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Vegan Caesar Dressing – No anchovies

A bowl of vegan caesar dressing with a spoon in it. A plate of vegan caesar is nearby | Hurry The food Up

This version of caesar salad with vegan caesar dressing is a super tasty and healthy meal choice, no matter what the occasion.

I bet Caesar never would have thought he’d be remembered by a salad or dressing. And in fact the emperor doesn’t have to do anything with it.

There are a couple of theories about who invented the caesar salad recipe, but it is generally attributed to restaurateur Caesar Cardini.

Cardini had a few quarrels with partners and even his brother about who created the first caesar salad, but let’s believe the story that he created it in 1924: apparently he was short on ingredients when a customer ordered a salad.

So, he used what he had at hand. And to give it an extra “wow” he prepared it at the table.

There you have it, the world’s famous caesar salad & dressing was most likely an improvisation.

Or Cardini’s claims are all wrong and it was actually Caesar himself who wanted to be remembered by a salad.

Making vegan caesar dressing & salad

Since the original caesar salad dressing uses worcestershire sauce containing anchovies we’ll have to make a few adjustments to make it vegan and to get the flavour right at the same time.

Luckily my brother Heiko allowed me to publish his vegan caesar dressing without anchovies. And I must admit it’s awesome!

Let me give him some praise on this occasion: he’s a pretty awesome chef, has worked in many professional kitchens around Germany and knows his stuff.

I’ll try to lure out some more cool recipes from him.

Homemade caesar dressing ingredients on the cutting board | Hurry The food Up

And it’s not just the dressing, but also the salad we’ll have to make a few changes for. You’ll find many recipes using bacon, chicken, eggs, cheese or anchovies.

But since we want to keep it vegan, there’s no other way to freestyle a little. Even though Caesar probably wouldn’t have liked it 😉

But to keep the look “caesarish”, use whole romaine lettuce and toasted bread crumbs. Does this sound like the best caesar salad recipe yet?

The leaves are a perfect scoop that’ll even allow you to eat the vegan caesar salad with your hands. Which is actually surprisingly cool!

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Is caesar salad healthy?

Eating salads is a good way to get more vitamins, minerals, and fiber into your diet. You should mind the ingredients though.

Some unnecessary fats, sodium and sugar may often be hidden in salad dressings. So we’ve made sure to prepare the healthiest caesar salad dressing and save you the trouble (and if you like it, make sure you check out our lovely low calorie salad dressings here!).

You can choose your favourite vegan milk to add to this easy caesar dressing recipe. There are many dairy alternatives (including milk, cheese, butter, yoghurt) with health benefits and less impact on the environment.

Vegan milk is naturally cholesterol-free and rich in vitamins and minerals. The healthy plant-based protein in vegan milk can support muscles and organs and help in weight loss.

Caesar salad dressing in a bowl, few garlic gloves, some salt and pepper are on the table | Hurry The food Up

Healthy homemade caesar dressing ingredients

You’ll only need 6 ingredients and 10 minutes of your time to make this vegan caesar dressing.

This is our plant-based take on the traditional caesar salad recipe, so the dressing is dairy-free, egg-free, and good for other dietary restrictions.

No grinding or blending is involved here. You just take all the caesar dressing ingredients and mix them well.

You’re also getting a simple caesar salad recipe suggestion to make great use of the delicious dressing. Of course, you can prep your own salad and choose whatever ingredients you prefer.

If you want more healthy salad ideas for your meal plan, check out this compilation of weight loss salad recipes.

Vegan caesar salad is served on a plate, a bowl of salad dressing is nearby| Hurry The food Up

Hope you enjoy making this healthy caesar dressing and our salad suggestion becomes the best vegan caesar salad recipe you’ve ever come across!

Vegan Caesar Dressing
5 from 3 votes
Feel you can always count on a caesar salad for a good meal? This vegan caesar dressing gets the flavour just right.
Diet: dairy-free, egg-free, vegan
Prep Time:5 minutes
Cook Time:5 minutes
Total Time:10 minutes
Servings:1 small bowl


For the salad

  • 1 serving salad (any of your favourite, for example: chopped lettuce, grated carrots, cherry tomatoes. A mixed bag of salad is an easy option.)
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 slices ciabatta bread (or baguette or a nice whole grain bread)
  • 1 clove garlic (chopped)

For the dressing


  • Prep your salad – shred the lettuce, chop the tomatoes, grate the carrot (or whatever you’ve chosen) and put it in a large bowl.
    1 serving salad
  • Chop the bread into small squares.
    2 slices ciabatta bread
  • Get the garlic diced or crushed.
    1 clove garlic
  • Heat a pan and throw in the bread (without oil) and cook at a high heat for a couple of minutes – you want the bread to start crisping up.
  • While that’s happening add all the dressing ingredients to another bowl and mix well. That includes either ONE clove of garlic, or the garlic powder.
    1.7 oz soy milk, 2 tbsp olive oil, ½ tsp garlic powder, 1 tsp mustard, 1 tsp tomato paste, 2 tsp vinegar, Salt and pepper to taste
  • When the bread has started to get crispy, add a tbsp of olive oil and the other chopped garlic clove to the pan. Fry for another couple of minutes, but don’t let it burn. Turn the heat down if necessary.
    1 tbsp olive oil
  • Pour the dressing into the salad bowl and toss well 😉 ensuring all the salad gets coated.
    Caesar salad dressing in a bowl, few garlic gloves, some salt and pepper are on the table | Hurry The food Up
  • When the croutons are ready, layer half of them over the bottom of your meal dish.
  • Add the salad and finish with the rest of the croutons on top. Done!
    Vegan caesar salad is served on a plate, a bowl of salad dressing is nearby| Hurry The food Up


Nutritional information is provided for the vegan caesar dressing and the salad.
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Nutrition Facts
Vegan Caesar Dressing
Amount per Serving
% Daily Value*
Saturated Fat
Polyunsaturated Fat
Monounsaturated Fat
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
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  1. My favorite salad dressing in guilt-free form. Running out to buy some tomato paste and give this a try. I can’t wait. Glad you added the crouton prep to it too.

    1. I love these croutons! They’re now an integral part of the salad for me (or indeed, any salad). Thanks Cindy, enjoy!