

To top

Before serving sprinkle over some chopped chives, which will really compliment the cheese, and some hemp seeds.

Hemp seeds are going to give another source of healthy fats like avocado (check out its other health benefits down below).

The nectarine salad ingredients like bulgur, nectarine, avocado, oil, goat cheese, orange, honey etc. are laid on the beige surface | Hurry The Food Up

How many calories?

This salad makes a filling lunch or light dinner and comes in at just 422 calories and 17 g protein per serving.

Here’s a full macro overview:

kcal 422kcal

Carbs 39g

Fat 24g

Protein 17g

Health Benefits

If you’re on a weight loss journey, then this is the salad for you. It is packed to the brim with ingredients that are going to help you with weight management.

It’s also very high in general vitamins and nutrients so if you’re just looking to up your health game, then this nectarine / peach salad is a great place to start!

Firstly, bulgur wheat is high in dietary fiber which is great for keeping you feeling full and not reaching for those naughty treats.

Next up we have goat’s cheese which is a great protein source if you’re following a vegetarian lifestyle.

Hemp seeds are also high in protein, especially compared to similar foods like chia seeds or flaxseeds. On top of that, they have loads more health benefits including being high in essential omega 3 and 6!

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Any ingredient, whether it’s hemp seeds or goat’s cheese, that gives a high level of protein will help with weight loss by keeping you full between meals.

Nectarines are high in vitamin C among others, and are also low in calories and high in fibre – this salad recipe has it all!

All this is geared up to give you a hearty filling meal which is just what you need when you’re watching those calories.

For inspiration download your FREE 7-day meal plan for weight loss to give you even more ideas!

How to make this summery nectarine salad?

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Take a look at how to make this easy summer salad.

  1. Prep work:

    Cook ⅓ cup of dried bulgur according to packet instructions. Cut the nectarine or peach in half lengthwise with a sharp knife and open it in half by turning it around. Remove the pit and cut it into thin slices. Cut avocado into cubes or slices. Dice or crumble cheese.

  2. The Dressing

    In a small bowl mix olive oil, balsamic vinegar, juice from half an orange, honey, and a pinch of salt to make the dressing.

  3. Assembly

    Layer the salad ingredients in a serving bowl starting with the grains, then the greens, cheese, and fruit. Sprinkle hemp seeds and chopped chives. Add ½ tsp of salt and black pepper to your taste. Drizzle on the dressing, give it a little mix and serve immediately.Birdeye view of the nectarine salad that is in the wooden bowl with wooden spoon and fork in it. There are a glass of water and white cloth | Hurry The Food Up

See the recipe card below for further instructions.

Nectarine Salad FAQs

What to serve with nectarines?

According to The Seattle Times, nectarines go well with lots of other fruits and vegetables as well as flavours like lime, basil, cinnamon, and ginger: it’s such a versatile ingredient!

How many calories are in a nectarine?

There are 44 calories in 100 grams of nectarine.

How to store nectarine salad?

Keep the salad covered in the fridge for 2 days for it to stay freshest.

Can I make nectarine salad ahead?

Yes, you can make this salad ahead of time. But it’s best to leave off the dressing until you’re ready to serve it.

Do you eat the skin of nectarines?

Yes, you can eat the skin of nectarines, in fact, for a recipe like this, it’s better if you don’t remove it as it holds the flesh of the fruit in a perfect slice.

What cheese goes with nectarines?

Nectarines go with lots of cheese varieties, goat, feta, blue, ricotta, brie you name it; nectarines love cheese!

Nectarine summer salad is served in 2 bowls along with a glass of water on the beige surface | Hurry The Food Up

Recipe Variations

Here’s how you could change up your salad next time round,

  • Different leaves – If you can’t get hold of the salad leaves I suggested or you’re not a fan, why not try baby spinach instead?
  • Different veg – Try red onion, green onions, or English cucumbers for a bit of crunch if you can’t get an avocado.
  • Different toppings – No hemp seeds? Try sunflower seeds as an alternative.
  • Different cheese – If you don’t like goat’s cheese, try blue cheese for something a bit different.

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The salad is served is in the wooden bowl. Next to it are wooden cutlery | Hurry The Food Up
Refreshing Nectarine Summer Salad
5 from 1 vote
A wholesome salad of bulgur, arugula, and goat cheese, topped with golden nectarines; a delicious combination!
Diet: egg-free
Prep Time:10 minutes
Total Time:10 minutes
Servings:2 servings
Author: Abril Macías
YouTube video



  • Cook ⅓ cup dried bulgur according to packet instructions.
    ⅓ cup bulgur
  • Cut nectarine or peach in half lengthwise and open in half by turning it around. Remove the pit and cut into thin slices.
    1 medium nectarine or peach
  • Cut avocado into cubes or slices.
    ½ avocado
  • Dice or crumble goat cheese.
    3 oz goat cheese
  • In a small bowl mix olive oil, balsamic vinegar, juice from half an orange, honey and a pinch of salt to make the dressing.
    1 tsp olive oil, 1 ½ tsp balsamic vinegar, ½ orange, 1 ½ tsp honey
  • In a salad bowl place the cooked bulgur or grains. On top lay the baby spinach or lamb's lettuce, peach or nectarine slices, avocado, cheese, hemp seeds and chopped chives.
    1 oz arugula or lamb’s lettuce, 1 ½ tbsp hemp seeds, 1 tbsp chives
  • Sprinkle ½ tsp of salt and black pepper per taste. Drizzle dressing, give a little mix and serve immediately.
    Salt and pepper to taste
    Birdeye view of the nectarine salad that is in the wooden bowl with wooden spoon and fork in it. There are a glass of water and white cloth | Hurry The Food Up


Tips: Bulgur in this recipe can be swapped for other ancient grains.
Make-ahead? Yes, prep the night before.
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Nutrition Facts
Refreshing Nectarine Summer Salad
Amount per Serving
% Daily Value*
Saturated Fat
Polyunsaturated Fat
Monounsaturated Fat
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
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All in all, I think this is a top-class salad that would work equally great at a summer BBQ or in front of a cozy fire on an autumn day. It really is the best way to use this awesome fruit.

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